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Family living together in harmony, then everything prosper smoothly [Copy link] 中文

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Chinese traditional culture advocate “harmony is most precious” all the time from ancient times to modern times, no matter for one family, one group, one community, even one country, only living together peacefully firstly, then everything goes smoothly as people’s wishes.

How can live together peacefully well? I think we should follow below several point:

Firstly, people should respect each other, this is the most essential condition for people to get along with each other, Everyone have their own dignity, no matter who goes in for what type of profession, no matter who is rich or poor, no matter who is from which district, even if who is one beggar, we still should respect him, only one reason is that he is one people.

Secondly, people should understand each other, as we all know, one objective fact is that different people have different personality, different culture background, different education, and different thought, so all these differences are inevitable to bring about some conflict when people live together. In fact the difference is not important, the importance is that people can accept each other’s difference well. If people can accept each other’s difference well and understand each other, then there is more large room for people to eliminate the conflict.

The third, try to construct the peaceful mood in the whole society by kinds of way, for example, the public institution can hold some campaign regularly about living together peacefully or some related lectures. The school can arrange some time to educate students the knowledge related to living together in peace, such as respecting others, some etiquette and so on. The family can educate children how to respect others.

Lastly, everyone should do their own well, correct their own defect resolutely, control themselves’ irascible temper, respect others initiatively, being happy to accept others’ good difference and so on.

Currently there is some fickle phenomenon existing in our society, more and more people only pursue the wealth with disregarding friendship and even the social morality, there is more and more conflict occur among different people because of the wealth, the good mood of the society is going down to the valley bottom sharply, so it is not normal phenomenon, it is urgent for us to improve the whole society mood.

Positive, optimistical, easy-going

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you can say that again. But nowadays people seem no time to sit down and think about the principles you mentioned above calmly and peacefully.

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To be honest, people now always blame this "unharmonious society" to government or other powerful authorities, never or few people would ask themselves what do they do to this society.

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Interesting post.
But how could you get people to respect other people more?
In ancient times, religion was used for this purpose. Buddhism and Christianism both advocate basic moral rules like "what goes around comes around". But how could people learn to respect each other (and themselves) today?

I also feel that the lack of certain thinking patterns (like the ones mentioned by jackieyao2012) are stopping Chinese from becoming good leaders, rather than diligent workers. And in the end, it's the lack of able leaders that is stopping China from becoming a wealthier and, much more importantly, happier nation.

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The family that prays together, stays together.
It is indeed very practical that the party is  judge, legislator, head of the army, executor  and  publisher  all in one in China.

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Too much pressure for the young people now, really no time to think about this. work day and night

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Everynowhere Post time: 2012-11-29 21:04
Interesting post.
But how could you get people to respect other people more?
In ancient times, relig ...

zhong guo he yin du friendship is necessary

你好 / 您好,
请问 。。。。。... Could these discussions lead to any direct action?  at least conferencing ... 会议     。。。。。 谢谢再见。

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