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Malayan Federation ready for 13th General Elections! [Copy link] 中文

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Critical PaKaTan component, the JUSTICE PARTY, whose main
power base is the CENTRAL MALAYA region. The Bugis, Minang and
Cantonese clan makes up the bulk of support for this LIBERAL leaning

The support of the CENTRAL MALAYAN region was crucial in the REFORMATION
of the FEDERATION policies, which FORCED the Political Exco of BarISan to implement
changes. The Citizens of the federation has tasted the "fruits" of competitive political


The Socialist (formerly were actually NATIONAL SOCIALIST) have been able
to chip the voting base of the MCA from the base in Singapore. Slow realization
by the CITIZENS that their policies results only in an ADMINISTRATIVE STATE, suitable
for MULTI NATIONAL revenue merchants from mainly the BRITISH CLUB, AMERICAN DOLLAR ZONE
and increasingly investments from China and the Russian Federation too!


These is the bedrock of the PATANI clan which has it's base
in the former provinces that the ROYAL SIAM GOVERNMENT seceeded to
the British Colonial Office of Malaya at the turn of the 20th century.

The ROYAL SIAM GOVERNMENT wanted to "split" the Patani people
in half and solve "rebel" problems in it's southern provinces. These however
created the PATANI political party which has become the rival to
UMNO for support of the RURAL and FARMING community.

Since the 1969 incident, with the NEP, the Riau Clan has became basically
a clan of civil servant, state employees, state organized plantation or investment
community. These makes PAS, the sole representative of the real rural farmer
and migrant worker class in the federation.


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Nothing new, now new inputs, same old sabre news reporting

GD must be getting old
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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569 TAUGHT THOSE BUMI BUGGERS  a good lesson!!!

What they are interested is HOW BIG(%) is their Kuih/Cake la
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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caringhk Post time: 2012-4-24 22:49
Nothing new, now new inputs, same old sabre news reporting

GD must be getting old

GD is not only old, this character lives the life of colonial days and never came out of it.  Shrewd vulgar too. Watch spellings for certain words.

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The POLITICAL equation in the FEDERATION biggest landmass of BORNEO appears to the VITAL link to the 13th General Elections. There is a lot of "baggage" that was created in the "Frenzy" of political manouvers of TRIBAL WALL, CULT WALL and of course just basic GUILD CONTROL battles of the past since 1963.

The NATIVES of BORNEO are the "least developed" in the entire federation. Perhaps it's good as CURRENT TECHNOLOGY available could make the NATIVES very "well off".


The "BIGGEST" Faction of the North Borneo State is the Kadazan.
They have been "less than successful" in the Poltical gaming. These mainly
Catholic-Christian community has been faced with ILLEGAL MIGRANT problems
and a host of "Bureaucratic" problems.

Strange as it may seem, CHINA's rise and their need for COMMODITIES will
benefit them. However, they need PENINSULAR MALAYA revenue merchant
development of MODERN LABOUR SAVING methods to reap the prosperity.

These faction has the biggest "baggage" in the "entire Federation" (unlike the Central Malayan
faction who changed their trades to Middle Class cum Revenue Merchant guilds), the Faction
has been in turmoil.


established twin political party - the SUPP-PBB dual. These is the same arrangement
as the UMNO-MCA dual that created the independent MALAYA in 1957. Unlike the UMNO-MCA
problem where the PAP-DAP + UMNO's own greed & ambition; The PBB has managed to
share with it's synergistic partner. However BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT attitudes seems to have
change recently. It seems the SUPER STAR Mr. Taib Mahmud has "interesting" WAYANG KULIT
to improve their influence in the RICH BORNEO states.

The PROCESS INDUSTRY, huge land mass, improvement in PLANTATION TECHNOLOGIES and old
baggage of UMNO's ambition has created strange "changes". SUPP actually 'LOST' influence.
Rather strange for this REGIONAL WALL super star!


The SUPER STAR of the British Establishment. These PBB-SUPP survived the turmoil of
the Malayan-Singapore-Borneo Federation politics intact. It's probably the ONLY STATE that insist
on ENGLISH as the EDUCATION MEDIUM, and "Interestingly" PROTECTED IT till recently.

It's citizens gets CUSHY jobs in SHELL OIL COMPANY, and is "supported" in Universities in Singapore,
Australia, Canada and of course LONDON, ENGLAND.

The SUPER STAR, Mr. Mohd Taib Mahmud is a SLICK politicians and has managed to survive
the turmoil of politics in the federation!


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AIYA, we all know since Dr M time that BN needed Sabahans/Sarawakians support in order to survive la!!!

Without them, NO 2/3 la
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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The Opposition in the STATE ASSEMBLY. The Iban & Dayak clans.
Like the Kadazan, they are the biggest clans in the South Borneo state.
Same like the Kadazan, their attempts at forging a working coalition
has always been undermined by opposing factional alliance.

In addition, incumbent political alliance has used the incumbency to create
splintering. (most of the political parties in North Borneo state of Sabah
actually belong to the PBS party). With the changes in the Political enviroment,
these Borneo clans has opportunity to "bargain".

Unlike the PATANI, which is actually "SHORT" of land (only have average 1.6 hectare
"RICE fields" plots) and that cause it to be the biggest supplier of MIGRANT WORKERS
to the PATANI new market & process or assembly town and those in the CENTRAL MALAYA
CITY and RIAU assembly towns. The Borneo natives can have PLOTS as big as
10 hectares per family and build big process & market towns.

Borneo state is almost 2/3 of the land area of the entire federation, but only 1/4 of it's

Lack of political support has often "hindered" Borneo advancement.


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