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Is Mo Yan a coward?   [Copy link] 中文

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Is Mo Yan a coward? so laughable,how could a foreigner
have understood the personality of a real Chinese intellectual.
Mo Yan was attacked by a British writer called Salman Rushdie.
Mr. Rushdie said Mo Yan is a coward of the Chinese government, because he had refused
to sign his name on the petition of releasing a Chinese political offender.
Just for this reason, Mr. Rushdie have attacked the Chinese writer Mo Yan ---the first Chinese writer
who won The Nobel Prize in Literature.
I just want say, Mr. Rushdie, you are so naïve. I can tell you only,
you are so naïve and ignorant like a college student of pedant.
If the western countries including Britain,
still would want to harass even subvert
the thoughts and ideology of Chinese society and people with some concepts so called
freedom and democracy,so I do tell frankly, you are all naïve,
because you have underestimated seriously
the intelligence of Chinese people.
Even though, freedom and democracy is worthy to be adopted partly for the other countries,
we have our own methods and steps. Absolutely China will not sacrifice the stable social environment
and peaceful life to seek the concepts so called freedom and democracy.
If Chinese people had been so stupid, China would have been defeated
by any one of Western countries many years ago.
Furthermore, the West really knew and understood our Chinese culture and literature?
The Nobel Prize really knew and understood the Chinese culture and literature?
Do you know Ji Xianlin, Nan Huaijin, and Rao Zongyi ?
Can you understand them and their books, and how much ?
The Nobel Prize has no the ability to evaluate Chinese culture and literate,
there are a lot of great writers in China who is more outstanding than Mo Yan.
Frankly speaking, The Nobel Prize has strong influence in China,
but just in the heart of the public,
in the heart of Chinese elite, it means nothing.
In addition, the Western media, don’t always report “Chinese problems” deliberately,
such as corruption, human rights and Chinese threat theory…
I tell you, no matter how bad the Chinese situation is , it is our things, none of your business.
No matter how bad the Chinese situation is, we are more less suffering from it
than the agony and indignity caused by the invasion of the Japan and the Eight-Power Allied Forces.
Mr. Rushdie, do you know the Britain is one of the Eight-Power Allied Forces?

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Post time 2013-1-27 00:16:10 |Display all floors
the guy

Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie

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Post time 2013-1-27 05:47:36 |Display all floors
If he had dared to expose the dirty of BP, he would've understood what freedom of speech is.

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Post time 2013-1-27 06:09:31 |Display all floors
Hey folks, the Brits and their circus of clowns recruited from their ex-colonies are at the task again of first of isolating China, and then cutting it up like a watermelon, as Lord Palmerston said.  They thought they could raise up a dissident by first granting him the Nobel Prize, and then pressuring him to criticize China afterwards.  They failed once to first raise a dissident by feeding him with thousands of dollars of grant monies, and then grant him a Nobel Prize.  So, now they are trying the other route.

Rushdie's attack on Moyan simply proves their intention was no good to begin with.  They make a hero out of Moyan, then try to turn him into a traitor, instead of the other way they failed in before.  Moyan says "Moyan" to them.  And they are fuming mad.

Good work, Moyan.  Take their money and live a good life.  Even if henceforth, you truly say "Moyan", it would still be the most eloquent statement ever made.


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Post time 2013-1-29 03:42:46 |Display all floors
salman rush to die is an emotional guy he doesnt kno much of the arab's world but rather have a big mouth (i used to see him walkin around with padma lakshmi yeras ago)...wonder how much for a price on his head today's  {:soso_e113:}{:soso_e120:}
a man who uses his hands is a laborer. one who uses his hands and his mind is a craftsman. but he who uses his hands, his mind, and his heart, is an artist...

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seneca Post time: 2013-1-29 02:55
I think you have a somnewhat conceited idea of yourself as a voice in the cultural arena.

How stupid can your get… Now you are a literary expert ..?

The biggest problem," Mr. Eady explained, "Is finding the right translator for a Chinese book; it's really key. So many translations are bad, they are what I call 'tone-deaf translations'; they can make a work fall flat." Because Chinese and English languages reflect completely different ways of thinking, the translator must be able to feel the voice of the writer, empathize and work on the same emotional level. "Academic translators may be well educated but I want my translators to be people who have had the same experiences as my authors; these people must have visceral knowledge. Translating is a very underestimated skill. If you are writing in Chinese a translator can kill your book through a poor translation. It is imperative that your book has a voice. The living language must come through in your writing and it has to be conveyed through the skills of the translator as well."

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Post time 2013-1-29 12:20:35 |Display all floors
The difference between Rushdie and Moyan.  Rushdie barks.  Moyan talks.

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