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British Club Power! Dubai World debacle! [Copy link] 中文

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Now this is strange - got to figure it out!

The ARAB EMIRATEs are moving ahead to create a GULF ZONE single currency!

and their combined population is less than 40 million!
added to that shortage of water, arable land, industrial base, knowhow, military capability for self defense.....

with that a smallish economic zone.....

how'd they will do it?

strange? But they, the Royal Arabs must have some kind of game plan worked out with the British!


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note: Today, when driving to the office, a HUGE 747 JUMBO jet bearing the word SAUDI ARABIA was staring at me!

ha ha ha

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If they can involve the Baathist Arabs, Egyptians ----

----it becomes easier, add in 130 million....

but would the Americans, French-Europe, British, Chinese, Japanese-Korean-East Asian willing to help?
create a new competitor?

and would the Royal Arabs willing to invest in key zones in Baathist Arab, Egypt that would eventually compromised their rule and financial power!!!!!

would the United States relinquish power in Mesopotamia - the key Arab region, besides the Nile!
(Just look at the Moors - Libya General Gadaffi, it's not so easy!!!!!) This are the two main theoritical economic base of the Arab world!


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Thanks GD but NZ is no longer part of the British zone although the Queen is still our Queen as well.
Next question; why is the US a regime when the leadership is elected?

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So many experts. Thank goodness, China does not take any of their advice.

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Okay! I can deal with that!

ha ha ha

(if i can believe you!)

Just to update you on a few trends now in England!
Which should be global megatrends in the near future!
(and yes, you heard it from London!)

(1) Cheque books would be obsolete in the British Isle by 2011.
- London is leading the world towards a "paperless" payment system!
This would be fully electronic transfer, smart credit, charge or debit card, or just the plain old wads of cash!

(2) Borders bookstore chain in England to close.
- London is going "electronic", and new way of retailing of "books" would be forthcoming soon. Already it's happening in Malaya too! It appears Flash memory cards are expensive, it's sold in some "pirate video" shops "freely downloaded"with video. Of course Flash Memory sold are pretty expensive - about Rmb50 per GB.

- we might soon be seeing new BRITISH BOOKSTOREs that's only selling flash memory loaded with "books", and stores could just be MULTI SCREENs with download counters. They sell the FLASH MEMORY, with the "software" apparently free! This would benefit LONDON retailers, especially in one of the world's most valuable real estate!

(3) BRITISH NEURAL BANKING nodes - soon LONDON, ENGLAND will be undertaking reforms in face of two global FOREX status currencies - USA Dollar and the EU Euro, while planning to add a rapidly sophisticated RMB into the list of key global currencies! We could see banking nodes in London (Euro,EuroDollar market, insurance, the works) -Toronto (mirror trading to New York/Chicago)-Vancouver-Singapore (Forex Trade Time Zone)-Kuala Lumpur(Sukuk bonds issue to sovereign borrowers)-Hong Kong (New Middle Kingdom corporate IPO)-Sdyney (mirror trading to Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai)-Dubai (Arab Emirate Dollar)-Johansberg (African zone market),

This is in preparation for competition from new China financial centres in Beijing, Sichuan, Shenzen and Shanghai!

The American Regime is far to large what with the USA economy + key protectorates Japan, Germany!


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Unbeatable infrastructure in the British Club!

Submarine high speed data cables linking London, to Toronto, Vancouver-Hong Kong-Kuala Lumpur-Singapore-Sdyney-Dubai-Johansberg and back to London!

Satellites and other backup system for communications!

Logistic chokepoints globally, Ports, Banks, Documentation, Legal, Accountants with economy of scale volume!

Investment banking specialist to develop the needed FUTURE Technologies, including the LIGHT WEIGHT lcd-led crystal screens for the new printed media!

New and Advanced Lifestyle innovation. This include Virgin's new Space Tourism innovation, Investment bankers looking to finance the NEW SPACE HOTEL/Theme park, BAE's Hypersonic low cost space or sub orbital long distance trave, London, Dubai, Singapore's new spacedrome projects! New style bookstore, low cost logistics management in high real estate cost dense cities, new High Quality Medical sophistication, Super connectivity Airports, Seaports, expansive array of education facilities and teaching staff, excellent hotels, nice resorts etc. etc.

I just cannot imagine how the American Regime or China could compete with the BRITISH CLUB. - GLOBAL POWER NO.3!



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Little Kiwi feels upset - being far away from the real action!

ha ha ha

I am being a little nasty here, Mr. Kiwi
I hope you are a nice guy and don't get too offended!

New Zealand is just too distant.....


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