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Watching Japan, Germany. [Copy link] 中文

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No, you underestimate them and their abilities. That's, my my friend, you downfall! I know things you don't!

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I know the United States is probably the most  powerful Empire in the world currently.

Actually, the Amerkan Regime actively seeks rivals to enhanced their competitive spirit.
(that's why i was pretty surprised that the "Love Guru" DVD doesn't seem to work. Maybe the Amerikan Regime fellas, doesn't want me to be upset at their games with me)

Look at how they "DESTROYED" the British Engineering industry.
They use the Celtic miners, worker's union to damage British position.
The Commonwealth after the war, was probably the 2nd largest economic, industrial powerhouse in our world.
(The British club is not an easy pushover too, otherwise it wouldn't be the 2nd largest biggest economic zone in our world with only 110 million people at it's core, with affiliates and allies all around the world!)

I was thinking of the strategies used to outsmart Amerikan Regime rivals.
They targeted the British during the 1960-1970.
and took the OIL SHOCKs in 1970's to hammer European economies.

(United States has substantial crude oil production in Bay of Mexico, Texas and Alaska while fields in Canada, South America insulated them. The Middle East was more important to Europe and the Asian Trade Routes states than the Amerikans)

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the Amerikan Regime.
Imagine their reach, even to the DOGGIE TRIADs in Malaya!

ha ha ha

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That got me thinking.....

....they add SALT TO THE WOUND, by getting FORD MOTORs (an Irish company) to takeover the automotive industry not only in England but in British Allies in Scandanavia (Volvo, Saab) and Low Countries in Europe. The British just got consolation in protecting SHELL, and BP oil companies, and of course the crucial FINANCIAL companies.

Canada was easy, CARROTs was given to Canadian Provinces to cooperate with Detroit's Big Three,  GENERAL MOTORs, FORD and CHRYSLER. (not surprsingly, GM was active in GERMANY to reflect the power structure behind that company! While Australia's/New Zealand distance, small market size was handled in a different manner.

In the 1980, the Amerikan regime started to use Germany, Japan to help wipe out the remaining rivals. Quality methods was taught to the Japanese to improve their manufacturing abilities in the 1960's - Deming etc. (both states has the crucial 100 million population - SCALE game; UK had the scale 110 million now, but not the Spainish, French, Italians, Koreans, yes yes Thailand except for their income level)


This is my hyphothesis on Amerikan Soft War methods!

Amazing story, waiting to be written!
At least Amerikan Regime fellas can finally read their amazing prowess to be the SOLE SUPERPOWER after the collapse via WW 3 with the Communist Bloc lead by the old SOVIET UNION.

ha ha ha

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The Communist bloc started to unravel in 1980 to 1990's.

The Communist bloc, with China and the Soviet Union/Iron Curtain was probably the greatest rival to the Amerikan Regime ambitions.

I think it was 1,300 mil, 300 mil + 150 mil = 1,750 million bloc
with land space of 30 million sq. km2.

That's another story as the IDEOLOGY, which tended to create IRON FIST POLICE STATE was inherently more unpopular compared to SOFT PACIFYING methods of the CAPITALIST American ideology! In addition, Communist ideology is inflexible during the Soviet era, and took away the HUMAN NATURE of competion in favour of STAGNANT, STATISM of state monopolies.

The advantage of STATE MONOPOLIES which showed great PROGRESS initially due to fact of SCALE, and ACTIVISM of a new IDEAL was quickly decimated as time past, and ideology activism succumbed to boredom, lack of apparent progress. Slowly innovation, creativity collapse......

with some incessant Amerikan Regime Propganda and Showcase products, disatisfaction spread like a disease over the Communist Bloc leading to the disintergration of the Soviet Union, Iron Bloc and Mr. Deng decision to go for the "Black Cat, White Cat as long it catches the mice" theory in late 1976, after Mr. Mao's death.

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If i was the Amerikan Regime, and understand economic theory.

I would try to be worried about two blocs of nation as rivals.

First would be 100 million population states.

and the 60 million population states with an engineering base.

(This are world powers before world war 1)

of course there is the other states,

The 200 million population states.

The Giant populous states, >1,000 mil population states, and have no problem with scale.

(Imagine CHINA is probably the biggest consumer of PRIME MOVERs, TRUCKs, VANs, Pick-up trucks in the world. That's why I never mention Sichuan's dominance in that area with it's DONG FENG TRUCK COMPANY, and see even with lack of competition, which result in pretty ugly looking but useable vehicles can still be probably the world largest company - 2.5 million Primve Movers, Trucks, Vans, Pick-up trucks is sold in China annually!)

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Before 1980, you needed economy of scale only for sedans.

Trucks, Prime Movers, Vans, Pickup were not fashion items.

How do you handle the ENGINEERING INDUSTRY in the 60 million populated rival states.

Scale only matter with planned obsolescence via rapid model change which GM INNOVATED.
and pick up by the Japanese and Germans.

With national market of at least 2.5 million sedans in France, Italy or Spain, this were rivals.
(Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Korea were low income could not afford to pay US$1,000 equivalent in petrol or diesel to operate a sedan)
(Bangladesh, India overpopulated, short of resources while China, Soviet Union were stuck with STATISM of the state owned behemoths)


in mid income states,
a new model change would cost US$150 mil, (but income of those states make volume low, eg. Malaya/Singapore 30 million could only sell 0.6million units instead of the 1.2 million units expected in a high income state!!!!)
in high income states, it would cost at least US$500 million to US$1,000 milion.

So, with overheads of more than 2%, many 30 mil to 60 mil with adequate income could have the scale.
What to do next?


Make Pickup trucks, Vans fashioable, planned absolescense!

Suddenly, what was basic only 4 to 5 platforms out of 6 possible platforms

Mini, Small, Compact, Mid size, Large, Luxury

became 15 platforms.

here comes SUV (high baseline), MPV (low baseline), Pickup Trucks.
(Ford new CEO mention 13 platform, they didn't make Mini and Small cars)

Suddenly SCALE needed was 6 million cars!

and not surprisingly RENAULT-CITROEN, FIAT-ALFA ROMEO, SKODA-(what do they have in Spain), HYUNDAI-KIA needed to consolidate.....

now!!!!! ALARM BELL goes up all over the 60 million populated states.

KOREA, FRANCE, ITALY, or well, Spain is not a very successful automotive maker.

Really coooooool, the Amerikan Regime methods!!!!!!!

(who cares how much Germany, or Japan even Singapore/Hong Kong/Taiwan has in RESERVEs, the Amerikan has control of critical technology or has TROOPs stationed in their states!)


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Mr. Huang, don't be naive...

.......Amerikan Regime is confident and aware.

Mr. Kiwi is very correct.

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