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What The West Wants ?   [Copy link] 中文

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I tried to understand what the fuck you're talking about there わさびx2 but my 3-year-old niece can form sentences better than you do so it's pretty much like trying to understand gibberish.

Also... The world includes the west, and the west isn't exactly one united thing. In what we call "the west" there's A LOT of different countries with very different interests. Also, Europe is part of the west. So, when you have The world talking with the west it's like having the west partly talking to itself, and the same problem is happening when you seperate "the west" from Europe because most of the west IS Europe!

So, get your facts straight and then learn how to form sentences properly and then come back.

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wasabiwasabi Post time: 2012-12-19 22:15
agree, like I said, the main back bone of the West is MILITARY, plain & simple.

                         2013 USA Defense budget is going to be 635 billion dollars.

                     (more than the rest of the whole world's combined defense budgets)


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If you mean the west by america, than this would be my assessment: People must understand americans are not the masters of their destiny, american for all intends and purposes are controlled by the Zionist/Jewish government thus rendering american’s nothing more that parrots on the jewish strings. Europa, if not all, are already under the jewish hammer, Germany already succumbed to the cancerous Jews. Latin America slowly are divorcing the USA -jewish combo and becoming more radicals hence making their own decisions. Bolivar predictions are in motions.  There is hope, and that is China, whilst the Great Wall was erected  thousand years ago and it served as a defense for their internal enemies, China today has a formidable invisible wall that in years to come will be able to stop if not demise the jewish-USA criminal supremacy and become the bacon of freedoms and prosperities for the world as a whole. I might not witness this, but your kids will grow up in a better world thanks the Chinese folks.              

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'Huge chunk of Antarctica being named Queen Elizabeth Land'

    Thievery : Its in their blood

         For the past several centuries, eversince they have built up world's mightiest navy power, Anglos had been

    busy helping theirselves at the expense of others, from one super huge continent of N. America to the another

    mega huge continent of Australia, and in-betweens.

   so this come no surprise at all!

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raton Post time: 2012-12-23 19:00
If you mean the west by america, than this would be my assessment: People must understand americans  ...

I love bacon.
Good Gweilo: My job is the ideological quality control

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raton Post time: 2012-12-23 18:00
If you mean the west by america, than this would be my assessment: People must understand americans  ...

Ain't gonna happen while China remains a one party state which controls everything and pretty much owns all the land etc. Westerners aren't inclined to like such things really as well you know.
This whole thread is just another bash the west thread and is inflammatory!

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