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Is White Anglo Racism towards Chinese and Asians Real or Pretense?   [Copy link] 中文

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Its illegal here, there is still a certain amount of covert racism but most people realise it doesn't work.

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Asian families on average do better financially than the white majority in the US.

On average they have higher educational levels and lower divorce rates.

They are called the 'model minority'.

What we have in the US is positive discrimination where people view chinese and asians as smarter and better citizens.

I guess that is racism, but I find it hard to feel sorry for them when there are worse problems out there.

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'The Truth Hurts'

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Anglo racism comes from a superiority complex and it is directed against any race that is not white, In the US it applies to anyone who is not a white Anglo,such as Polish, Hugarians, Russians, Ukrainians, and so forth, It is very similar to Nazi Germany, and there are Arien Nations in the US who promote white superiority.

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We've moved on a long way from posters like this one, who to me sounds racist him/herself.

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Is Uncle Sam Racist Anglo?



My Chinese/Asian Friends,

Who is Uncle Sam?  Who Own America Really ?

Believe it or not  ~   Good Old  Uncle Sam actually belongs to jolly old England!

North America, thats U.S.A  (Uncle Sam) & Canada, as well as Australia & New Zealand are wholly owned

by Anglo-Brotherhood that originally sprung out of British Isles, as far as they are concerned.

   Here's about the hidden  reality in Uncle Sam's America ~

   In U.S., anyone who come here / are born here become Americans. Are they really ?

Well, sort of ! The real truth is that theres three types of  Americans - American the landlord, American the

tenant, and American the native.

-Landlord American are the one who hold the power, and thus own America, they are minority Anglo-

American, who make up less than 10% of total U.S population. They are the richest one [they also claim

sole ownership of the resources from the land, thus make them super rich].

-Tenant American are the rest majority of American population, who just happen to be born here, live, work ,

pay taxes and are required to serve in the military [as in world war I & II , helped saved England, Australia &

British colonial empire twice!].

   Although Non-Anglo Americans majority have economic and political power, domestically and locally;

when it comes to national and international level and political & military affair of United States, AngloAmericans

have absolute unwavering power, and most of these policies are made in accordance with/ in the interests of

fellow Anglo nations such as Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and in lesser extense, South Africa.

   The ugly truth is that overwhelming majority of Americans do not share / have little in common with many

of these agendas carried out by reigning AngloAmerican minority establishment.

-Native American are the one who authentically own the 'land & land-based resources' , but lost everything,

as all the tribes were forced to give up abundant wealth of their beloved motherland, the vass and resourceful

land. U.S receive a staggering 65% of her massive oil needs domestically,  and that's a $1.5 billion worth of oil

daily flowing out of their land, from Oklahoma Texas to Gulf of Mexico and Alaska; yes, thats oil alone] for five

centuries and counting, my friend. And yet native people of all tribes in America do not benefit from anything

coming out of their lost continent / receive next to nothing, and are instead forced to earn their revenue from setting

up casinos and sales of tobacco; two vice businesses that few want to ever associate with.

Thus they remains the poorest American with a tiny 2 million population. [ That's on top of the loss of estimated

5 million native population centuries ago, while Europe herself had less than 15 million then]

    Sadly, since they have little or no economic or political power, native tribal people exist, however original they

may be but, as somewhat  forgotten American to this day.

In conclusion,

[This same dominant rule of power also applied to other English speaking countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand,

but since father-Anglos are overwhemingly majority in those nations so theres little confusion there.]

   Further more, U.S. military and the Wall Street are spearheadedly the major backbone of this Anglo -

brotherhood alliance, aka , empire in global dominance, militarily and financially.

Thanks for reading, my Chinese friends.Your comments/opinions are highly appreciated

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I think the reverse question has a more obvious answer, found by all the racist hate directed against 'whites' righthere in this forum as sponsored by the Chinese staff!
The Brotherhood of Knights of the Mystic Sea

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