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Impediments to the NEW WORLD - world war 4 [Copy link] 中文

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The War has begun!

The battle is against the formation of the NEW WORLD.
It's a world with 3 minting powers, European Union, New Middle Kingdom and the Amerikan Regime.
The New world has the British Club and the Asian Trade Route states as the Bankers, supporters of FREE TRADE and Russia as leader of the Energy bloc and great exporter of Weapons and spacecrafts.

It started with the fear of China becoming as the new No.1 consumption giant with it's accompanying possibility of becoming a FOREX Minter as well. ie. the MIDAS touch, producing gold standard currency!

1997       The Amerikan Regime launches the first salvo, the GREAT CURRENCY VALUE attack.
2000's    The European Union successfully mints the EURO as a new global currency.
                 Amerikan Regime launches war to secure MESOPOTAMIA and increases grip on SAUDI ARABIA-GCC for Energy control.
2001-2008     China reforms furiously, creating the strategy for a HUGE ECONOMIC ZONE so named THE NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM.
2007        Amerikan Regime plans EKONOMIK attack by reducing demand.
2008        Amerikan Banks, Remortgage Corp, Insurance comapanies gets nationalized,
                 Currently Automobile Companies, Chrystler, General Motors gets nationalized.

The Soft Cold War footing is now ready.

a PEACEKEEPING effort suggested that China, Arabs, Trade Route States to accept an INFLATIONARY DOLLAR to allow more time for USA to adjust, and give time for CHINA to peacefully upgrade its economy  is shot down through diplomatic channels. The foreign states insist USA maintain the Dollar value and refuses to provide the condition for continued minting of INFLATIONARY DOLLARs.

2009        In what appear to be unleashing of SWINE FLU, a biological weapon to further weaken demand from the EXPORT ORIENTATED states
                 of the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM.      

Watch this thread.
Blow by Blow account of the SOFT COLD WAR.

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a perfect and admired imagination of you
you have the potential to be a movie director competing for oscar award.

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Reply #2 tamson's post

This could be the next GREAT MOVIE to be produce in Hong Kong.

It would be nice to have some ACTION-THRILLER movie instead of the lame slip short movies genre of the past.
It got to be the dense living in Hong KOng.
You know, with one of the world's highest property's easy for trader, retailers or landlords to earn lots of money.
but it's stressful in Hong Kong, people who are married tend only to have 1 baby.
and women don't get married 20% of the time, making Hong Kong men HORNY for women in Shenzen.

and afterall, there is a 15 million population market for the CANTONESE movies in Malaya central and Hong Kong.
a larger secondary market of 30 million in PUTONGHUA in Singapore and Taiwan.
then a phletora of cinema patrons in Bangkok, Jakarta, Korea and Japan - probably 40-50 million.

before we get it to the 10 million diaspora in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronton, New York, Vancouver and San Francisco.

100m x 12 visit a year x HK$25 = HK$25 billion ticket revenue possibility.
(if they produce 52 movies a year, that works out to HK$500 million a movie possibility)

and we haven't yet figure out Mainland China yet! (the severe restrictions on non Mainland produced movies is the main reason)

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At least, Mr. Tam....

...Hong Kong movie producers should produce good quality movies in the budget range of HK$50 million to HK$150 million for the market.

Primary language Cantonese, dubbed in Putonghua, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, English and Tagalog.

and like i said, living in a 100,000 people per km in Hong KOng.
people needs to have stress releasing outlets,
going to the movies is one option.

in Hong Kong, the stressful living meant a lot of "MOH LUI TAU" movie, or "SENSELSS MOVIE"....
time to have better cinema experience.....
and help Hong Konger solve their stress, instead of adding to it with more stress!!!!!

already the phletora of DRINKING intoxicating drinks, MIND exciting beverages, cigarettes, soft drinks, KARAOKE clubs are numbing the minds of young HOng Kongers. Maybe some good movies will let them experience alternatives.

afterall, it is an industry.


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