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China's corporation in technology intensive industries! [Copy link] 中文

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The logistic of such a MASS MOVEMENT of goods.. also a technological marvel!

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China's material company! MEGA companies!

Look at this Mr. Bingsilk, the petrochemical, refinery industry is the backbone of the commodity production economy and contain much technological marvel!

No.1 Sinopec - location = Beijing, Revenue = US$200 bil
No.2 PetroChina - location = Beijing, Revenue = US$150 bil
No.3 Cnooc - location = Beijing, Revenue = 15 bil. (and this is an exploration company!)

That's US$365 billion, almost the same as the economy of TAIWAN, or larger than Israel, New Zealand and most countries in the world!

In comparison, international firms are not so much bigger!
No.1 Exxon-Mobil  - location = Texas, revenue = US$400 bil
No.2 Shell - location = Nederlands/England, revenue = US$355 bil
No.3 British Petroleum - location= England, revenue = US$290 bil
No.3 Total - location= France, revenue = US$250 bil
No.4 BASF- location= Germany, revenue = US$100 bil

Now, even Chinese material company exceeds those in Europe!
Much Research and Development can be directed as such large well endowed corporations!

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the whole is big , but each is small.  this is true phenomena in  china, from past to now. in top 500 companys, do you know how many chinese coroperations are there in it, actruly our country should need study from foreign country.. we do  not  take a pride. especially youngers. please remember it. thanks

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Computer sub contract work, or MNC operations in China also contributes!

Look at the final revenue of this companies, a significant value in dependent on either sub contract or their own assemblies in China!

Computers or appliance/computer companies!
No.1 Hewlett Packard - revenue = US$120 bil (Compaq computer, HP computer, printers!)
No.2 Hitachi - revenue = US$100 bil
No.3 Panasonic - revenue = US$80 bil
No.4 Sony - revenue = US$80 bil
No.5 Toshiba - revenue = US$70 bil
No.6 Apple - revenue = US$60 bil
No.7 Dell - revenue = US$60 bil
No.8 Phillips - revenue = US$40 bil

that's US$600 billion worth of revenue.
their outsourcing to China is rather substantial!

Component supplies to such corporations, eg. Foxcon of Taiwan has and will benefit a lot of Chinese companies!

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Wow! China Daily is helping me to improve my thread!

Automotive Software companies!

No.1 Ufida, location = ?, revenue = ?
No. 2 Kingdee, location = Shenzen, revenue = US$0.8 billion
No. 3 Infor, location = Shandong, revenue = ?

This are China's "baby companies" competiting with European and USA giants!

such as

SAP S.A. - Germany, revenue = US$16 bil
DCMS LLC - USA, revenue = ?
Infor LLC - USA, revenue = ?
Oracle Corp. - USA, revenue = US$23 bil

Aiyoh! what the f**ks, it's the American Regime again!

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Reply #13 greendragon's post

Now our friends at China Daily office helps me to improve my data!
(but of course, they must be using CAR SALEs number, WHILE i used REVENUE sales - In GAC - name change i guess, instead of GAIC, 1.0 million motorcycles are produced as well! - unless wikipedia is feeding me with wrong information)

so, by sales numbers!
No. 1 FAW (trucks again, and that old trusty VW)
No.2 SAIC (The have Roewe - the first modern indigeneous model, GM)
No.3 Changan ( a collection of Ford, Mazda and many non top selling auto brands)
No.4 Dong Feng (mostly trucks)
No.5 GAC (Toyota - Camry, Honda - Accord & this explains the high revenue of GAIG or google is having fun!)
No.6 BAIH (Hyundai, Mercedes, Chrysler - Jeep)

To get a better idea, we look at the top selling brands!

No. 1 General Motors
No.2 Volkwagon
No.3 Hyundai
No.4 Changan
No.5 Nissan
No.6 Chery
No.7 BYD
No.8 Toyota

see! FAW, Changan sell cheaper, poorer quality cars!
can't say much about Chery, the 2nd generation car sold in Malaya is better but I am not ready to buy yet.
( i waited for Hyundai's 4 or 5 th model before buying the Sonata, now their latest offering is fantastic but not in Malaya market yet!)

ha ha ha

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The Pharmaceutical Trade in China is MEGA too!

But a bit fragmentated now, 3,500 companies with total revenue in 2008 of US$10 billion!

Medical treatment is between 3% to 12% of national GNP. Drug sales are about 5% of that income level - it's mostly service at the local level!!!

Well, in China it's also big but under developed!

Harbin Pharmaceutical - Location = Heilongjiang, revenue = US$1.9 billion.
Shijiazhuang Pharma Group - Location = Hebei, revenue = US$1.2 billion.
Wuxi Pharmaceutical - Location = Jiangsu, revenue = US$0.3 billion.

So, where is the active merger and takeover to develop PROPRIETARY MEDICINE base as well!!!!

Hong Kong and Guangdong attempts to consolidate, modernized and expand the TCM, generic industry is interesting development too!

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