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The real life of village prostitutes [Copy link] 中文

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Zhao Tielin is a documentary photographer. He took photos of Chinese village prostitutes. To establish trust with the prostitutes, Zhao became their friend. Zhao was very poor at that time just like the prostitutes, so they trust him gradually. The photo story offered intimate glimpses and other snapshots of real life of village prostitutes.

The set of photos was controversial when they were published. Some people thought that Zhao hurt these girls because he invaded their privacy.

Some thought that the set of photos was touching because Zhao represented the real status of the low-level.

16-year-old Ah-V eloped with her boyfriend Xiaowu (who’s 28, jailed twice for a 5 year total) from Guizhou to an unnamed province, and to make ends meet, Xiaowu makes Ah-V prostitute herself.

Along the way, of course, Ah-V gets pregnant.

Ah-V was so poor that the only thing worth money in her possessions was a broken fan which she got from a rag-and-bone dealer for RMB10.

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Ah-V had to go for an abortion.

She was already four months pregnant and she didn’t have enough money for an abortion. When she finally got 300 RMB and went to a village clinic for the abortion, the doctor said, “The fetus is too big now and I would need more money.”

Because Ah-V couldn’t pay for her hospital bed, they put her on drip by the door of her home.

Ah-V had a lot of shots during the operation, and that cost a lot of money. When she left the clinic feeling sad and weak, other girls all laughed behind her back and called her “stupid girl”.

Taking the counterfeit currency, Ah-V didn’t know how to deal.

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When her “business” was good, she invited her neighbors to a dinner party.

Ah-V was asking Xiaowu:”Where is money?” Xiaowu had no job, Ah-V supported him.

When Xiaowu said to Ah-V:” I love you, I’ll marry you.” No matter how Xiaowu thought, Ah-V felt happy when she heard these words.

Ah-V loved her cat. The queuing “clients” was waiting behind her.
Being young was the only reason that kept Ah V alive.

Old men lurked around Ah-V because they could not afford to pay her.

If the “clients” were happy, they would teach Ah-V some life lessons.

Ah-V allowed another prostitute Ah-Lan to examine her to see if she has contracted some sexually transmitted disease.

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Sometimes Xiaowu chatted with the “clients” when they didn’t want to leave.

For women of the street, their brief moments of happiness when they meet a cute client.

Ah-V worked here. If she met 13 clients one day, she would earn RMB 380. Xiaowu was happy, but he felt little guilty when he saw Ah-V  had  difficulty just getting out of bed at all.

Ah-V wrote calligraphy beautifully. She also said her cousin was a dancer in a dance troupe and she looked like her. Whenever she mentioned her cousin, there’d be a proud look on her face.

Some guys molested her.

Sometimes Xiaowu used violence to her.

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She always had an empty feeling.

Xiaowu considered what to do next.

Xiaowu monitored her in a hotel not far away. This was her first time working on the street. After dark, many hookers would stand at a distance of 2-300 meters from the Hotel, and work up the nerve to ask passerbys to “watch video” or “drink coffee” with them.

Ah-V looked the passerbys to find “clients”.

Because she didn’t find “clients”, she couldn’t help crying. (Beijing Shots)

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This post was edited by Ratfink at 2012-7-9 22:38

Sad but it's a terrible reality for women in many many countries and not just in China. I've seen similar situations in Peru, Argentina, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Egypt, India, Cambodia and a host of other places and I really feel sad for the girls. However desperation drives and there is a willing market of exploiters out there prepared to pay as little as possible to wreck a girls life. Tragic, sordid and gut wrenching are words I would use.  There is no need for this to happen anywhere in the world in the 21st century.

As for that maggot of a boyfriend of hers, she would be far better off without him. Any man (or woman) that says they love someone and then asks them to prostitute themselves is beneath contempt. He is nothing but a parasite.
Per Ardua Ad Astra

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what a miserable life .Some women live like animals.
I really    love China,半个 中国 人

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