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Lhasa... Beijing... We will be there : Indian Army   [Copy link] 中文

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Indian Army's official signboard along China border

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East Turkestan separatists taking refuge in India : Wu Minjie

Being alarmed by growing concerns about East Turkestan terrorists and Tibetan separatists taking shelter in India, Chinese military expert Mr Wu Minjie noticed that India's overall combat strength in the border region now actually exceeds that of the Chinese side. A three -part article, written by Mr Minjie, under the caption "India's Border Blitz, Not to be Routine, with No Prior Notice to Beijing", has been published on 21 October 2011 in the "Military Review" column of the website, which is the Chinese language version of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-run Global Times Net. The article has also appeared on the same day in the "World News Paper" (Shijie Xinwen Bao), a publication of the Chinese Government's "China Radio International". An English commentary, written by D. S. Rajan and published by on Mr Minjie's article is available here. The points, raised by Mr Minjie, indicate the undercurrents of rising tension and distability in Asia though the present Chinese leadership is trying to downplay the issue in public. A brief glance at the points made by Mr Minjie's article may help the readers understand the situation.

1. "The issue of threat to China coming from India'smilitary build-up in the border" is there as a new development.

2. "India, taking China's strengthening of its troopdeployment in Tibet as pretext, has all along been indulging in a continuousexpansion of its troop strength in the Sino-Indian border region."

3. The article "has especially noted the deployment ofadditional two mountain divisions, Arunachal scouts, Su-30 MKI fighters, T-72main battle tanks and other advanced equipment in the borders. In elaboration,it has quoted from Indian press reports on New Delhi's plans along the Line ofActual Control – to deploy a new Army, two armored brigades and one independentinfantry brigade, four Su-30 MKI fighter squadrons by 2015 and additional 35border posts for the Indo-Tibetan Border Police. As per the article, in theeastern sector including in "Arunachal", India has so far deployed 5Armies, 240-300 fighter aircraft , 5 Mountain infantry Divisions and 1Mechanized Division."

4. "Above 7 million Indian immigrants are currentlyin "Arunachal", which number exceeds the total Tibetpopulation."

5. "The Indian military strategy with respect to borderwith China has undergone a shift – from 'defensive' to 'offensive'."

6. "The article has said that India's overall combatstrength in the border region now actually exceeds that of the Chineseside."

7. The article, "noting other Indian media dispatcheson New Delhi's 'approval' taken in 2011 to deploy Brahmos supersonic cruisemissiles in "Arunachal Province" has said that this would amount to India'sfirst time deployment of offensive tactical missile against China."

8. "The article has further pointed out that every yearprior to the start of Special Representatives talks, the Indian military hadalways desired to show some muscle , but this year's decision to deploy a 'starequipment', i.e Brahmos, cannot be considered a stereotype."

9. "India is soon planning to hold two large scale'lightning' military exercises in India and India-Pakistan border region,without prior notice to Beijing and Islamabad, in response to "threatsfrom China".

10. "The Sino-Indian border issue is now morecomplex."

11. "It has added that "though India is notenthusiastic in becoming a pawn of others, it has its own 'imperialambition'."

12. "The Tibetan and 'Eastern Turkestan' separatistsare seeking refuge in India."

Indian Army's official signboard along China border

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manoj10 Post time: 2011-12-4 11:04
What a crap. Why so many people interested in pitting India against China. We do not hold any grudge ...

You really need to ask ?

A war between this two gigantic countries would generate BILLIONS of dollars of profit.

Remember Washington likes storytelling and, here we have a story very easy to sell to the american people.

- India is a democracy, often dubbed as the biggest democracy in the world. They're the good guys.
- China is a horrible dictature where, it is well known in the USA, people do not have the right to express their thoughts, are being oppressed, etc... They're the bad guys.

So, we have our hero, India, and we have our villain, China. Now we need a reason for our hero to start its voyage towards heroic deeds. So we go through several reasons. Tibet ? It's been done and redone to the bone, we need something better (however, we will use Tibet later in the story). Let's see, Aksai Chin ? Under Chinese authority but disputed by India. We will use this later since we don't want to show our hero as interested in nothing else but spreading democracy and freedom.

So, we have Arunachal Pradesh, let's use it ! It belongs to India but is disputed by China, we'll explain the Chinese illegally invaded India and that our hero has to defend its peaceful home country against the evil communist !

While doing so, our hero, who didn't care about it for years, realize Aksai Chin and Tibet should be "liberated". Meanwhile, the USA, while not officially participating in the war, will sell weapons to India but will also arm terrorists in

At first, of course, the villain will be winning, otherwise there isn't much of a story to tell. Lot of good Indians will die, cowardly killed by the evil Chinese. After several years of war, the US will then openly enter the war and open a new front, on the east coast. China will now have to fight on 2 fronts but, somehow, will still be able to hold off the Indians.

But not the americans !

The proud GI's will enter Shanghai and Beijing welcomed by millions of nice freedom lover chinese (yes, apparently, SUDDENLY, all the chinese are not evil, it's a plot hole that will be overlooked by many). The P.R.C will be rename R.O.C, the Taiwanese leaders will come back saying "see, I told you we'd be back", even though they didn't do anything, Hong Kong will declare its independance, immediately followed by Macau and The US will force Tibet to take their independance even though "we don't really want to be independant, we have strictly no natural resource or money and we do not have a proper agriculture, we're really really happy with the chinese, plus, I do enjoy being free and not a slave anymore".

Then the world will know peace and the US will rule it for millions of years... until the next supervillain of course (we need to keep an open ending for a possible sequel).

Yeah, that would make for a great action movie
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Matured people in China & India, civilized for 5 k years would understand this.  Good sense will prevail.
你好 / 您好,
请问 。。。。。... Could these discussions lead to any direct action?  at least conferencing ... 会议     。。。。。 谢谢再见。

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India itself have more problems with separatism than China hence whole propaganda article from CIA  headquarters doesn't make sense.

You see propaganda sometimes work but sometimes is plainly naive and comic like in this instance.

India would never attack China and vice versa , this two have great future together and binding material that will make this cohesion last for long time is called money. Big money will be made from free trade deal between India and China.

You see in life and politics money talk , just follow the money and you will find answer for future geopolitical alliances.

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Hehe ... How childish these Hindus with such a silly sign...  

And how they wanted to get even for '62 which is clearly still embedded deep in within their mind when they published this stupid headline ...  

Little do they realize however that with posturings like that towards China that what they are doing, essentially, is putting all of the metros in the following listing ... 3995&Itemid=404 a hundred times more at risk because Beijing sure as the heck ain't gonna just sit there while Delhi declares that their Acne-3&5's intended for Shanghai and Beijing...  

So, watch for Beijing to strategically deploy thousands of DF-11/15/21's and 25 to the region just as in the TW Straight and, to make China impregnable,  pack the western provinces pack full of our sure kill ABM's -- the firewall to China's western region I call them...  

India, just got the wish she had wished for with these statements, my opinion...

Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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MisterPanda Post time: 2011-12-4 09:55
You really need to ask ?

A war between this two gigantic countries would generate BILLIONS of dol ...

I just checked it. There was never a signboard in any of the border checkpost. Can stealth shows us which region of the border has this border sign. May be its all ISI's new propaganda campaign lol.

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