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China's corporation in technology intensive industries! [Copy link] 中文

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Reply #15 BingSilk's post

I am proud of China!

Every new development, needs a few baby steps!

BUT China, the baby steps are MEGA SIZED!!!!!


and i would really worry, with such SCALE and MEGA RMB groups, China cannot developed something new.....

who would believe, HAVE PATIENCE, Mr. Bingsilk....

We have that new SPACE Adventure that would need a lot of new developments that this baby mega companies will have to do so much R&D!!!!

The American Regime is worried, they just announced to the global media, their ARIES rocket is ready...this is only was supposed to be launched in 2015! FAST TRACKED it seems!

ha ha ha

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Originally posted by BingSilk at 2009-10-28 12:33

Only you think so, taiwan does not allow its leading edge tech fall into hand of China.
KMT might think they are still chinese DPP, no way.

Whoa, not only was I , but taiwanese agree to it. there is only one China, said by both sides of  taiwan strait.

what is ddp?

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China Shipbuilding Companies!!!

Another group of MEGA COMPANIES from China!

This time Shipbuilding, China exported about US$17.5 billion in 2008 apparently!
Mega exports.

No. 1 China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) -Location= Beijing, Revenue = US$19 billion
No.2  China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) - Location= Shanghai, Revenue= US$15 billion

Those brand new submarines, missile destroyers and probably China's new dockships will be made in these two conglomerate with almost 500,000 employees - including famous big names such as ShanghaiWaigaoqiao Shipyard (china's biggest), Dalian Shipyard, Jiangsu New Time Shipyard, Guangzhou Shipyard!!!!!

Gasp! Mega sized!

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Russia is worried, The Russian President ask for funds!

Today's news in China Daily, Singapore Straits Times!!!!

A nuclear power space craft!

Russian is keeping track of the urgency in China, USA, British Club!
Moon Colonization, Space base by China and USA.
Space Station cooperation between France's ESA, Russia and USA!
and United Kingdom secretive HYPERSONIC vehicle!!!!

State of the art technology global race now on!

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The numerous companies that is basis of China's US$1.5 trillion exports!

Yes, Garment & Textiles, Accessories-shoes-bags, Gifts-Toys-Premiums, Furniture-Kitchen, White goods-Appliance-radio/hi fi/video, powered tools-tools-utensils, Construction components, Computers-IT-Software, Steel-non ferous metals-products, Automobile-Automotive parts!!!!


This year China will be the world biggest EXPORTER!!!

and within striking distance and the WORLD BIGGEST TRADER!!!!!
(That is the USA with the humongous import volume but not exports!)

Chinese engineering companies, material handling, factory automation etc. will have BOOMING business come 2018 when labour cost is expected to rise due to shortage of migrant workers!!!!


YEEEEE Haaaaa!

Patience, Mr. Bingsilk!
and many companies in the Trade Route States will be tied economically to China as well!

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The PEOPLE pacifying hypermarkets in key minting states!

Much of the exports from China would be going into the HYPERMARKETs.

Look at this figures!

No.1 WALMART -location Arkansas, Revenue US$400 bil, employee 2 million! (no joke!)
No.2 CARREFOUR - location France, Revenue US$130 bil, employee 0.5 million!
No.3 TESCO - location England, Revenue US$100 bil, employee 0,44 million!
No.4 METRO GROUP - location Germany, Revenue US$100 bil, employee 0.3 million!

Mama mia! US$730 billion of commodity products and durables!

Citizen pacifying kongfu!

Green DRagon
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