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Top 10 attractions in Guizhou [Copy link] 中文

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   Zhijin Cavern  织金洞风景区

Zhijin Cavern []

Zhijin Cavern, a fascinating three-layer karst cavern in Minzhai Village, Zhijin County, is 23 kilometers northeast of the county proper and 120 kilometers away from the provincial capital of Guiyang. It topped the rankings list of China's six most enchanting caverns by Chinese National Geography in 2005. If you are planning to visit only one cave in your life, it should be the Zhijin Cavern, a miracle of nature.

The cavern, discovered in 1980, consists of more than 150 scenic views across 47 halls. It runs for more than 12 kilometers with a total area of over 700,000 square meters, and is believed to possess the largest unsupported roof span of any cave worldwide. The largest hall is up to 173 meters wide and 150 meters high.

The cavern has been found to be a vast underground palace featuring a superb array of karst formations in various colors and sizes, including stone curtains, stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars and stone flowers. The amazingly fantastic deposits blow the mind since they are shaped like mushrooms, flowers, bamboos, rice fields, mountains, animals and fair ladies. Some of the most spectacular sights include the mysterious "Silver Rain Tree", a 17-meter-tall rare flower-like transparent crystal; the gold silver tower; the unusual and rare moonstones; and the mysterious goose-neck growths.


Best time to go: All year round

Admission: 120 yuan/person in peak-season (March 1-November 30), and 100 yuan/person in low-season (December 1-February 28)

Opening hours: 08:00-17:00

How to get there: You can take a long-distance bus to Zhijin County at Guiyang Jinyang Bus Station, and take a taxi to Zhijin Cavern. You can also get off at Sanjia Township near Zhijin, and then transfer onto a mini-bus headed for Zhijin Cavern.

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   Chishui Scenic Area  赤水风景区

Chishui Scenic Area []

Chishui Scenic Area is a national scenic area located at Chishui City, northwestern Guizhou Province. This scenic area shows us China's nature at its best. Covering an area of 630 square kilometers, the region features waterfalls, green forests, a seas of bamboo, creeks, and a Danxia land formation. The highly renowned major attractions include Shizhangdong (Shizhang Cave) Waterfalls, Sidong Creek, Wuzhufeng (Five Pillar Peak) Scenic Spot, Yangjiayan, China's Jurassic Park, Swallow Rock National Forest Park, Bamboo Sea National Forest Park, the Ancient Town of Bing'an, and the historical site where the Red Army crossed the Chishui River four times.

The 76-meter-high, 80-meter-wide Shizhangdong Waterfall rivals the world-famous Huangguoshu Waterfall; Wuzhufeng (Five Pillar Peak) Scenic Spot boasts the largest Danxia land formation in China; China Jurassic Park is the biggest nature reserve and living environment of alsophila spinulosa in the world. Danxia land formations, which can be admired at many scenic spots of Chishui, have been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

When the annual Guizhou Famous Liquor and Wine Festival opens in Zunyi City, Maotai Town of Renhuai City and Shizhangdong of Chishui City during July and August, tourists can have the opportunity to taste some famous local liquors.


Best time to go: May to October

Admission: 60 yuan/person for Shizhangdong (Shizhang Cave) Waterfalls, 30 yuan/person for Sidong Creek, 50 yuan/person for Wuzhufeng (Five Pillar Peak) Scenic Spot, 30 yuan/person for Yangjiayan, 25 yuan/person for China's Jurassic Park, 25 yuan/person for Swallow Rock National Forest Park, 25 yuan/person for Bamboo Sea National Forest Park, and 20 yuan/person for Ancient Town of Bing'an.

How to get there: You can take a bus to each of the major scenic spots from Chishui Old Bus Station or Chishui Long-haul Tourism Bus Station.

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   Huangguoshu Waterfall  黄果树瀑布景区

Huangguoshu Waterfall []

Needless to say, the Huangguoshu Waterfall is Guizhou's most spectacular attraction. Located in Zhenning County, Anshun City, the scenic area can be found about 45 kilometers southwest of the city proper and 128 kilometers away from Guiyang, the provincial capital.

The waterfall, the largest waterfall in China and one of the most famous ones in the world, is the only waterfall that can be viewed from above, below, front, back, left and right on the planet. It is 77.8 meters high and 101 meters wide. The main waterfall is 67 meters high and 83.3 meters wide. The Water Curtain Cave, a 134-meter-long naturally formed corridor behind the waterfall, allows visitors to watch, hear and touch the thundering streams making their way down. A colorful rainbow arching across the waterfall from time to time turns the splendid waterscape into a real feast for the eyes.

The waterfall, along with 18 minor but equally beautiful waterfalls, such as the Luositan Waterfall, Silver-Chain Waterfall and Dishuitan Waterfall, is also known as the Huangguoshu Waterfalls Cluster. It was included into the Guinness Book of World Records in 1999 as the world's largest waterfall cluster.


Best time to go: During the rainy season from July to October

Admission: 180 yuan/person in peak season (March 1-October 31), and 160 yuan/person in low-season (November 1-Febraruy 28) (The fee covers the waterfall, Tianxingqiao Bridge and Doupotang Scenic Areas)

Opening hours: 08:00-18:00

How to get there: You can take a bus to the waterfall at Anshun Railway Station, Anshun South Bus Station or Anshun West Bus Station

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