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CYBERWAR - the movie   [Copy link] 中文

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(General Aaron Kwok convey an emergency staff meeting to find ways to understand and manage the ensuing "CRISIS" in the Megacity Sheng Fragrant and the Oceanic Bloc countries)

<Aaron Kwok> "ever since we traced the PRANKS that WHITE STATE played on our Prime Minister Leung two years ago, we have been able to TRACK and monitor the situation. This new SITUATION appearing, initially with aircraft reporting wrong instrumentation reading in mid air, then traffic congestion at the logistic viaducts and just this week, massive problems with the mass transit systems

What's your reading on the situation?

<Economic analyst Jean Cheung> "What ever it is, on the economic side - it's a problem, one hour delay for the workforce can cause havoc in increase cost. Overtime for production workers needing to stay on the production lines, office productivity plummeting, lower retail sales as citizens delay travel.

It'll affect the quarterly reports of corporates"

<Cyberwar unit colonel Lam> "Last time, we manage to trace the ROUTE of the attacks. It's a fifth collumn or a embeded spy that placed a ACCESS board into our computer networks. We let them continue using this route, so we can study their activities. Now I have a team of specialist monitor their gaming.

We manage to traced it back to the White State but has yet ascertain location of the CYBERWAR station. It appears the attack route is coming apparently from the same route BUT we cannot trace COMMAND sequence from WHITE STATE."

<Aaron Kwok> "Well, we are not sure HOW SERIOUS the attacks will be. Not sure it's just PRANKS as in various situation - most serious is the pranks played on the Prime Minister Leung.

Let's try to FIND THE source, and the ROUTE of the CYBER INFILTRATION, FOLKS!"

To be continued.........


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Cyberwar Jimmy Lai.jpg

Leon Lai's technician, Mr. Jimmy Lai

Supercenter leisure aircraft.png

Jimmy Lai travels on a EXTREME PROVINCE produced light aircraft to Beauty village and detours to BELOW DOOR city.

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(Leon Lai arrives in Sheng Fragrant Megacity, he was surprised to meet Ms. Han at the airport)

<Leon Lai> "Hi, Ms. Han. What a pleasant surprise."

<Ms. Han> "Are you following me? I get this strange feeling, men, especially those WOLVES are always on my tail. Once I had a suitor, who placed a trace on my smart mobile phone to check my movements!

ha ha ha
You know I was coming to Sheng Fragrant to meet our supply from Super centre Maya, didn't you?"

<Leon Lai> "This is a coincidence, honest. I am here to meet with my customer and will be going to meet my colleage at the private aircraft airport in the outskirts.

<Ms. Han> "Don't tell me you own a light aircraft when you travel to YELLOW STATE's hinterland" (smiles, move a little showing a voluptuous breast)

<Leon Lai> "Well, (gulps, sensation felt in his groin) my colleage, errrrr......Jimmy is fond of flying. I think he went to Beauty Village for some investigation, on a light aircraft.

Knowing him, he'll detour to Bottom Door City to buy some cheap golf clubs. I'll just pick him up and have discussion before meeting our client about the problems faced"

<Ms. Han> "hmmmm" (bents down, and made Leon focus on her beautiful porcelain legs)

<Leon Lai> "How about lunch. I'll let Jimmy wait a while, he is probably late anyway with his shopping for souveneirs"

to be continued......


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Cyberwar Garmin Avionics.png

Advance Avionics from component from Megacity Pei

Cyberwar fusilage safety parachute.png

Aircraft fusilage protection system from White State

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(Leon Lai is fond of pretty girls, fast cars and James band movies. Ms. Han seems to like him BUT Leon is still wondering why there is a "military band beacon" on her, the missing 1 year records in her CLOUD DATA records and still trying to figure out the mystery of the female brain)

(At the IMPERIAL THONG chinese restaurant - Leon has ordered a 6 course lunch of YANG CHOW fried rice, shark fins soup, Abalone-sea cucumber stewed steak, Chinese Kai lan stir fried, Lotus stir fried with garlic, scallops, and Cheng Tong desert.

He summon Jimmy Lai to meet him at the restaurant to discuss the BEAUTY VILLAGE job after his lunch with Ms. Han)

<Leon Lai> "This is famous 6-course meal of the YELLOW STATE, South Expanse Capital! Not high calory and very tasty meal with balanced nutrition"

<Ms. Han> Hmmmmm, smiles (sparkles in her eyes at the meal)

(Jimmy Lai arrives early, with a trolley travel bag)
<Jimmy Lai> "Good Afternoon, Mr. Leon! Just arrived from Beauty Village with a load of strange news"

<Leon Lai> "You are early, didn't you detour to BOTTOM DOOR city to buy golf clubs, tennis rackets - maybe to wash hair at their famous Unisex hair salons? Weren't you flying those affordable EXTREME PROVINCE made light aircraft?

I always wonder why you fly those YELLOW STATE made leisure durables?"

<Jimmy Lai> "I love sports, and there is nothing wrong with EXTREME PROVINCE made light aircraft - IT'S VERY AFFORDABLE on time share basis, and I'd made sure it's with a Red State engine, Megacity Pei Avionics and is fitted with White State Fusilage safety system.

This time I went to BOTTOM DOOR city first, then to Beauty Village. Explain why'd I am early.

Ha ha ha
You know me so well, Mr. Leon.
And who's the lovely friend of yours?"

<Leon Lai> "Oh! This is Ms. Han, she is with BATH ESSENTIAL"

<Ms. Han> "Hello Mr. Jimmy Lai"

To be continued.......


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Cyberwar Tom Cruise stress relaxation.png

Tom Cruise gets a great idea for deSTRESSing

Cyberwar At the Spa.png

A visit to the SPA and number 10's Penelope CRuz. voluptious masseurs, great hands, good techniques

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(At the ROCKY cyberwar centre)

<Tom Cruise> "Tommy! Can you send a detachment of Military Intelligence to my home. Tell Angelina Jolie that it's a surprise PARTY for her and the two old ladies......

......send CHAPERONS, armed. Send them off to a holiday on a YATCH in the great lakes. Think up a good story"

<Tommie Lee Jones> "How many chaperons? 30 metre yatch or bigger?"

<Tom Cruise> "Well, LOT's of liquor - those two old ladies are toughies - the bigger boat the better. Some kind of family reconciliation psycho analyst mumbo jumbo. Make sure security is good till we'd know what's going on here.

get one of those talk show psycho help type people, like OPRAH or somebody."

<Tommie  Lee Jones> "Yes Sir"

<Tom Cruise> " and make sure you have the best agents on the job
(In the middle of the Great Lakes, no Cyberwar is possible there)

I'll be at the SPA, I need to think of the issue at hand, and how'd to figure out this game"

(Tom Cruise takes a ride on the UNDERGROUND tunnel fast rail to the nearest city, about 500 miles away from Rocky Cyberwar center. It can run at 600 Miles per hour, and within the hour, Tom is on a helicopter to the roof top of his favourite spa and talented masseur)

To be continued.........


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