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CYBERWAR - the movie   [Copy link] 中文

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Cyberwar Yeo.jpg

Mr. Yeo, Megacity Lion university JUNIOR.

Cyberwar mechanical time pieces.jpg

Mechanical time pieces and components in Beauty Village town north of Megacity Sheng Fragrant.

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<It was the next day, as usual,  CONTRACT MAIDS arrives at his SOHO to do morning cleaning and prepared his breakfast>

<Contract maid 1, Ms. Alice> "Good morning, Mr. Leon. Late morning, very unusual?

<Leon Lai> "Hi! Oh! Late night, just returned from a trip to Megacity Lion. Worked late to catch up with paper work. Breakfast of SAUCED noodles, fresh fruit platter, a cup of milk, a cup of fresh apple juice - very well prepared, thank you Alice!

Hi, there Ms. Zhou - thank you for putting up the SUPER SILENT mode CYCLONE wet cleaner. Good morning Ms. Chao, nice polish on the hardwood table top!

<Contract maid 2, Ms. Zhou, contract Maid 3, Ms. Chao> "Good morning Mr. Leon!"

<robot Q> "Premises secured, no detected IR, Radio, Laser, or other scans on the apartment"

<robot M> "It's interesting Mr. Leon, the sub routine check indicates someone has planted a beacon onto Ms. Hans. She is being tracked. I have tracked it to a building in central Megacity Pei, but that building appears to be unoccupied. Seem like somebody is interested in Ms. Hans!

She has been tracked this morning, walking from her room in Hyatt-Mandarin to an office unit in the adjacent tower."

<Leon> "That's rather interesting, I'll look into the matter later. She's a young, interesting lady - maybe some SUITOR with interest in technology too! But why MILITARY band beacon?"

<robot M> "A call is being made from Mr. Yeo, he says he is calling from Beauty Village, north of megacity Sheng Fragrant, but our tracks indicates he is actually calling from megacity Lion and routed via Beauty Village lines"

<Leon> " ha ha ha, He is JUNIOR at school - some psychological games probably. It's common. Despatch him in, M.

HELLO, Mr. Yeo, long time since university."

<Mr. Yeo> "Oh! Hi! Do you remember me, you were my senior at Lion University!"

<Leon> "Yes, I remember you. We shared a apartment back then. What are you doing in Beauty Village, isn't that a remote Hill City of 500,000 people or so? A village!"

<Mr. Yeo> "Oh! I am in Beauty Village to help my Uncle. He is an importer of MECHANICAL TIME PIECES, nowadays half the world's mechanical time pieces for hobbyist and collectors are made there!

I heard from Mr. BONG that you are now in CYBERSYSTEM consultancy work. I need help to work out some problems with our GLOBAL POSITIONING systems chips for the shipment. Some problems with inaccuracy tracking movement of shipments. We ship by airfreight.

Do you think you can help?"

Next instalment to follow........


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Commander Lau Tak Wah.jpg

Propaganda Minister of Megacity Pei, Lau Tak Wah

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(The TV switched on as programmed by Leon Lai, the 10 am NEWS)

<Leon> "Well, you know my charges for TROUBLE SHOOTING projects. I have worked on LOGISITIC TRACKING project in Yellow State often, seldom is there problem as information needs is pretty minimal, mostly ID and location data"

<Yeo> "Sure, I trust your charges is reasonable. We are worried about item theft. You know in the TIME PIECES collector industry, all items are 10,000 unit only limited edition. There is a lively AFTER MARKET trades among collectors, prices could go up for these mechanical unique items."

<Leon> "It goes by 10,000 units per package? Wow, wouldn't that be L$3.0 million per shipment?"

<Yeo> "Well, it's normally packed in MIX models and cost about 1/3 - send to distributors all over the world. Quite a lucrative industry for Beauty Village township. Explains the need for TRACKING and RECORDING individual time pieces. There is also component replacement order for the service centres!"

<Leon> "See you next week then, Yeo"

(Megacity Pei shows an interview with MINISTER Lau Tak Wah)

<Lau> "Well, the entire Oceanic Bloc states is grounding the BB-7909 jets for technical fault checks simulated exercise. It's just a routine Bloc wide coordinated exercise ordered by the TRANSPORT MINISTRY of the entire bloc. We are doing similar for other industries or services as well.........

...........first time a coordinated EXERCISE being performed. Citizens shouldn't be too stress over sudden changes with their service providers in the next fortnight during the exercise"

(Lau Tak Wah smiles. The minister is one of the most popular minister in Megacity Pei)

<Leon> "Hmmmm, isn't the jet I flew on a BB-7909 type, MS. Mannee Peng? Anyway book me on a flight to MEGACITY Sheng Fragrant next Monday, and the necessary accomodation arrangement. Get Jimmy Lai to meet me there, we have a new assignment, some LOGISITIC TRACKING work"

Next Instalment later.........


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CIA top agent Bruce Willis.jpg

Agent Bruce Willis embedded in East Capital Megacity

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(Tom cruise is now in the ROCKY MOUNTAIN Cyberwar centre, he is on secure communication with an embedded clandestine agent in the Oceanic Bloc)

<Tom> Agent Bruce Willis, what's the situation in East Capital Megacity?

<Bruce> It seems to be quite a mess here. The mass transit system is delayed during morning "going to work" rush hours. There seemed to be congestion created by strange concentration of trucks in the logistic viaducts. Our informers tells us the same situation is happening all over the Oceanic bloc countries.

This will cause economic calamity.

It's been happening for the last 2 weeks already, initially spotty occurance. Lately more of a crisis. Agent Arnold Swazernegger reports that a meeting was held in Megacity Soul to try to figure out the situation. The cyber security systems seems to be operating normally - BUT a strange event happened on board a flight from Megacity Lion to Megacity Pei.

It appears somebody actually THINKS that the CYBERSYSTEMS of the Oceanic bloc has been compromised!

Is this one of your JOKES, Tom?

<Tom> No, not at all. We are also find the problem mysterious and is looking at the source of the events. Keep us up to date. Go get TECH units to install MEGAMIL-mx boards on the interface at SECTOR GuZZlm-J at the DATA CENTRE near the MILITARY communication network in outskirt of MEGACITY EAST CAPITAL.

Tom out!

(Major Tommy Lee Jones taps Tom Cruise on the shoulder)
<Tommy Lee Jones> "Mr. Cruise, you have a call from GRAND CENTRAL. Urgent emergency it appears!"

(Tom face turns pale, GRAND CENTRAL is code for a call from his boss)

<Angelina Jolie aka "Grand Central" code by the command staff at Rocky Mountain Cyberwar centre>
"What's the BIG IDEA here. My mother and Your mother is now in our home. Apparently YOU invited them to stay for two weeks, complete with PAID air ticket and limousine travel.

You know my mum and yours can't get along.


Is this some kind of JOKE you are pulling. TWO WEEKS, with those two. You better get back to the HOUSE NOW!"

<Tom Cruise face frozed, cold sweat flowing >

next instalment to come........


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Cyberwar general aaron kwok.jpg

General Aaron Kwok commander of cyber forces, Sheng Fragrant Megacity

cyberwar general discussions.jpg

The Sheng Fragrant cabinet meeting in a "secured room"

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