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How do you rank the BIG POWERs. [Copy link] 中文

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The Commodity and Minereal Resources of the Big Powers!

No.1 The United States. The American Regime has a large territories in the continental north America. In addition the British Club is allied closely to it, with Canadian resources dependent on their market. Mexico, Venezeula, Brazil are long dependent on the American market to sell their vast store or production of commodity or minereals. Within America, mining 1000 mT of coal is small change, 250 million of grain is 2nd only to China's production, meat is plenty, uranium, aluminium, copper, rare earth etc. are not in short supply! The American Regime also have 300 million population, and has the power to outsource a big portion of their consumption to protectorates and allies or friends.

No.2 This is probably CHINA. China producees the biggest quantity of grain, meat, vegetable, fruits, coal, steel, non ferrous metals, critical materials. China is next door the ASEAN, and Australia. This is probably the largest store or production of excess timber, tropical commodities, spices in the world.. Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam are rice producing giants, the Indonesian Archipelago produces large quantity of spices, oleo, rubber, copper, coal, oil and gas. Then there is Africa, South America and India but that's only Rmb220 billion worth, only a small fraction of China's import!

No.3 BRITISH CLUB, the group has probably the most resources available for competitive exports. UK keeps tracks of ships, insurance and financing of global fleets. The OIL, GAS, timber, iron ore is probably second to none! However the small British population of 110 million means supplies are in over abundance. The European states, even United States, especially the Trade Route States and even China (who needs the extra resources to process for reexport) are major customers! A fully developed FREE MARKET is very beneficial to the British Club, especially in Financial, Logistics, Resources needs. British Club also is the first developed states in the world so have a lot of knowhow to export too!

No.4 THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE is probably equal to the BRITISH CLUB in having excess or suplus commodities. However the distances, the poor location of the Russian Territories means it's expensive to ship Russian Resource. Imagine the costly set of pipeline to ship gas and crude oil to Europe. High Crude oil prices are vital, that's the reason of Russian involvement in many external affairs. China economic needs means a GOOD MARKET for Russian Timber, grain, energy as well. China purchase is mainly strategic as the American Regime has a chokehold in the Persian Gulf!

No.5 The French and yes the North West Francophile Africa is vital to French (beside the military prowess) ranking as a GREAT POWER. Germany, Japan, Korea, Italy lack such status due to not having a hinterland. Spain bad relationship with it's former colonies means severe weakness too! Afterall French culture is world famous, and french reliability to their former colonies is legendary. France took the burden to take care of milions of pro France Vietnamese people and have many Moors and AFrican citizens!

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think of it in a different way


as a newcomer. you seem like a 5 grader. USA can wipe 98 % of china nuclear power is a joke. it only take 2 % to wipe out a country. No one know how powerful chinese sub have become. but everyone know it have improve a faster then exp pace. one sub can take out 20. how many can 50 sub done.

Green dragon.
if you are ranking military power
then it should be china at third, close to second. you forgot to add hacking as a plus. everyone know that china can hold a enemies satelite and computer then china would win. tech dependent can be a + or -. if you are to dependent then it will hurt so much when u lose it. >.< proof me wrong with reason if you can.

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North Korea has good hackers

A united Korea would have a frighteningly large military.

How does everyone think of Korea here? Stay divided? North take over south? South take over north?

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never will happen

North Korea is few.
north have evolve to far from the south in government and life.

North Korea is more old Korea

South Korea is american made. it is very material base social world. religion and everything else change too much.

it like wanting all old Ottoman empire to reunited

thing have change. and everything will keep of change.

they will not be united. ever because there is to big power helping each side. SK have more money and support for USA. but NK have China to back them up if they were invaded by USA.

no one will start a war. but if USA go down then SK will follow soon, same with Japan.

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DONT you agree upon this...

the power you are the more abuse you will be in some other nations (big power big asshole...and it rhymes perfectly)  

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Reply #19 Kbay's post

kbay, nobody in their right mind would use nukes against another nuclear armed power.
About ranking, it's very clear that the US is 1st. I think that China is a very (at this time) distant 2nd. This will not always be the case as China strives for a more publicly visible role on the world stage.
About taking out nukes, it isn't as hard as is suggested and the US has many options to do so without resorting to nuke weapons. I won't go into details but the options are there.
More SSBNs for China doesn't secure China, it confirms fears, in some circles, that China wants peaceful development but arms herself to the teeth. I have trouble seeing how this coincides with the concept of peaceful development and relations with the world at large. This kinda reminds me of an old song that has the line "we come in peace, shoot to kill".

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Reply #19 Kbay's post

The same reason why India, Pakistan, Brazil, Java etc. are not invaded.
(you cannot win the loyalty of a populace which are fundalmentally different from the state that wishes to dominate!)

The American Regime uses INFLUENCE on the LEVERs of POWER to influence or control weaker states at varying level.
CHINA with a FULL RMB zone, large population is now a HUGE NO.2 IN THE WORLD, i reckon! It just needs time to improve. The technology and knowhow are already available within China now, it's only the POLITICAL WILL!

That's the same reason why the American Regime would only try to weaken China, British Club, France and Russia using various strategic actions!
The Russian has had a good taste of the American Regime's methods, it's entire NEAR ABROAD, and BUFFER EASTERN EUROPEAN STATE has been removed from it's influence. Russia access to the Atlantic ocean is severly curtailed.

In fact I think Russia is unhappy over CHINA's participation in the oil industry of the  NEW REGIME (most probably a puppet USA Regime government)  in Mesopotamia (as is Persia, some Arab, Turkey). I RECKON China's action is very strategic, first it reduce the URGENCY on the USA to CRASH THE DOLLAR (and this is critical for RUSSIAN EMPIRE) while putting it's "influence" on the puppet government of Mesopotamia to act more independently!.

The Arabs, Turkey, Russian, Persia must be unhappy but SHOULD HAVE FIGURED OUT CHINA'S STRATEGIC INTENTION!
(it's not just the cheap oil, since China paid a hefty sum for that oil field....which the British withdrew after pressure from other allies!!!!)
Yet, The Russians while acknowledging China as a friend is still taking precaution against China!

ha ha ha

That's how funny the geopolitical game is!

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