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The need for agriculture robotics and automation! [Copy link] 中文

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Productivity per citizen, Volume of primary

.........produce per citizen, and capability of citizens/state to create financial credit to afford all the production is key!

From the guesstimate in this thread, we know, generally it's
Intensive Works/Industrial Works/traditional agrarian works - the production ratio is
      4x           :            2x       :            1x

China System :   USA System :   India System

Basically material wise production China is up to date, it's MESS UP in the financial creation - and production of MOREVALUE ADDED manufacturing and services - basically CAR, HOMES, LIFESTYLES!


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Originally posted by greendragon at 2011-4-11 12:34 PM
India is vegetarian, so it's probably 4X.

grain output 230 million tonnes versus China's 500 million tonnes!
India has spices, needs the pulses for protein, milk from diary BUT China has that plus red meat, white meat and fish!

China's wheat production in 2009 is 115 million metric tons on the other hand India's wheat product was at 80 million metric tons

China rice production in 2007 was 187 million metric ton on the other hand India's rice production was 144 million metric tons

Adding overall gain production :

China = 115 ( wheat) + 187 ( rice) =  302 million metric tons

India =   80 ( wheat) + 144 (rice)   =    224 million metric tons

GD, gave India 230 million metric tons and overly exaggerated China's grain production from 302 million metric tons to 500 million metric tons. There by giving his 4x calculation. While my real calculation would be little than 2x.

Picture : 1 -  Rice production by countries

Picture : 2 - Wheat Production by countries

Picture : 3 - Dairy production by countries ( As GD talked of China's overwhelming superiority in Dairy production against India, the stats shows just the opposite)
rice production.PNG
wheat production.PNG
dairy production.PNG

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You have to add more details as well.

China produces a lot of CORN - 160 million tonnes, 20 milliion tonnes of SOYA.
Then there is the coarse grains - like red bean, green beans, oats, sorghum, etc. makes up 500 million tonnes or more!

In Fact, USA produces mostly corn and soya, very little other grains!

For sure, all is estimates!
Because we are not sure what system of "weighing" they use?
It could be wet rice with husk, dry rice with husk, brown rice with husk, polished rice. All give different weights.


YOU GET A BETTER PICTURE what China's intensive farming is capable of!
In fact, USA, UK copied a lot from China.
What Uncle Deng did was to "RESTART" Intensive farming methods......that's all, and of course a little bit more modern cities to 1979. (I was there during the beginning of China reforms - the buildings were poor quality Jetson's cartoon style buildings!)


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China's system is very productive

.........and we should be "careful" not to damage this great tradition.

Intensive Farming : Industrial Farming : Agrarian Feudal Farming

has VAST difference in productivity.
and with the PLA-CNSA technological development, we could make life for OUR FARMING FAMILIES better.


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