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Is China prepared for TOTAL WAR concept? [Copy link] 中文

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jews and gentiles - hmmmm, rascals, money, pipeline guild - vengeful politicians - Mr. Hitler was one!

half life of material - long long time, but in close contact - decay speeds up
critical mass dependent on purity of radioisotopes!

Total war happening all the time in large progressive empires, nation-tribal states

China better be prepared, it could be CHECKMATED before a real HOT war starts!

Yes. Herr DokTAR Vic is a pretty smart fella! Chinese history tells truth, so is the English history, you only need to be able to read it!

Yup, Mr. Chavez wants support from China, Russia to protect their FREEDOM and dignity!

ha ha ha

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Well, look like the competitiion to get the high ground is hot!

From the information filtering through via the media, The American Regime is now on high gear to gain the advantage of high ground of a space base! They could build a fleet of 15 new space shuttle for passenger and space fighter force on the back of the space tourism concept!

The American Regime are testing a LASER SCANNER so that it's possible for faster turnaround time for the SPACE SHUTTLE vehicle! The fast turnaround is needed for the SPACE TOURISM/SPACE HOTEL-BASE idea!

The American Regime are implementing the HEAVY PAYLOAD ARIES series rocket for a purported purpose of a manned moon mission  The ARIES-x series. We have an idea of the cost for China, the programme for 20-30 rockets cost US$650 million or approximately US$25 million to US$35 million per rocket launch of 25 tonnes to LEO.  This could be converted to build a SPACE BASE/hotel and the tourist makes the space shuttle launch cheaper with frequent use! (The space shuttle could cost probably less than US$300 million for China with the bigger fleet production, instead of just 2 prototypes, and 4 production model which cost US$1 billion a vehicle!!!)

With a space base/hotel can make rocket launch cheap as you need probably 50 launches a year to set up a base/hotel and other commercial satellites launch!!!!

That US$250,000 for a 1 week tour to the space hotel/space living and work-in-space theme park concept could actually  work! and that base can be used for the moon colony programme.

and having a space base with artificial gravity will solve a lot of HUMAN COMFORT problems!

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With 500,000 scientist, engineer and staff on the AVIC I and AVIC II company!

These project is can be cheap with space drome plans in USA, UK, Dubai, Singapore all waiting for the success inChina to create a new MULTI BILLION dollar industry!

and have benefit for China or USA to gain HIGH GROUND!

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Yes, it's a fantastic force that 500,000 Chinese engineers work together at AVIC I and II.

Personally, I also put a huge hope on them to make a lot of breakthroughs.....

But what I see is quite disappoint results,
We try to close the gaps, but the gaps is widening....

See my topic at ... amp;goto=nextnewset

Maybe the central leaders need to reform how they works, put a huge money for them
If a huge stimulus fund for economy growth may cause a lot of problems, such as inflation, etc...
Then put a huge stimulus fund for science projects......

What do you think ???

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Can you feel the "Love"?

Originally posted by communistsec at 2009-9-22 13:00

India will target Beijing and Shanghai first.

Motherfcuking Indians ba$tards...

India will go to war with Pakistan before China.

All China has to do is pick up the pieces.

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Reply #43 jhony_cheung's post

Space and aerospace generates a lot of jobs!

From memory, it's almost 100,000 workforce at NASA. ( i could be wrong!)
and the technical needs of the space, aerospace programmes generate a lot of innovation which has commercial benefits!

Having TARGETs for the space, aeropsace community will benefit China.

That's my thoughts!
I'ts nice to have a FREE SPACE to discuss every issue without fear, and surprisingly it"s China that create such an avenue. Not even in the American Regime Free Press, do they allow so much freedom!!!!

New Modern China is amazing!!!!

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