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Is the U.S. goading China in the South China Sea dispute?   [Copy link] 中文

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Excellent, Nessus, then tell the War Criminal Worshipping Shinto Cult Japanese Neo-Nazi's that the US does not support their claim to China's Dioayudao island.  That will prevent any unnecessary bloodshed pretty quickly.  After all, it is the Japanese who have been sending their military planes into Dioayudao to harrass unarmed Chinese marine surveillance patrols.


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RE: Is the U.S. goading China in the South China Sea dispute?

CelticAnarchy Post time: 2013-3-28 17:03
The US does not war with China. The US government wants to sell weapons. US weapons sales provide $1 ...

Excellent analysis. You hit the nail right on the head!     {:soso_e179:}    {:soso_e183:}

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sansukong Post time: 2013-4-22 09:02
Excellent analysis. You hit the nail right on the head!         

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And what does your hero Mr Morano want to do to China?
I've made my living, Mr. Thompson, in large part as a gambler. Some days I make twenty bets, some days I make none. There are weeks, sometimes months, in fact, when I don't make any bet at all because ...

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This post was edited by abramicus at 2013-4-22 12:09

Honestly, I don't believe Obama or the majority of Americans want to go to war with China.  Some Anglophile officials might have.  Unlinking America's support for China's sovereignty that shielded China against Japan and Britain seems to be their current agenda.  Kerry is left with a very thorny problem.  Hagel is left with an impossible problem.  Because the rise of China as a modern state, and the rise of America as the world's sole superpower, are inextricably linked.

But to the loyalists of the British empire, nothing is too great a task.  The fall of the British empire was, after all, related to the fall of the Japanese empire.  All for the love of the Japanese empire . . . and it's all for the love that sets your heart in a twirl . . . the Anglo-Japanese Alliance Treaty of 1902 shines out as some of the best days of the British empire.

Wikipedia had the following thing to say about this infamous alliance:

The possibility of an alliance between United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Empire of Japan had been canvassed since 1895, when Britain refused to join the triple intervention of France, Germany and Russia against the Japanese occupation of the Liaotung peninsula. While this single event was an unstable basis for an alliance, the case was strengthened by the support Britain had given Japan in its drive towards modernisation and their cooperative efforts to put down the Boxer Rebellion. Newspapers of both countries voiced support for such an alliance; in the UK, Francis Brinkley of The Times and Edwin Arnold of the Telegraph were the driving force behind such support, while in Japan the pro-alliance mood of politician Okuma Shigenobu stirred the Mainichi and Yomiuri newspapers into pro-alliance advocacy. The 1894 Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Commerce and Navigation had also paved the way for equal relations and the possibility of an alliance.

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markwu Post time: 2011-11-22 13:55
Let's stir the alphabet soup from Camden, New Jersey.

Imagine there's an open market in the square ...

A highly imaginative and perspicacious view of world events.  Thanks for your time and efforts.  Someone has to create model for this circus, and the question of how to restore rightful ownership of a vacated stall in a busy marketplace such as Asia, and in particular the South China Sea, is an excellent starting point.

Political and economic opportunism, as well as military adventurism, are looked down in Chinese culture as the characteristics of an intellectually and morally decadent individual or state.  Not so in the West or Japan.  These are viewed as essentials of statecraft, and are elevated to the highest pedestal of national honor and prestige.

How else to explain it other than that China has spent the greater part of its 5,000 history fighting bandits, barbarians and pirates, while modern Europe and Japan have spent the greater part of their history being such?

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I analyse the "tilt to the Pacific" by Obama as 1. Tough talk to appease stupid rightist Americans 2. Some reassurance to countries afraid of China 3. A "bargaining chip" to remind China that an alliance with the US would be much to its advantage 4. An expression of frustration about China's lack of effectiveness in controlling North Korea 5. Not a good policy - and one soon to be corrected!
My problem is simple: I just know better than everyone-else!

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According to the Prophecy of Daniel, the USA suffer from a blood shedding curse. Heaven will expose and defeat the USA. (Daniel 7:23-27. Daniel 11:42-45)

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