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Love or pride, which one is more important? [Copy link] 中文

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I love my boyfriend. He has an excellent job with really nice pay; he is tall and good-looking; sweet and considerate. In one word, he is perfect.

Yes, he treats me well. However, the only one problem is I don’t think t he loves me as much as I love him.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years. For the first 10 months or so we had a great relationship, no fighting, we were that cute couple that everyone was jealous of.

Anyways, last night we were texting and I told him I loved him more than anything, and he said that he loves me too. But then I asked why he didn't say he loves me more because he has already got used to my love for him, and he said he was being honest and he knows I love him more. That hurt my feelings and pride really, really bad, even though I already knew it was true. I don't know what to do anymore; I don't want to give my all to someone who won't do the same for me.

I used to be a princess who is quite proud of myself. However, I began to change and learn how to cook and how to do housework and everything which I hadn’t had any interest in at first so that I could take care of him. Just because I love him so much, now I have already been a good chef and quite capable maidservant. But it seems that he is not willing to do the things which I have been doing for him. Say, the day before yesterday, I asked him whether he knows what my favorite dish is. He simply told me that he had no idea about that. I am a quite humble “servant” in front of him and do everything for him. By contrast, he can’t cook and never does any housework and he doesn’t even know what my favorite dish and then told me he doesn’t love me as same as I do.

I am not sure if I should quit this relationship. At this moment, on the one hand, it is my love; on the other hand, it is my pride. I love him, but I hate being a cook and maidservant for him. I don't want to give my all to someone who won't do the same for me. Maybe I hated to admit we are not meant for each other. I may not be the one for him. If so, why do I have to waste my time? And why do I have to let my pride and feeling get hurt? Love or pride, which one is more important? I am confused now.

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it's really a big Contradiction,sometimes, if we show too much love to our soulmate, he or she maybe not cherish it you as before , so self-control is very important in the relationship like this , we must control ourselves not to show all our love to her

at least ,it's not the best relationship in a love story. in a good relationship ,we should give all our love to each other university without retention

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I am married my pride in in myself and my wife

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the balance for love between you and your boyfriend is unbalanced, you care too much and attach too many things on him, so you think that he is more important than everything, but he doesn't think so.

the most pathetic thing in the world is that someone takes your givings for granted, and this sorrowful thing is now happening to you.

girl, complaints are the biggest threat to good relations and even marriage. you need to think out a way to deal with it.

it is not about love and pride, but your well-being.

only you can help you out. wish you can have a happier life.

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Miss ,you said he is perfect. You think he is your everything. This may be the reason of the unequal love. you contribute too much to this relationship, but find  little repayment.
So why not attach less importance to your boyfriend? Sometimes retreating is for better advancing. Or why not you yourself be a perfect in his eyes?Try to make you successful in work, beautiful in life and a princess, not a servant at home.

Love is equality. If not, it will not come out to a beautiful flower.
So you need to have a wise decision.

Best wishes to you!

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fair love

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