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CYBERWAR - the movie   [Copy link] 中文

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I will try to outline a new movie idea for all you MOVIE PRODUCERS.

The storyline will coincide with the TRENDS we see nowadays.

It is the year 2050, since the OIL WARS in the "Gulf states" - Megacities were built to create HYPER EFFICIENT cities - these developments conserves the use of petroleum fuel for automobiles. The "Oceanic states" inadvertantly became a buffer bloc of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY states between the YELLOW MAINLAND state, and it's rival; WHITE empire, RED state, UNION bloc and CULT union states.

In order for the OCEANIC STATES to keep their economic vibrant, and energy use efficient - ALL IT'S citizens and capital assets of the MEGACITIES in these states were all INTERNET LINKED, robotized, automated.............

.....these states being STRATEGIC and controlling the vital sea & air routes to the the YELLOW MAINLAND state. With NUCLEAR WEAPONS, actual military battles cannot be fought openly; STEALTH WAR became the only option. Now the OCEANIC STATES are now under threat in the REAL WORLD, and in the VIRTUAL CYBERWORLD.

It'll be pretty exciting plot, and will EXPLORE all the future technologies that "mirrors" our present world!!!

We can recruit Aaron Kwok as the Chief Cyberwar General, Lau Tak Wah as the Propaganda Minister, Leon Lai as the Civillian Computer Hacker and Tom Cruise as the chief architect from the WHITE state coordinating the CYBERWARS.


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The STORY starts with........

Leon Lai chatting with a beautiful girl <obvious to get into her skirt>, and boasting about the capability of his COMPUTING CONSULTANCY company! He is on a return flight from Megacity Lion to Megacity Pei in the business class.

Our hero looks out of his aircraft window - and saw JETS of the MEGACITY PEI flying at the same height!

"Wow! why is there MILITARY AIRCRAFT at the same flight height as the COMMERCIAL PASSENGER JETS?"

"The Beautiful girl looks out of the window, and looks at LEON LAI, shrugs her shoulder <obviously couldn't understand Leon Lai's surprise"

Our hero Leon Lai tries to check the situation on the SCREEN computer provided to every passenger in the passenger jet. Leon is startled.....................

...............the computers seems to "acting strangely". He did some ROUTINE file checks, and THINKS "The aircraft computers seems to be remotely infiltrated"!

Next instalment.........


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Leon Lai as the Civillian Computer Hacker
our life is full of sunshine

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Cyberwar flight engineer instrumentations.png

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Our hero, Leon Lai made a request to the Flight Stewardess to visit the planes cockpit and meet the Captain of the flight.

<Like in most scheduled passenger aircraft, request from children or first class/business class passengers to visit to the cockpit is routinely allowed>

"Captain Cheong, I noticed something unusual - why is our flight on the MILITARY air space height. I think I just saw a pair of MEGACITY Pei jets just now!

Captain Cheong smiles and look at his FLIGHT ENGINEER, Zhou then with nervous look at Co Captain Hayward. Flight Engineer Zhou intervened

"Well, Mr. Lai! It's impossible for that to happen. Our Jet is STATE OF THE ART. In fact, most of the operations of such jets are AUTOMATED. At the moment, the Co Captain Hayward just watches the instrumentation. Captain Cheong was just having tea.

The plane is guided by BEACONS on ground, and SATELLITE navigation.  Let me show you on the screen, AT THIS HEIGHT is the commercial flight heights, the military flight height is down there. That two military jets couldn't be at same flight level"

Our hero, Leon Lai look at the screens - did some typing - and showed the flight engineer

"That's our real height using the YELLOW STATES, positioning system - I know that because of my business in CYBERSYSTEMS, you were using the OCEANIC state bloc's satellites - but it seems to have been tampered?"

"SOMETHING strange is happening?"

Next instalment soon......


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Cyberwar Korean girl having coffee.jpg

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Flight engineer Zhou laughs.
"Yellow state's system are all 30 years behind ours"

Our Hero, Leon Lai smiles.
"Well, it's probably behind MAX. 20 years due to commercially available global technology market."

As Leon Lai left the cabin, he overhead the CO CAPTAIN HAYWARD <in strong Red State down under drawl> "That passenger just said the same thing as you did Captain Cheong, when you told me about the unusual cloud formation at our present supposed height!"

"<Captain Cheong> 20 years of flying experience gives you such knowledge. Well, we better go on MANUAL controls when we reach air control region of MEGACITY PEI airspace. We'll get the TECHIES to look into the system again. These is probably the third incident of apparent instrumentation problems"

<The FLIGHT was smooth, as the PASSENGER JET landed on MEGACITY PEI international airport. As usual, LEON LAI visit his favourite airport CAFE for breakfast, he ordered his favourite, CREAMY scrambled egg, BEEF SAUSAGE, salads, orange juice and a cup of brewed coffee. He overheard a pretty girl, two tables from his.....>

Ms. Han Ye seul was complaining to the waiter,
"YOU cannot take credit card for a bill smaller than P$10?, I only have P$0.50 with me at the moment."

Leon Lai smiles, and was quite delighted for the opportunity to become a HERO for a damsel in distress.
"Hey Waiter, don't worry. I'll pick the coffee tab of the lady!"

Ms. Han smiles at Leon Lai and walk to his table. Thanks for the help in the minor crisis. I just arrived from the Megacity Soul and didn't have the local currency.......

.........So, you are a CYBER expert as Ms. Han finally discover that our Hero Leon Lai is single, middle class and is pretty handsome!

Next instalment to come....


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