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More Insane Claptrap From Goldman

He's formerly claimed the murder of aid workers in international waters on the Avi Marmara was committed using paint-guns as well as other ridiculous claptrap. Here's some more insane nuttery: Anti-Semitism?” There is enough of that, particularly among Europeans (who will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz), but it is ridiculous to think that Chancellor Angela Merkel, by far the most poweful European leader, is anti-Semitic.
- Postscript: How could the world have gotten Israel so wrong?

In what way does any of the above being to make any sense at all? Note the usual "anti-semitic" BS even though it's referring to Jews only.

Never in the entire history of warfare, as I observed in my post yesterday, has a belligerent done what Hamas did during the Gaza War, namely maximize civilian casualties on its own side in order to win sympathy.

One could make the same claim about Auschwitz. But in reality, the illegitimate state of New Izrael targeted UN schools and shelters and has been widely condemned for obvious war crimes. Poodleville also used shipping to transport armaments during both the World Wars started by Winston Turdhill. The Lusitania was a passenger ship where even the propaganda rags warned would be targeted and during WW2, so-called hospital ships were used to transport armaments, making them valid targets in spite of the in-absentia war crimes convictions of german U-boat captains by anglo/zionist kangaroo kourts.

China has a multi-milliennial historyof extermining unruly barbarians on its periphery and suffers from no such squeamishness. The Chinese like the Jews–if anything the world’s largest country is philo- rather than anti-Semitic. Chinese contempt for Arabs is bottomless, for the Chinese prize success, and the Arab states are mainly failures.

Well that's a backhanded compliment to a rising (or recovering) power, which conveniently aligns China with zionist aims.

More insane BS is: From Israel’s standpoint, the Palestine Authority was offered 95% of Judea and Samaria in return for a final peace agreement, and both times (at Camp David in 1999 under Ehud Barak and in 2008 under Ehud Olmert), the offer was rejected.
- Why Israel has a right-wing government

But the illegitimate state of New Izrael was created by the UN which has no such powers. The 95% is down from the previous 98% that was offered. Furthermore, this is 98% of the land they admit they thieved off Palestine in the 1967 illegal war of aggression and is the "lebensraum" in addition to the illegitimate state itself. Documents released now show that the illegitimate state of New Izrael knew that Egypt was not about to attack. Even Goldman admits to territories which have been "occupied" by the illegitimate state.

Goldman admits Hamas won the elections, which former war criminal POTUS, Jimmy Carter, claims were free and fair. But Goldman claims they were only "local elections".

Whilst tunnels may be ferrying arms, the illegal blockade of Gaza means tunnels also provide food and medicine. But Goldman refers to them as "war tunnels".

Goldman then repeats his comparison of China's claiming of border regions which are rightfully hers, with the illegitimate claims of the illegitimate state of New Izrael.

Former bankster and self-confessed zionist, Goldman is a clown.

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More Chinese "Head Taxes"

When the thieved state of Poodleville's Gangster Snake-Oil Korporation (GSK) bribed in the thieved state of Amerika, there was little to no reaction from the propaganda rags. Only when they did the same in China was there uproar about the "China bribery" scandal. They were then found to have done similar in France and Iraq.

Now they're doing it again: "Avon may spend up to $132m to settle China bribery probe".

Singapore gets the same treatment too: When markets turned against him, he tried to hide his losses with unauthorized trades -- trades that were enabled by the lax oversight on Singapore's then-underdeveloped exchanges.
- Man Who Brought Down Barings Warns on China

Get that? It wasn't Leeson's fault he was a crook, it was the lax regulations of Singapore that made him do it. The movie depicting this fraud also tried to pin it on one of the others working with Leeson. Yet this supposedly lax oversight has seen Leeson go to jail, whereas the likes of Jon Corzine can thieve what they like and get away with it.

The propaganda article then goes on to claim: Otherwise, as Leeson warns, the country's rogue stock markets are liable to attract the world's rogue traders.

In the thieved state of Amerika even a stoodent has pointed out there are no markets only interventions. One kanadian skoolgirl has posted, "They're robbing us" about the banksters and the kanadian goons & thugs have warned their sheeple not to take cash on holiday to the thieved state of Amerika as the cops have already robbed $2bn off them.

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Pot; Kettle; Black

One might be tempted, upon reading this, to point to "official" data on bad loans at Chinese banks on the way to concluding that "modest loss-absorption capacity" or not, sub-2% NPL ratios certainly do not seem to portend an imminent catastrophe. However, given the official figure is just 1.39%, and given what we know about the state of China's economy, one could be forgiven for wondering if NPLs at China's biggest lenders are grossly understated.
- How China's Banks Hide Trillions In Credit Risk: Full Frontal

Well, it could be worse and by a factor of ten: But at over 11% of outstanding debt, the Student Loan Program now has the highest delinquency rate of all forms of household debt (mortgage loans, auto loans, credit cards).
- A Generational Storm Is Coming

Stoodent debt is over $1trn in the bankrupt, insolvent and desperate thieved state of Amerika, where the cops are robbing the sheeple on the highways using the "civil asset forfeiture" scam as well as imprisoning more than any other nation (thieved or otherwise) in absolute numbers to continue the anglo tradition of slavery (as amerikan as apple pie). So desperate are they that the TSA gropers are blocking all the exits and these stoodent loans can't be defaulted on via a bankruptcy kourt. Furthermore, these are essentially un-collateralised as the fraudulent edukashun system is krap producing nothing more than yet more "worthless paper".

Other scams include the amerikan sheeple consuming OVER 50% of global snake-oil and 80% of global prescription narcotics.

In addition, Simon Black reports, also on Zero Hedge, that the FDIC is in a worse state than the banks it's supposed to insure having less than 2% in capital to cover the potential losses.

The above propaganda points the finger at China, but the worst they can claim is that they don't actually freakin' know.

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“It is just a matter of time before we are infiltrated by a psychopath or a terrorist.”
- Navy whistleblower claims Trident is disaster waiting to happen

That's BS. Freedom fighters don't want large scale explosions as that would result in a large scale retaliation. That's why you know that 9/11 was an inside job. The Cheney administration required a "Pearl Harbour-like event" as they stated in their "Project for a New Amerikan Century" report. Freedom fighters only want small scale but deadly protests in response anglo/zionist atrocities and violations of international law.

Besides which, Poodleville's H-bomb test was notoriously mis-reported as a success and because Poodleville's nukilar bombs are all duds, they were all sold off and replaced by fakes made of papier mache.

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