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What's wrong with INDIA martial clans? [Copy link] 中文

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They seem to be more opportunistic and interested in GAMBLING than helping to spur India out of poverty?

Scenario of the American Regime gaming!
(1) Attempt to create squeeze post 2012!
No.1 Credit squeeze. The EU, USA, British Club, BR(I)M, China and Asian Trade Route states are the key credit creating states in the world today! The BR(I)M states is dependent on China's appetite for commodity, energy - growth in the Brazil, Russia, (andes state of Latin America), Mexico is dependent generally to China's commodity, energy importations!

Should Credit Squeeze works! We expects-
(2) The rating, lending crisist in the PIG (Portugal, Ireland, Greece). These to neutralize the minting in the European Union!
(3) The UK, USA will reduce mint to 1% (UK, 2010), and the same in USA in 2013! This means real TAX increases, economic contraction in USA only! The Americans will still have to pay for the huge treasury, Mae debts!
(4) INDIA might be faced with shrinking LENDING, outsourcing of IT SERVICES, and what is INDIA going to do with a HUGE oversized military, circa 2013 to 2017? - 3 battle groups - expeditionary force with aircraft carriers! SHRINKING credit means, SPOOKS will blow up KASHMIR again - like we see now!

Big, huge unemployment - forex shortages.......SCENERIO 1


(1) India has coal, plenty of it. INSTEAD of spending on the martial clans, why not Andra Pradesh, Bengal - develop the grid?
(2) Water Storage, treatment. WHY didn't India spend money on WATER STORAGE in Assam, Coastal Dravidian lands - piping water cross border to benefit human habitation, industry? There is 900 T/pax in India. People needs is only 50T/pax, Industrial needs 200T/pax - at least in a developed state?
(3) Slum clearance - will generate ASSET for the ordinary people,
(4) Mass transit using electric transport will benefit FREIGHT TRANSPORT - big in IRON ORE, COTTON YARN exports from India, saving FOREX from weapons importation, crude oil use! (Instead India goes big into AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURING!)

What if spooks sparks off the scenerio I describe in 1999?.....SCENERIO 2

Now we see DEMOCRATIC PROCESS to pacify people - using professional bureaucracy/army/police to manipulate stability of the state. There is tremendous PROBLEMS in accepting such methods. Look PERSIA, 2008 - full scale RIOTS, destabalization! Kryzystan 2010 - full scale RIOT, murders, destruction!.

And now we worry about.....
(5) Persian attempt to create Tactical Nuclear weapon as detterent against American Regime attempt to build a Caspian to Persian Gulf crude oil control!
(6) Worry about FACTIONs in Thailand, Malaya - about the factional leader's MATURITY with system we describe as pacifying, that helps to prevent CAPITAL FLIGHT (and LOOK AT JAPAN, their PRIME MINISTER changes often, no problem - up to 190% in Government debt, yet no capital flight - with US$1 trillion forex reserves!)

- that means lots of money for the state to build up MODERN INFRASTRUCTURE) - AND create DOMESTIC AUTONOMY so that factions can develop their own regions with peace and populace pressure!

(Chief Minister Khalid - of PAKATAN SELANGOR leadership has become tired of politics - first on failure to start plans to improve, redevelop KAMPUNG KERINCHI, build an Archipelego populated city centre in Klang, and slow development of I, IT city in Klang! He was under pressure by BARISAN manipulation - lost of a credit line in Bank Islam!, He did not go EXTREME in stripping old UMNO friends of patronage in state biz!)

What if 2012 General Election outcome, and American pipeline guild goes support an ULTRA Chinese, ULTRA Riau, and generate RACIAL RIOTS again? YES, Straits of Malacca block!

Or an attack on Persian nuclear processing facilities, (quite futile, since France, Russia, China can supply TACTICAL NUCLEAR WARHEAD - preferable, safer world!), and forcing the PERSIAN to block the HORMUZ, as promised!

(1) Japan, Korea, Taiwan economy goes into TAIL SPIN, making USA economy into crisis.....and same result in INDIA again!!!!!

India needs a NATIONAL ECONOMIC ZONE, not dependent on American Regime manipulations!

Green DRagon
Game Master

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