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Chinese Girl in the American Ghetto   [Copy link] 中文

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Such stories can be told in any nation where there is migration. It was no better in Australia during the 1960s through to the early 90s.  As a white immigrant I was slammed by the locals because my English accent was strange to them and they couldn't understand me. Daily beatings and much bullying wore me down in the end.  

Chinese people in the late 60s and 70s in Australia were rare, but my one of my best friends was of Chinese origin. He wasn't picked on at school as he was an Aussie through and through, he sounded right and that was all that mattered.  Oddly enough when we were at university together he was subject to several bouts of racism from skinheads and other  who thought he was a "reffo", that is a refugee from Vietnam or southern China that arrived here by boat. I will never forget the look on the face of one skinhead who gave him a mouth full of invective and was told by my friend to go Fck himself in a broad Aussie accent.  The real irony was he and his family had arrived in Australia in 1834, long before most Australian families arrived here.
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Nice comments.

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JFenix Post time: 2012-7-5 19:37

And hopefully this book will also tear down the myth that minorities in the US are united ...

There's much more by Ying Ma really worth reading.
I doubt though, that many of the wu mao brigade in this thread liked it.
She's good.

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I can't comment directly about Ying Ma's experience.  I grew up in racially integrated New York.  The population where I lived was majority white.  The largest minority was black.  There were very few asians.

I can recount though having learned at some point in school that "The oppressed often become the oppressors".  Perhaps in this context the blacks of Ying Ma's experience feel they "finally had the upper hand" against another group that cannot fight back, so they took out their underlying frustrations on asians.

I don't offer this as an excuse, just a possible explanation.


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ColoradoDan Post time: 2012-7-6 05:59
I can't comment directly about Ying Ma's experience.  I grew up in racially integrated New York.  Th ...

Immigrants to the USA from China and the ATRS cuntries are interesting CASE STUDY.

While in the past - Migrants from the ATRS state normally goes on two routes

(1) Children of middle class families or on state scholarship send to read for a degree in the Universities of the United States. They stayed on for internships or post graduate. Some returns <less than 50% return to their home cuntries, But nowadays the numbers of returnees are BIGGER due to IMPRESSIVE progress of ATRS states - some of which exceeded the United States in per capita gnp>

Some of the returnees decides to MIGRATE to the United States, so as to allow their children the same "education" that they got in their youth. These are middle class people, often than not have more than US$250,000 in assets to transfer to the United States. They'll buy into MIDDLE CLASS suburbs. Nowadays in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaya, Korea, Taiwan - such MIDDLE CLASS people could have assets of US$500,000 to US$3.0 million. <Unlikely to have the story like Ms. Ma>

<Most of such comes from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaya and Singapore>

(2) Working class, Underclass migrants from the ATRS will "Jump Ship" <a colloqual term> to the United States, but generally to it's SUPERCENTRES where the work in CHINA TOWN - as waitress, chefs, kitchen helpers, cleaners while other works in construction, seamstresses <and some as prostitutes serving China town>.

These group were lured in the years 1970's onward till year 2000.
The pay differential at "minimum wage" could be as big as 10X in 1970 but nowadays is quite insignificant different in most ATRS state with exception of Thailand and some Malayans <minimum wage differentials is about 3X in Malaya, 6X in Thailand>

Surprise to see the CHINA MAINLAND migrants are of different route!
Seems like INTERESTING CASE STUDY of their migration.
My previous observation indicates many of them working at the same jobs that the working class, underclass from the ATRS in the pre 2000 cohorts. In Sdyney, I observe them doing jobs which are NEW to the MIGRANT population like TAXI DRIVING or such!

I'll have to study the MAINLAND CHINESE case <just for interest>
Which niche will they occupy in the RAINBOW of people in the United States!


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Singularity Post time: 2012-7-5 14:11
In high school, Miss Ma used an uncle’s address to transfer to a school in a mostly white neighbor ...

Whoa  ...........  

What a great post  ..........

Thank you  ..........            

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The problem was her family moved into a large city hoping for a better life. Had they instead moved into a smaller town in the suburbs life would've vastly better for all. All inner-city slums and ghettos should be flattened and never rebuilt. However, those who have been on welfare roles for several generations would then be homeless.
I'm just here for the money

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