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War of the Worlds 4 - the rivals! [Copy link] 中文

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The Proxy Cold, stratagems of World War 4!

The Primary combatants!

The American Regime on 1 side!
With USA and it's dollar zone protectorates Germany, Japan, Korea


The New Middle Kingdom and BRIC!
With China, Brazil, Russia, India.

The relative strengths are stacked up pretty even, but the American Regime has advantage of superior technology and the world's strongest armed forces.

American Regime
Gnp = US$14.5 trillion
Zone Gnp = US$25 trillion! Primary Armed Forces = 2.5 million personnel (protectorates = + !.0 mil)


BRIC coalition
Gnp = US$10 trillion
Primary Armed Forces = 5.5 million personnel

Asian Trade Route States, British Club!

Arabs, Persians, Central America, Central Asia, Caucasus, Ukraine, Poland, Baltic states, Balkan states. Sudan, Nigeria, Angola, Argentina!

Ethopia, Afganistan, Haiti, backwaters in Mexico, Columbia

Soon after the end of World War 3, now known as the IRON CURTAIN VS. FREE WORLD combatants, a mix of cold war of mutual distinct political-economic system, with proxy wars in STRATEGIC RESOURCE, STRATEGIC LOCATED states. The VICTORIOUS AMERICANs looked for a new challenge to maintain the VITALITY of it's empire.

IT found CHINA and the old vanquished nemesis the Russian Federation, the wiped out Brazilians, and the hungry Indians!

What would World War 4 bring?
What kind of new movies will the American Regime produce!
Will China produce nice movies too?
How about the English, what are they going to do as they control all the strategic assets and would be the target of alot of the conflicts?

Step by step accounts of the greatest story ever told!!!!

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Today's MENU SELECTION in the great World War 4!

American Regime Presidents says!

"We, American Regime, will gain the HIGH GROUND, so we will see you better!"
Americans will be in Mars by 2030, in his lifetime!

Mua ha ha ha

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.....that way, the nuclear bomb armed powers are limited to the BIG 5 powers!

and the necessary PROXIES, plus India!

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Roadblocks - this are events that has impact on the decisions of the big powers!

ICELAND spews volcanic ash in Europe!

Europe happens to be anticipating SUMMER HOLIDAY travel starting Mid Year!
Any impact?

Crude Oil prices will need to fall.....
Less Aviation Fuel used, means mounting supplies.....

etc. etc. with other impacts!

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The BIG POWERs define the regions in the world!

There we have, the BIG POWER decides the regions to be made....

Allied, Neutral, Buffer states!

The big powers now want to defined INDONESIA.
(The answer is BUFFER STATE, neutral......)


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