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The Malayan Federation 13th General Election! [Copy link] 中文

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The REFORMS in the Malayan Federation has lead to the most interesting election of Parliamentary representative ever; the 13th GENERAL ELECTION.

The two coalition party system is set to determine the POLITICAL EXECUTIVES of our cities, states and the Federal Government!

Two coalitions.

Barisan  (or in code = Bar (eye) San, meaning Bar the citizen eye on their activities)
This is strange, but representative of the coalition. They use "stealth" and probably what we describe as the "black arts" of using stealth methods to gain citizen votes.

More and more, the 5 main coalition partners - UMNO, MCA, MIC, PBB, SUPP - are dominated or assisted strongly by Revenue Merchants (with their cult, organizations, clan, guild, tribal networks), and the Underclass.

Use of "twist and blur" methods, "soft and hard" methods, "media story tricks" and huge bag of tricks.

and the opposition at federal level, government in state,city level.

Pakatan (or in code = Pa ka tan, meaning Open, rational, discussion, and the Silent citizenry)
This is a coalition that consist of rebels from the earlier Alliance party, and now the Barisan. All their leaders has links to the ruling party - and most of the time, it's the EXPOSE threat to gain support from factions or citizens.

The member are 3 main coaltion partners - PAS (which broke away from UMNO due to Patani clan insecurity), DAP (breakaway with origin in the Straits Settlement, first due to Singapore's insecurity not being a member of the federation, then Penang, Malacca fears of being out shadowed by the Central Malayan faction) and then PKR which sees the Central Faction having falling out with UMNO!)

minor parties such as belonging to the Catholic Natives are now being actively courted by both coalition!

Let's watch this interesting FINALE to the reforms to the Malayan and China state which started in 1999 to 2008!


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Improving the lot of farmers/rural folks and the workers!

This is probably the BIGGEST VOTER pull in the federation.

The days of tricks of seeing Revenue Merchants play on "sentiments", to persuade the citizens to back individual organized cult, class, clan Revenue Merchants. It's common to see Revenue Merchants gaining or losing franchise, monopoly, bank support depending on the "sway" of the voters.

This saw the Kadazan, Iban, Dayak without a major Revenue Merchant group!

While the 2008 or the 12th general election saw Factional reallignment, with clans claiming either city, state power. Thisinclude the Bugis regaining the Selangor state sedc, Patani gaining the Kedah, Kelantan sedc - but failure to gain the crude oil royalty. The Bajau had their Sabah Foundation while the Melanau-Fujien has the Kenanga, Cahya mata companies.

It also allow the Middle Class, particularly the Real Estate Guild to develop properties more efficiently and City Guilds to develop trade to fill the new properties, creating higher paying jobs for workers! Increasing demand for assembly, process and rural products!

The 13th general election should see the Worker, Farmer/Rural classes wishing to improve their lot.
This includes the push for better social security. Prior to 2008, the working class gain the benefit of the federal state implementing a 10% work force limit on foreign migrant workers! This has caused an increased in entry level wage rate, and cause pay increases across the industries and services!

Now, in the 13th, it's time for workers to push for increase VACATION INVESTMENT opportunity. This would be the development of the Port Dickson MEGA resort - which could accommodate M$10,000 units TIME SHARE investment. This will give workers seaside time for holiday rooms or studio or gain return in form of cash to subsidized the NEXT HOLIDAY for the year!

Already in Malayan Federation, we have 401(k) type investment in form of the EPF (employee provident fund), and have a range of EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE - SOSCO, which can be increase to support handicap, imfirm and in future -an old age pension for those post 65 years old citizens.

FOR this to occur, the Federation Government needs to be more EFFICIENT, low cost - in order for low tax, higher benefits can be provided to workers, or rural farmer/workers to contribute investment or purchase insurance payments.


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the key to winning is lure the young voters la
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Do you know the name of the political executives of your city and of your state?

I have never known who are these political executives in my city and in my state, so do the most ordinary Chinese.

I have never known who is the Parliamentary representative in my area. Most of ordinary Chinese don't know who is the Parliamentary representive in one's area.
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Will Muslims be allowed to leave that religion if they want?
The Brotherhood of Knights of the Mystic Sea

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In China, the promotion of most government officials is decided by the  number 1 guy, the higher-level secretary of communist party, their Guanxi (Relationship), and GDP.

Ordinary Chinese usually only follow the commands from government.

Even many policies are national secrets for ordinary Chinese.

For example: lately, in April, Guangzhou municipal government set up 5 local government-own companies. Government plan to allocate the present all of local governent-own companies in urbanization, such as public transport companies, water supplies companies, gas supplies companies, ... to these 5 local government-own companies.

One netizen had posted this rumor on the internet. And many journalists and lawyers in Guanzhou began to ask government to disclose the information. But so far, all of government officials denied the access. At last one journalist get one government issued paper by Guanxi. It revlealed that it's a fact.

Like such a case, only local journalist and local lawyers fought the rights for ordinary Chinese. Congress members in Guangzou at all levels hid in shadow. Of course we don't know who are Congress members in Guangzhou.

That is to say, the channel of Congress and the Congress members actually don't exist in Mainland China.

In China, we have only the secretary of communist party and government.

Congress at all levels and their members are follow the commands from local secretary of communist party and government.

Law courts and court judges follow the commands from local secretary of communist party and government.

Government follow the commands the commands from local secretary of communist party.

Local secretary of communist party follow the commands from the number 1 guy and higher-level secretary of communist party.

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Reply #7 468259058's post

The allure of democracy and elections + free press

FREE PRESS, and in Malayan Federation case, the INTERNET, telco sms, mms has given the ZEN silent citizens another avenue to have "public access knowledge". This has resulted in FANTASTIC NUMBER OF REFORMS to improve the economic, administrative progress of the Malayan state! This is also true for China!

- is to create a "knowledgeable" and "informed" citizenship.
- the bureaucracy, gains the "shield" of the "political guild" on "ACCOUNTABILITY"!
(Interested citizens can study the situation by doing walk-abouts to investigate)

- Ordinary Citizens, if they "organized" can get control of the "executive political" role via election. This is more true for the local government, and less true for the more distant Federal Government.

- village election is a good way for CITIZENS to organized, and be "roused" to cooperate with their village leaders.
- as such in City or Town governments, similar advantages can be obtained.
(In Malaya, ever since the debacle of the 1969 riots - we lost the "direct election" to the Village, Town and City government. - and it resulted in LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY - AND prior to 1998 - lack of progress, stagnation - while stories of corruption in obtaining approval for developments, licenses were common "horror stories".)

- currently, with just STATE, and FEDERAL government elections, the entry of POLITICIANS into STATE POWER has brought about a lot of changes - as pressure is mounted by STATE REPRESENTATIVES on the local municipal governments.

- the local representative in my Malayan State representative - Ms. Hannah Yeo, has been very "energetic" to "show accountability" to her voters - together with the LOCAL STATE government pressure on the CITY GOVERNMENT, much improvements can be seen.

PROJECTS are approved (Many new Real Estate projects), GREEN LUNGS protected (Subang Ria), Improvement in Land scape and state of maintenance. (This also got to do with the DECENTRALIZATION of the maintenance, city services by the STATE GOVERNMENT) - AND the entrance of many small contractors working for better cost benefit COMPARED to the previous MONOPOLY CENTRALIZED SYSTEM of the previous government.

that's POLITICAL COMPETITION 101, for you!


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