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Chicken, Swine, Fish and disease, accidents. [Copy link] 中文

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Chinese and China has long been an agriculture economy. With it's original organizatiion of Gentleman and Bureaucrats, China had become the NUMERO UNO in the ancient world. (copied dutifully by the British Naturalist and Bureacrats). However with the problem of EXCESSIVE GREED, of wanting cheap labour workers, shortage of land created a market for the RENEGADE CULTs such as Buddhism, and now Christianity.

This cults uses soft power of ENLIGHTENMENT, and CRUXCIFICATION to initially protect the poor from the powerful, corrupt bureacrats and possibly encouraged by the Gentleman class. However Renegades discovered that it's also a good KONGFU to become greedy. (greed is okay, but tyrannical is terrible).

This created the RENEGADE CULTs we see all around us today, wrecking lifes and creating havoc around the world. The partake in guise of PIPELINE GUILDs and cause trouble to protect their trades. In China it created a culture of PROTECTION OF KNOWLEDGE which catapulted China from the richest to the poorest, creating such delibitating social illness as Opium smoking, uncontrolled vices, bullying the gentleman class and preventing naturalist from expanding human knowledge.

The result, the BRITISH managed to overtake China in 1830.

For example, the current hoopla created by me about health has now created awareness in the past IGNORED by the greedy RENEGADE CULTs as they try to protect their various trades.

Simple diseases like FLU, meningitis, tb, malaria etc. are a result of bad sanitation!!!!!

Look at our farmers, those who cultivate chickens, pork.
In the past, there were cases of DISEASE, meningitis (cause by unsanitory chicken farms), dirty cities etc.
People were just too busy and couldn't care at all, prefering HATE, harming the GOOD HEARTED and destroying CHINA!

Look at what SARs did to Singapore and Hong Kong.
They are now spending time to CLEAN UP their cities.
But what of China?

Sanitation is wealth and contributes to happiness, prosperity and long lifes to the people!

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The natural enviroment of Malaya-Singapore-Borneo enviroment.

Based on the cultural, geographical, flora, logistics, situation in our region.

If the Riau Bureaucrats allow the central region autonomy to generate credit,
Malaya-Singapore-Borneo federation would be quite prosperous.
If the can allow such a situation, Vision 2020 will be a reality.

However, if we have the post 1969 situation.
Malaya would have a capped Central Region, Central people of both Hap Seng, Archipelago, mamak, hindu and mixed race will suffer low wages.
and Malaya will be fiscally weaker.

Riau could also develop a suburban industrial area around Malacca, Johor Baru and Kuantan.
However the Iskandar region might have some structural difficulties to develop.

Hopefully Malayan will see ENLIGHTENMENT and not be faced with CRUCIFICATION as in the past.
worse, we do not want to see BATTLEs again.
It does appear that Patani rebellion has also been reduced....


Please consider again, it's not so bad!

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2009-5-25 11:23
Chinese and China has long been an agriculture economy. With it's original organizatiion of Gentleman and Bureaucrats, China had become the NUMERO UNO in the ancient world. (copied dutifully by the ...

your post doesnt make any sense at all

these "renegade cults" you speak of existed long before the polital systems you are describing

and then you thow in bird flu and pig flu togther with opium..

and the entire thing makes no sense at all

it seems like senseless, braindead propaganda


you want to to make a point, stating that the cults are the wrongdoers, but at the same time you state that the 'good-hearted' people are those common masses, obviously not the courrupt

the poor people look to the HEAVENS FOR HELP

the corrupt want to destroy religions so they may get away with more oppression and corruption

99% of the poor and oppressed and miserable are also seekers of Help and Justice from a God or Spirit World

while 99% of the powerful, corrupt, exploitive and oppressive are not and label such things "cults"

just like you in your healthy state of normality, will seek to destroy all religions

until you come down with a fatal diagnosis of some kind of life-threatening disease which threatens to take away your life, or during extreme pain from an accident, nearing your death bed, when your life isnt such a freee-for-all.

then you seek, quietlly and secretly help from the powers that be.

before you slip off into death

as it is for all those suffering at the hands of the powerful and corrupt, inflicted with great hardship and burdened with survival

you are saying that anything to do with God, Deity, Spirits, heavens, etc is a "CULT"

then you are simply the opressive and corrupt power-monger you described

far worse than any birdflu


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Reply #3 justbabygirl's post

Got you thinking!

Ah! That's the first step.
when is a cult good, and when is a cult bad.

of course, you are right!

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