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China Will Go Through All The Same Problems As Western Society As It Develops [Copy link] 中文

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I was listening to a news report about issues currently happening in America the other day. One topic was about President Obama going to schools and encouraging kids to stay longer, and perhaps bringing in new laws to get kids to stay in school longer, to take responsibilty for their own education. Then as soon as he said this half the population of America criticised him, accusing him of wanting to turn America in a socialist state and anti-freedom of rights etc etc.

When I first saw this I immediately thought to myself "Look at America, debating about lazy students, whilst China just continues to grow and grow. It can't be stopped America, you can argue and debate all you want, but at the end of the day China can't be stopped."

And I went to bed thinking that America was doomed to endless debate and that China will soon take over the world.

But then I thought about it for a couple of days and realised that this was not in fact the case. I realised that America debating and arguing about everything was simply a product of their advanced developed society, and China was simply not at this level of their development yet. China still has a small elite level of rich people controlling a huge amount of poor people.

Because, you see, as China continues to develop, and as more and more people bring themselves out of poverty and a middle class society slowly develops in China, then the PEOPLE of China are gradually going to want to have more say in their lives also, they're going to want to argue and debate everything as well, it's simply a natural state of living in a developed country, pure and simple. Nothing to do with being American or being Chinese, it's simply a NATURAL HUMAN STATE AS A RESULT OF LIVING IN A DEVELOPED SOCIETY.

China will hit this stumbling block some time in future, there will be a huge middle class wanting to argue and debate the future of their country. They will want a voice.

And when this happens my friends, it indeed will be interesting times in China!

All comments and feedback are welcome :)

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sorry Kbay, you're wrong. Isn't China celebraing it's "60th birthday"? after 5000 years freedom from warlord empire rule?

How did I know you would be the first one to reply, you're like a virus, no eat, no sleep, just on CD 24/7.

Market economies don't thrive without endless debating, China will reach a point in their development where they will be able to go no further without opening the freedom of speech floodgates! And once it is open, it will all come pouring out, worse than any flood China has had recently!

These are the facts Kbay, sorry to burst your little bubble there mate.

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yours and mine mentality is totally different...

just maybe we might stride for the same goal but with different i make myself clear  

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I'm curious as to what you mean by a different approach. Do you mean you will develop by "not debating" and "not developing a middle class"?

How do you do it differently?

I have a drink of water by filling a cup and then putting it to my lips and swallowing. Do you do this differently because you are Chinese?

I go for a walk down the street by lifting my left foot in the air, bringing it forward and putting it down again, and then doing the same for my right foot. Do you do this differently because you are Chinese?

There is NO WAY to do it differently. The ONLY WAY to become a fully developed nation is to have constant debating and for the general population to have it's own voice. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY. Without doing it this way you reach a point where you can't go any further. The same as bringing a glass of water to your lips but then not opening your mouth to let the water in.

What do you mean by the Chinese doing it differently? I really am interested to know. Are you going to mime to each other? Use hand signals? How do you sort out serious issues in China that can only be sorted out by serious and constant debate of all options, by allowing the people to talk about whatever they want to talk about in order to move the country forward? How are you going to do it once China reaches that level of development in their society?

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Reply #5 middleway's post

Might be a bit deep for such folks middleway. China's society will mature, develop and evolve into a society that demands more and if they don't get, well, hell will be paid. People power, in China rules, not guns.
kbay, you mentioned the Chinese empire is still going strong; does that make China imperialists now? Empires can't exist without imperialism.
Also, China has been around for a few years, true, but the PRC hasn't!
Which empire is on it's last legs after a mere 69?
I'm confused by your post in it's entirety.

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No system is perfect

Originally posted by middleway at 2009-9-8 21:16
I was listening to a news report about issues currently happening in America the other day. One topic was about President Obama going to schools and encouraging kids to stay longer, and perhaps bri ...

It does really look like China will have to go through what America went through to progress economically. The younger chinese are getting more individualistic and vocal, very different from their great-grandparents. Chinese women are more liberated and they are showing it--more nude pictures on the website/blogs, more divorces, and more domineering. There are many examples but I just name a few here. This is a reflection of what America went through in the mid-1900's where there was a "sexual revolution" and also a "feminist movement". The "hippy movement" brought about many anti-government protests with regards to war in Vietnam. All these movements are somewhat inter-related. I really wish that China will not have to go through this phase but it seems inevitable. Could there be another way to progress economically--without all the social ills? I think so but it will be very difficult, and that is sad.
You seem to assume that progress can only be based on democracy and individualism; individual rights take priority over society; that is the way to progress. I don't agree. It is true that individualism brings out creativity in people and we have google, microsoft, apple, the internet, ...etc. However, the economic progress we see today also comes from greed, and the exploitation and wastage of resources. So much food is wasted everyday by the rich (because they have arrived and can do what they like with their money) when there are so many poor people who have to work their butts off just to get some food to eat. People spend more then they earn and go in debt. They live on borrowed money. Look at the huge amount of debt America has accumulated. This country is living on borrowed money and may never be able to pay it back. In a span of slightly more than a decade, we have two financial crisis.(Asian financial crisis in 1996/7 and the present world crisis). This so-called economic progress is creating more problems than benefits and it seems to spiral downwards without a hope of a sustainable recovery. Going back to history, do you think the founding fathers of America had this in mind when they were drafting out the constitution? I don't think so.
The founding fathers of America existed in a different time frame from ours. There were slaves in America at that time and, inorder to free the slaves, they drafted out individual rights as one of the constitution. They did not mean for individual rights to create unsocial behaviours and for people to be selfish. Too bad that is seems individualism breeds selfishness and democracy just means many factions fighting for the sake of fighting. My suggestion is to slow down "economic" progress and take stock of the situation and then go at a comfortable pace for society to stabilise so that the gap between the poor and the rich is lessened. This has to be a world wide effort. No one country can do this alone.

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yes, very well written and very well said huaqiao. I completely agree with everything you just said. (wow, nice to get a sensible educated response to one of my posts!)

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