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Britain just realized the idiocity in invading Iraq! [Copy link] 中文

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The DUTCH and BELGIANs are yet another set of BUFFER states!

Yes, they are between the two big centres of FRANCE and GERMANY.

so, the BRITISH gets to be allies with the Belgians, especially the Dutch as the buffer states struggle to protect the approaches of the great RHINE river. (The Rhine river and the Danube was supposed to be the northern border demarcation of the ancient Roman empire)

Belgians benefits by having a Dutch/French tribes within it's borders! This created big advantage to the Belgians, as they manipulated to get German, French to invest within it's borders for creating more influence! It's now supposed to be a big automobile assembly region as a result of smart manipulation of the French and Germans! It's also thesite of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, the EU central administrative bureaucracy - creating a great economy!

even tiny LUXENBERG survive in the same manner!

South Korea took full advantage of being a buffer state and a flashpoint as the American Regime and Japanese government strive to build their influence there! North Korea didn't had such an advantage in the past but now should benefit from China's rise!!!!


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I am a Chinese Malayan!


what's that?

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Well, Mr. Saddam Hussein was a great manipulation of the previous American administration.

it's a bulwark against Persian expansion,
the regime then in Baghdad was repulsive to the Saudi and the Arab emirate states.
Mesopotamian oil the only cheap to extract source of crude oil.

The American Regime wanted to control the oil resource from Caspian sea to Persian Gulf completely.
This would prevent China to have free access to energy to finance it's growing economy, the only nation that could match the American Regime's empire!
So, President Bush invaded under the NEW AMERICAN CENTURY idea - as what we are told!

The invasion reasons failed when China diversified it's search for crude oil, developing the necessary strategies to gain access to crude oil in diverse location such as Sudan, Angola, Venezeula, (even Brazil - a large nation with large crude oil needs too but lack capital or technology to develop the resource), Central Asia, Russia, Canada and Australia! Worse the American Regime were unable to pacify the mesopotamian region or expand in area of conquest.

Suddenly China surprised us all, as it HEDGE bets, by bidding for the mesopotamian crude with British Petroleum! Now, the Mesopotamian government is basically an American puppet, and the demand for additional crude can only come from China! It's appears that China now is helping the American Regime to secure Mesopotamia?

and of course the American Regime now is encouraging expansion of Mesopotamian crude oil production, likely to cause oil prices to moderate and dooming production plans in non middle east regions!

What China does next would be rather interesting......China suddenly is not interested in seeing an independent Mesopotamian government, like in Persia?

ha ha ha

The game just got too twisted for everybody!

ha ha ha


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