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Singapore in the forefront of 2010 to 2020 development! [Copy link] 中文

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Singapore and New Zealand can do

................some reverse engineering to help in the "nano" sizing the 1980's avionics technology jets - the sensors, fly by wire technology of the F-16.

It has to use RADAR ABSORBING materials, and design structure to reduce "heat", "radar signature" of the air craft. It will have to BUY, or CREATE new WIRELESS technology. The fuselage will have to have internal strong points to store the armaments, such as cannons or pods to store Cruise Missiles, Air to Air Missiles, Anti Ship Missiles, or just Gravity Bombs, Cluster bombs etc.

The Video technology, CCR chip should be able to recreate the "Condition at the UAV" itself. (We envisage - bombing missions, uav landing/recover, uav takeoff - which can rely on auto pilot, and combat situation - which need greater remote pilot engagement.) We expect the operation of the UAV is similar to a "manned" combat aircraft - including AWACS, and refuelling tankers support except for the PILOTS of the UAV is in a remote "armoured" location.

The market is huge, considering probably Thailand, Malaya, and Taiwan will buy it. In fact, Taiwan could be producing the engines.......

I think the Aussies will be using UK'S own UAV - which should be MUCH SUPERIOR due to the fact of greater knowhowin engine production!


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I know we can do it GD my friend, the trouble is, NZ won't until they've got a leader that gets it, in there and a population that takes it's collective head out of it's bottom and see's the world for what it really is. Hell, maybe I ought to go home and stand for office....problem solved!

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Merchants of death..

come from a little island.

landmines are the most cruel of weapons of mass destruction... only evil people from a land not affected by war will produce these barbaric weapons.

"The SDP calls on the PAP Government to stop the manufacture of landmines. Landmines are devastating not only to combatants directly involved in an armed conflict but also to the ordinary people who have no part at all in warfare. " ... landmine-ban-treaty

Originally posted by greendragon at 2011-8-26 12:14
This could be most exciting news for the Joint British Club & Malayan-Singapore Federation!

The joint development of our own 5th generation weapons!
Here we speculate the possible route for ...

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war mongers worship weapons of death..

thanks goodness, kiwiland had a socialist woman prime minister who rejected a US imperialist deal to purchase 28 F16s in 1999. if not, that island in the pacific would be dragged into war all over the world.

"Women hold up half the sky." Mao

Originally posted by greendragon at 2011-9-1 12:50
Royal New Zealand Armed Forces!

Just read from the WIKIPEDIA.
That's pretty TIGHT outfit.
I doubt New Zealand needs an army, it only needs a NAVY, AIR FORCE.
The home front is probably the jo ...

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Oh be quiet, you just want my country to be defenceless right? What if I wanted the same for China, how would you feel, or think then?

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The All Angle Aircraft Simulator needs to built and be based on the DOCK SHIP, with encrypted high capacity, high speed wireless VIA in the air AWACS, and the UAV on patrol.

The UAV can be used for normal bombing missions, it can be used to launch cruise missiles and it can perform DOG FIGHTS or air to air missile combat. It can be refuelled in the air, tired pilots or operator can be "rested" with replacement PILOTS or "OPERATOR" even when the UAV is still in the air - increasing capability.

It's HIGH CLASS hobby RC jet!
and New Zealand, Singapore, Malaya, Thailand and Taiwan CAN AFFORD IT.

ha ha ha


Green DRagon
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happy day.

i say let them waste their money and go buy it.

if they are smart. i recommend they start developing their own weapons.

knowledge is power. and the know how will help them in the long run.

buy the time the get it. the weapon will be out dated. and useless.

the pace of the new toy is speed up.

China is catching up to american and surpass it in small area. pushing the american to reveal more toy and development of cooler toy that cost 5 time more.

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