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President of France.png

The EUROZONE is in bad shape. We need to import FEEDSTOCK
for the livestock industry. Soya, Corn, fishmeal, protein-calcium meals <That's how
Europe got the MAD COW disease scare the last time>, cooking oil, crude oil, natural
gas, huge range of commodities. (We perhaps have a mountains of wheat, barley <can't do
without beer in Europe>, wine production).

The EUROZONE needs the hypermarket range of imports to keep our SOCIAL SECURITY
supported unemployed, underclasses happy.

Other than that, WE ARE IN GOOD SHAPE.
<We need to make sure BOSPORUS straits, SUEZ canal remains open for shipping for those
simple reason. NOT SERIOUS at all. We are thankful to CHINA for helping to SEED the Latin
American, Carribean alternative. At least we won't have to do any fighting beyond BOSPORUS
and the SUEZ canal. AMEN!>

President of China.jpg

CHINA is in good shape. We have everything in abundance. It's a BIG COUNTRY! <yawn>
There is no problem at all. We have Heilonjiang-Bohai, Xinjiang-<access>Caspian Sea, South
China Sea-Nanyang access to all kinds of commodities, fuel, energy needs.

With RMB mint, and international acceptance <Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia has agree to
undertake trade in RMB>, we are ready!

We need to import a little bit of IRON ORE, COAL, crude oil + distillates, edible oil, a smaller range
of commodities compared to USA or Eurozone. We only worry about our neighbours like Japan, Korea
and Taiwan who needs the Gulf of Persia, Straits of Malacca to stay open. We can reach Persia via the
new SILK and IRON rail road. No Problem!

Mother was a prostitute spy.jpg

I live in the greatest country on earth! We have surplus of everything. It's a land of plenty.
We have gushing volume of wheat, corn, soya. <In fact we are one of the BIG 4 players in the
world (besides British Club, Russian Federation, BAMA states) and we gain a lot of influence due
to our surplus production>

We only needs some crude oil + distilates from within the North America region and the refineries
in Rotterdam + England.

We have a lot of fun in the United States. <My mum for instance enjoy the companionship of different
people from continents of Africa, to China and Indonesia> We are a really friendly group of people. Like
the EUROZONE, we do need some HYPERMARKET stuffs for our underclasses, and unemployed. No big
deal, We have in the greatest nation of earth, some 26 docks and aircraft carriers to secure the supply


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Don't forget the US has unlimited access to both oceans
I'm just here for the money

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King Johnny English.png

My dear fella! The Global Chokepoints are guarded by the
ROYAL NAVY and AIR FORCES. This is a pertinent point that
you must learn.


The HOMERS loves the Bards very well. They are full of laughs, comedy
and theater. Global Free Trade is well protected by the Guardians of the


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China chief of staff.jpg

China has the world's biggest ARMY, with a large contingent of navy, air force and
strategic nuclear forces. WE have 2.5 million REGULAR troops, with some 7 million
reservist and militia members.

We are very adept in CONTINENTAL WAR FARE.
In world war 2, during the civil war - our skills were refined on the battle field. Continental
Armies are basically designed for BATTLES IN LARGE TERRITORIES. Our Primary rivals
are quite different in military battle experience.

We have over 5,000 years history to FINE TUNE our battle expertise. Sad to say, our naval-sea
expeditiionary battle doctrine needs to be BRUSHED UP to compete with the expertise of the

USA chief of staff.png

We have the second biggest military in the world. Our Armed forces numbers some 1.5 million
REGULARS with some 3 million more reservist and national guards. Our Army ASSETS, especially
naval, expeditionary, air force, nuclear forces, space units are second to none.

While China is still flying around in Aluminium cans, the Eurozone just testing their ceramics re entry
heat shields, we have been going to space in modern space crafts in total comfort.

As a whole, we have the BIGGEST force multiplier FIREPOWER army in the world.
But the United States has not have much success in CONTINENTAL STYLE warfare due to our British inspired

French Chief of Staff.jpg

The EUROZONE has probably the MOST EXPERIENCE in all kind of warfare.
The GERMAN wermacht is skilled in BLITZ motorized warfare, and meat fodder CONTINENTAL "inch for inch"
warfare. The French, Italian, Spainish forces has good experience in NAVAL OPERATIONS, expeditionary forces.
Our FRENCH foreign legion is the BEST in the WORLD for DESERT WARFARE.

Our primary defense object is to protect the SUPPLY ROUTES from being cut off by American or Russian
forces. The Bosporus, Suez Canal, and the SEA ROUTE via the Channel is vital to the EUROZONE.

OUr combined forces is third largest in the world. We have some 1.2 million REGULARS, with another 1.5 million
in the Reserves. We MIGHT train more RESERVES in with FRANCOPHONE citizen in Haiti.


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China space technology capability.jpg

China is racing from behind in the key development technologies in
space, aeronautics, nano solid state electronics, deep dive submersibles, pharmaceuticals,
wireless communication among other.

In the SPACE race, it's vehicles are similar to what the Americans and Russia
devised in the 1960's to 1970's. China has a LOT OF CATCHING up to do in the
High Technological stakes.

ESA the French lead Space agency testing ceramic heat shields.png

The Eurozone on the other hand is already testing CERAMIC heat shields. ESA, has
contracts for French and Italian companies with the technology. The UK has DISPLAYED,
and tested HYPERSONIC engines.

It seems either the EUROZONE space shuttle or probably the HYPERSONIC vehicle is in
the offing. France indicates it's Hypersonic craft to be ready by 2030.

X-37 US new Space Force.jpg

The Americans has had the REUSABLE space shuttle since the 1980s' to 1990's. It had
prototypes of the HYPERSONIC vehicle and recently announced likely unveiling of their
HYPERSONICE Falco vehicle due in 2014.


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