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Two old men's wedding held in Beijing [Copy link] 中文

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Days ago, these two elderly men announced to the public on their weibo account named "@两个老头的爱情"(Two old men's love)that they would get married soon, they asked for blessings and invited 24 supporters to attend their wedding. Yesterday, they broadcasted the wedding on Weibo.



One of them is a retired teacher and the other is a water delivery man. Their love story began as the man often delivered water to his home. They called each other "Big baby" and "Little baby".


Yesterday afternoon in Pinggu Beijing, the wedding was carried out at the vitness of supporters.


They are facing a lot of obstacles on the course of love. Very few support them apart their old friends. The son of one of them doesn't even talk to them. Against all odds, they decided to get married at the end of Jan.
On Weibo, they once wrote, "We'll fight to death to be together, no matter how hard and painful it'll be."

Their life photos.




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The lastest news that the wedding was disrupted by the man's son .

On their weibo later yesterday, they sent a message which went like this: The wedding went well until my bastard son disrupted, he kicked over tables, chased away all the guests and humiliated us. A lot of friends online from Weibo and QQ who support us felt sad about it, all the broadcasting had to stop.

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Both trying to get attention of the media.  His son must be very humilimating, especially in a Chinese societies.

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They are grown men they have the right to decide what they want to do with themselves. They were obviously in the closet for the longest time.

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