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The RACE to be No.1 - The contenders! [Copy link] 中文

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Chegsyboy Post time: 2012-7-17 13:23
Me too. Responsible breeding and letting the mentally ill and crippled die at birth would be a goo ...

The latest figures on net immigration are far worse than expected and we simply dont know how many illegals have disappeared without trace.

Its a complete shambles.
Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your permission. Arnold Bennett

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St_George Post time: 2012-7-17 13:26
The latest figures on net immigration are far worse than expected and we simply dont know how many ...

It's a sham of a mockery of a joke of a shambles, more like. I mean, we are tiny and surrounded by sea. How difficult can it be to keep 'em out? If they arrive without passport or place to stay, it's so simple - just put 'em in a holding area and return 'em to where they came on the return flight without asking the destination country's permission. They obviously didn't ask ours!
Asylum requests should only be granted to those who apply from outside first and have their asylum granted in advance. Speculative, lying asylum seekers see above. Overstaying students should be rounded up, made to work for board and lodging only until they have paid for their return flight and then unceremoniously fecked off back to wherever they came from. If in the first five years of any new citizens stay, they break the law, they must be returned. No elderly relatives; if they cared about them that much, they wouldn't have left them behind in the first place.
Just ask chegsyboy, he knows what's what on these matters.

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Commander Chubby Boy!

What are you BLOKES up to?
I bet it's going to be another load of laughter!


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US0 note.jpg

Like what the United States government says on their MINTED CURRENCY NOTES
"In God We Trust". Many of the activities in the world is DRIVEN by the lust for money.
Not just for pleasure, but as a survival tool. No doubt MONEY is the "GOD" that's mentioned.

The United States has the world biggest currency mint.
This has given it a STATURE that other nations jealously look on. However, protecting
the FINANCIAL mint has created all kind of "aggression" needed to protect it's value.

That's equivalent to it's famous motto "PROTECTING THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE".

Euro 100 note.jpg

The EUROZONE has been able to challenge the pre eminence of the GLOBAL SUPERPOWER
since 1945, and ECONOMIC NUMERO UNO since 1910 <The American AUTOMOTIVE industry>
only in 2008. It has been in turmoil ever since facing the wrath of FRANTIC Americans.

Without doubt the POLITICAL semi union has been reinforced by the CURRENCY UNION in
the year 2000, finally creating a "viable" challenge to the Supremacy of the United States.

With the fall of the value of the EURO post 2008, the EUROZONE is the no.2 biggest money
minter in the world!

Rmb 100 note.jpg

China is the surprise ENTRANT to the ECONOMIC NUMERO UNO game.
The relatively less technological capable, lower economic sophistication state has been able
to claim a challenge only due to it's VAST RESOURCES and VAST POPULATION.

It's probably today the No.3 largest currency minter in the world. We'll see more and more
of the RENMIMBI in global circulation as it sought to "internationalized" it's currency, something
that it failed to do in the previous pre modern government.


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This post was edited by greendragon at 2012-7-23 10:58

Bank of New York.jpg

Probably the world's most INFLUENTIAL institutions. As most of the world's
trade is performed using the US$, the SETTLEMENT unit has big duties.

States which are "not friendly" to the United States can be "SANCTIONED" simply
by "not being processed" in these institution. States such as Myanmar, North Korea, Iran,
Cuba had their economies stymied with just this SINGLE powerful instrument.

Explains the GOLD STANDARD lobby, and rapid growing bandwagon of rival forex
reserves currencies.

Eurozone bank regulator system.jpg

The CONSORTIUM of European Central Banks created the EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK
but the Euro is only "supervised" by the ECB. The actual MINT of the EURO is via
REPO inter banks and State Treasury Bond issues.

Thus "CONTROL" remains in Individual Central Banks. However, INTERBANK rates determines
the Interest rates of the Euro. Collective action among the Eurozone can be quite a "massive task".

Even with such problem, the EURO has becomes the world's second biggest FOREX RESERVE currency.
It's creation help create the FLUSH of LIQUIDITY in the years between 2000 and 2008.
It REMAINS a serious threat to the US$.

People\'s Bank of China.jpg

Our start up Central Bank. The People's Bank of China, the central bank
of the world's 3rd largest economic monetary bloc. (and 2nd largest sovereign state
in the global economy)

The RMB is begining to be MARKETED as an alternate GLOBAL FOREX RESERVES
currency. The world waits in excitement at the possibility of a THIRD SERIOUS CONTENDER
in the global economy.

With it's emergence, there is a possibility for the world to see a GLOBAL GNP of US$150 trillion
in year X (generally speaking before 2030)


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CIA top agent John Travolta.jpg

The CIA, NSC of the United States has the world's biggest budget.
We literally OWN organized underclass, military cliques, revenue merchants,
political parties all over the world.

We tell them, and they JUMP, not all equally high, but they do jump even
to the extent of a "few laughs". The Arab Spring is one of our great successes.
Remember the incident in Paris, RIOTS broken out all over - the Eurozone powers
don't match our capability.

Our domestic counterpart, the FBI does an acceptable job in the domestic scene
but mostly it's because of the CIRCUS FOLKS, and the design of our communities. We
allow GUNS to be kept privately, and provide one of the best social security, with the
economy among the world's richest!

French Secret Service COCO.jpg

The EUROZONE is flexible. We LET the Americans cause the RIOT in Paris so that the French
Secret Service can study the extent of their influence. Don't let Captain Travolta trick your
eyes. We know what they do, we SHADOW them. We have our fair share of REGIME overthrow,
and installing in the Francophone world. We are trying our best to polish our skills in the English
speaking world too!

We even have samples of every big USA technology. We got their ceramics, we got the
components for the silicon vapour deposition, we got the hypersonic engine prototypes. In
fact, colleaques of Captain Travolta tries to steal data from our great French-Eurozone
technologies, like our ITER labs, ESA labs.

That's how the French can tell the world, WE'LL build our HYPERSONIC aircraft in 2030, about
15 years after the FALCON supposedly introduction.

China Secret Service Mr. Chow Sin Chi.jpg

The Chinese Secret Service is the Best in the world. We have achieve penetration
into every sector of the global economy. The "watch water" teams are everywhere. We
got the ROCKET engines, NUCLEAR bomb, JET engines, advanced SOLID STATE chips
from our professional teams all over the world.

Our British, Russia and American networks are the best.

We have yet tried the games of the Americans in causing HAVOC by deposing, installing
regimes. In fact, the Americans managed to do that to us in the 1900's and again in Tianamen.
We learn a lot from the CASE STUDIES. We are like the GREAT PANDA, cute and not easy
to be carried around.

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China\'s coal fields.png

China has PROBABLY the most coal resources of the three contending
state or blocs. There is probably a supply equal to 600 years of coal being
mined at a rate of 3,000 million tonnes a year.

That's about 2 trillion tonnes of coal.
At the moment, China is still at the 1950 - 1980 technological age. As such, and
as access to technology, household income rises - it will be able to access the other
energy available such as nuclear, natural gas, crude oil, tar shale deposits.

USA coal fields.png

The United States has quite similar wealth in coal. Coal burning power plants produces
the LOWEST unit cost electricity in the world <as low as US$0.015 per KWH> and getting
better with better HEAT RECOVERY and PLASMA burning technologies.

The USA has probably 1000 years of coal supply. That's about 1 trillion tonnes of coal
in the ground, and the US has been at it since the 1700's, going BIG TIME in the Industrial
revolution prior to the ICE Age in 1800's.

Eurozone coal fields.jpg

The EUROZONE uses some coal, not very bothered about these dirty resource.
They cannot find workers to even dig up the Energy to use. Nevertheless, Germany, France
has big deposits of the energy.

We not bother to give an estimate, as NUCLEAR (among the highest share in the world),
Hydroelectricity, and nowadays Wind-Solar-Biomass <and energy sipping devices> is our


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