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China oil reserves map.jpg

China has the world's largest reserves of recoverable crude oil
reserves. It's mainly in the SOUTH CHINA SEA, Bohai region and Xinjiang.

Estimates of the reserves is in the region of 360 to 500 billion tonnes crude oil.
With a expected production of 8 mbd to 15 mbd till year X, China's supplies could
last about 100 years.

China has barely scratch the surface in it's extraction. Lack of technology and
capability such as DRILLING, seismic methods, pumping and other technology
hampers China's effort.

USA oil fields.jpg

The United States has massive Recoverable crude oil reserve too.
It's probably about 2/3 of that in China. However extraction rate in
the United States is very much higher at 10 mbd or more. <up to 12 mbd
is pumped out annually during peak years>

The main reason is USA penchant to use SUV, MPV, trucks for personal use.
The 3 to 5 tonnes vehicles all "GAS GUZZLING" <American slang>, resulting
in reserves being sufficient for 100 years too!

The United States needed help in the OFFSHORE oil recovery effort but has
been spending R&D dollars to improve technology access to it's vast oil

Eurozone France energy minister.jpg

We don't want to use TOO MUCH crude oil.

It's nonsense! Eurozone URBAN VILLAGE concept does ECOLOGY FRIENDLY
technology. We are MOTHER NATURE loving bloc. We'd rather use nuclear
energy, import natural gas from Russia.

Look at the MODEL URBAN VILLAGE city in the Nederlands. We have
fantastic lifestyle. We don't need American nonsense in the Eurozone!

Our British Friends, Russian Friends and South Atlantic oil fields will supply
what little we need!


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USA top jet.jpg

In the ERA of AIR POWER, first proven in World War II, the combat
Jet fighter has been a vital piece of BIG POWER asset. <It might no longer be
true nowadays, & we'll have to discuss these concept later>.

The F-22 is supposed to be the MOST ADVANCED Jet fighter of the USA, due to it's "stealth capabilities",
advance avionics, and it's range of BEYOND VISUAL RANGE detect, destroy capabilities. It's
weak in CLOSE IN dog fights.

Advances in FRIEND OR FOE electronic surveillance makes the F-22 quite irrelevant and it
has been "drop out" of development in many big powers. <air displacement detection devices
can easily detect, target & destroy these aircrafts at low cost>

French Top rank Jet.jpg

The EUROZONE possess the sexy RAFALE air superiority jet fighter. These aircraft are
considered the leading edge arm of the FRENCH AIR FORCE. With the Avionics, missiles
assets of the jet, the RAFALE can match anything the Americans can put up in the air.

China Top Jet.jpg

CHINA has it's own 4.5 generation Jet Air Superiority Fighter. The J-10. It has performed
admirably in many test done by the People's Liberation Army Air Wing.

The avionics, missiles, and close in dog fight capabilities are yet unproven. BUT on
test, it seems to match what the Eurozone or the American possess.

China has an arsenal of 300 jets in it's air arm.


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USA Atlas rocket.jpg

The USA possess a READY STOCK of ATLAS payload launchers to
send a fleet of X-37 into space. The rocket has capability to launch
payloads of up to 10 tonnes into space.

Ariane 5 rocket.jpg

The EUROZONE has a fleet of vehicle of similar capability capable of
launching similar SPACE SHIPS. <We suspect the French are in possession
of several HERMES space craft prototypes that can be deployed speedily>

Long March 5 rocket.jpg

China has recently developed the 100 Tonne thrust rocket engine that
will put it ON THE SAME LEAQUE as the Americans and Eurozone for
the same capability.

Lacking a SPACE SHIP which is reusable and have long service life in
space is a CRITICAL STRATEGIC weakness that China is trying to achieve.


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USA biggest battle ship.jpg

USS George Bush is the BIGGEST American warship in the
US Navy. It carries some 80+ aircrafts and it's part of a fleet of 11 aircraft
carriers, 11 docks ships.

It's the cornerstone of American Expeditionary reach.

Eurozone biggest battle ship.jpg

The French navy CLEMENCEAU, It's the biggest warship in the Eurozone.
The Eurozone possess many aircraft carriers, namely in Spain, Italy and France.

The ship carries some 50 plus Rafale jets and it's a potent expeditionary Air Cover
units for the Eurozone navies.

China biggest warship.jpg

China possess a AIRCRAFT CARRIER upgrade from the VARYAG ship built in
the Ukraine. The ship is now being commissioned. However the Naval Aviation arm
is not quite ready for deployment.


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