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Watching Japan, Germany. [Copy link] 中文

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It's rather nice to see the STEALTHY activity of the Amerikan Protectorates of Germany and Japan.

These states grew powerful on the culture of commodity shortages.
These has created a culture, which can be called "URBAN VILLAGE" (that's how i'll describe it ). It is very conducive for the AUTOMOTIVE industry.
ie. Industries that has high value added per worker.

(In the auto industry in the United States, the 1.1million Amerikan Workers are paid wages approximating 10% of the revenue of those companies)

Both the JAPANESE and GERMAN automotive Companies now produce approximately 15 mil units and 10 mil units respectively with the German producing more WELL ENGINEERED, with better luxuriant finish and represents bulk of their exports.

After World War 2, both state are under the watchful guard of Amerikan Regime troops.
and manipulations which can block commodity supply.

It's HUMAN NATURE to want to remain INDEPENDENT and proud.
As such the GERMANs has manage to replicate (to it's great disadvantage) EURO mint with partners France,Spain, Italy, Low States and Austria.
While the Japanese were expanding their industry, seeking independent sources of commodity. and energy.

Both states has been stealthily reducing reliance on the AMERIKAN market as the Amerikan Regime struggle to protect the US$ MINTING rights. ( I have tasted the effect of the extensive reach of the Amerikan Pipeline Guild too! - just to mention, they laughed at me in the movie "LOVE GURU" which mimic my methods, and is sponsored by NOMONEYFUN company! ha ha ha) The AMERIKAN didn't trust that i am trying to manipulate GLOBAL PEACE and satisfactory result for everybody!

Currently both Japan and Germany now has probably less than 30% share of their automotive exports targeted at the Amerikan Regime primary markets!

Green DRagon
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Beaten enemies were nourished with US funds. Who drives BMW or a Japanese vehicle, watches a TVs designed in either Germany or Japan? You all underestimate the US, not a good idea! China doesn't have the capacity to do as the US can, should push come to shove! Beware!

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It's part of the WORLD DOMINANCE strategy!

ha ha ha

Keep on increasing the ECONOMY OF SCALE requirements via technical improvements to the automobile.
and sensing people's regionalism, this limit auto manufacturing to states of a certain income and population size.
I think it often stated a population of 60 million with a per capita income of at least US$20,000 per annum.

The next strategy is to control crude oil production sites.
Currently the published figure (2007) by China Daily indicates

Persia/Saudi/Mesopotamia/GCC at 60%
Europe/Russia                                 at 11%
Africa                                                   at 10%
South-Central America                    at  9%
North America                                   at  6%
New Middle Kingdom                      at  3%

So, controlled of Persia, Mesopotamia, Saudi Arabia and GCC means controlled of 60% of global production, more importantly surplus crude oil.
It can blackmail Europe, Trade Route States. EASY GAME!

Amerikan Regime buys 15 million vehicles annually requiring 20mbd (25% of the global production)
European Union buys 15 million vehicles annually requiring 15mbd (19% of global production)

Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Malaya, Singapore buys 9 million vehicles requiring 9mbd (11% of global production)
British Club buys 5 million vehicles requiring 5mbd (6% of global production)

China buys 8 million vehicles requiring 8 mbd (10% of global production)
Russia, Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia buys 7 million vehicles requiring 8mbd (9% of global production)
Rest of the world buys very few vehicles, mostly middle east, for the remaining 2 million or so vehicles..

by concentrating on the 30% crude reserves in Russia, South/Central America and Africa, China avoids entanglement with Amerikan Regime games!

Simple Game!

Green DRagon
Game Master

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USA actually wanted China to be dependent on Arab GCC crude oil.

....and China would probably by 2030 be using 20 - 25% of the world crude production.
(The primary area of Russia, China itself, Africa, Central/South America only possess 32% of global reserves apparently in 2007)
(The picture now is different with new claims by Canada, Central Asia, South America and Australia/Papua New Guinea)

it would have to tap on Saudi or Mesopotamia source more!
this need could be reduced via

(1) GTL, if Australia claims to 20% of global gas resource is true!
(2) more Venezeula, Canadian, Brazil oil, if the crude oil reserves is accurate.
(3) CTL Naptha crackers to produce Diesel or Petrol.
(4), biofuel to put a cap on crude oil prices, should Amerikan Regime or excessive greed by the oil producing states! (which is counter productive as it would mean INFLATION only!)  - 5% biofuel target by European Union could mean 4mbd or 5mbd equivalent needed.

The Amerikans have the worry about it's minting ability especially on states not controlled by it's SANCTON kongfu

Ha ha ha

Green DRagon
Game Master.

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The Amerikan Regime is seeking help from FIAT (ITALY) for Chrsyler and GENERAL MOTOR from Hyundai/Kia (Korea) to introduce lower fuel consumption regime?

Let's see how far that will come true!
It's a watcher!

In the meantime, Korea, France and Italy are looking for Malayan, Chinese, Thailand, Taiwan, South/Central Americans to share their platforms too!
especially the economy of scale to reduce cost of producing items like Engines, Platforms or Models.

(well, i saw a video on Hyundai for the new GENESIS model, the Korean Representative boasted that Korea can build any vehicle competitively, got to do with that 4-5 million production scale and lower US$10 a hour labour cost in Korea!)

ha ha ha

Green DRagon
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