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Gender Discrimination Complaint at Chinese Airports   [Copy link] 中文

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I agree with maintaining the dignity and respect of all males and females.  

I am an American citizen. At the Beijing Capital airport recently my belt buckle set-off an alarm as I was going through the metal detector. A female security person motioned me to lift my arms, then proceeded to put her hands on my body for a pat-down. In Western culture this is against the law and violates norms of decency and human dignity. Only a person of the same gender can perform a  pat-down. I complained to the security head who was a female this practice was highly offensive to many males just like it would be offensive to her if she was pat-down by a male.  She advised in China, women can pat-down males but males cannot pat-down females. I told her that was a sexist double-standard and was offensive and disrespectful to men essentially stating all men could not be trusted to be professional. It also said males were effectively assumed to be like animals with no concern for dignity or respect for their privacy. She was very explicit in saying women can be trusted to be professional about doing a security pat-down but men cannot. That is very derogatory toward Chinese males. I advised her if she felt that way Chinese male security screeners should be retrained to bring them up to the same level of professionalism. I further advised her to just avoid that difficulty by simply using sensibility and have only women pat-down women and only men pat-down men. That is standard in the vast majority of the world.

Security screening procedures for males are based on the offensive assumptions:

1.) ALL males (like Dogs) are untrustworthy around females therefore they cannot search females not even with just the hand-held metal detector.

2.) ALL males (like Dogs) have no concern for dignity and privacy, therefore they won't mind if a female searches their body.

My wife, who is Chinese-American angrily admonished the female security saying they should never touch another woman's husband. She completely agrees there is NEVER any GOOD reason to treat one gender with less respect than the other.

It is shameful for a government to make a policy that effectively says all males are untrustworthy and undignified therefore they can be treated the same as farm animals. Without question there are men like that but also without question there are far more men who are respectful gentlemen who do not wish or deserve to be grouped with those kinds of men. Just as most women are not prostitutes it would be shameful for a country to make a policy on the assumption all were.

China uses females to search both genders in a morally-cheap way to reduce costs. Thus they don’t have to pay the extra cost of having both female and male security. Additionally they pay females less than males. They are banking on getting away with exploiting male’s desire to appear “macho” rather than taking the moral high ground and insuring only Ladies search Ladies and Gentlemen search Gentlemen.  That is a shameful weakness of moral responsibility on the part of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

There is NEVER any GOOD reason to treat one gender with less respect than the other ever.

If they want to claim males are being searched “mostly” with the Hand-held-metal-detector (HHMD) which doesn’t touch his body then fine, also let men search women with the Hand-held-metal-detector which does not touch her body. This way there is no gender-discrimination both genders are treated with exactly the same dignity and respect or lack of it. But China doesn't do that, it insists there's nothing wrong with a female searching a male but it would be a grave violation if a male searched the female the very same way with the "harmless" hand-held-metal detector. That again says China considers males to have no dignity; extremely disrespectful for a country to make such a policy rather than standup to the moral high road and treat all people with the same respect regardless of their gender.

Just as males and females use different toilets because of body privacy security searches of a person’s body by a stranger should only be done by the same gender. Men (or women) who want to be searched by the opposite sex should be required to ask for it not the other way around. The great majority of the world understands this, only China and a few East Asian countries don’t.

If China wants to truly evolve into a first-world country, it needs to adopt the same standards of equal dignity and respect for men and women found in the great majority of the world.
Women routinely walk right into men's toilets while the men are standing out in the open using the urinals. If men walked into women's toilets even though the women are in the privacy of a stall with the door locked, the men would be arrested.

There is NEVER any GOOD reason to treat one gender with less respect than the other ever.

If you're a male who's ever been cheated in a divorce settlement solely because he was a male, you'll immediately understand why it's important to treat both genders with the same, equal, dignity and respect.

If you are a male or female who believes in treating ALL PEOPLE with the SAME, EQUAL dignified, respectful, same-gender security searches, send an email to the:

Customer Complaint Department:
Beijing Capitol International Airport


Eventually this practice is going to stop and China will take it's rightful place as a great and respectful nation.

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This makes China look perverted

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This is disrespectful gender discrimination

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Only Females can be trusted according to China

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Gender Discrimination Males Can't search females

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1584austin Post time: 2012-12-8 05:25
I am very happy the way it is

I guess you are a security guard

That's the difference between you and me. I'm a Gentleman who respects the dignity of all people regardless of their gender. Not sure what you are but I don't think equality and respect are important to you.

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raton Post time: 2012-12-8 09:49
Chinese policy having women searching males is a clever one, no male would object been searched by a ...

"no male would object been searched by a female"????
That is totally ridiculous. Men of common human decency and respect very much object to being touched by women (and so do their wives) when men can't touch women in the same way. That shows China promotes gender discrimination against males. In the United States it is against the law. China is very disrespectful towards males at security checkpoints. The TSA has NEVER treated me disrespectfully.
You hear complaints about the TSA because America is a Democracy which allows people to make public complaints. China is a communist country which does not allow complaints thus you never hear of any. My Chinese friends and colleagues say they are affraid to complain for fear of being "detained"

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1584austin Post time: 2012-12-8 05:40
It's not a serious issue for me.

If I want to worry about something it won't be that careful he may de-friend YOU......This guy could go Postal at any moment...
Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You're Thinking.

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