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Impediments to the NEW WORLD - world war 4 [Copy link] 中文

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Battle line hardens in South America.

It seems that the South Americans, mainly the ANDEAN RATIONAL alliance are ARMING UP with Russian weapons, and now in Venezeula, Mr. Chavez is finally nationalizing the final parts of USA control of their crude oil industry. The Oil Services units, unfortunately the BRITISH were also hurt as being TOO CLOSE to the United States.

The Brazilians are also ARMING UP to prevent MONROE DOCTRINE from being implemented in their empire too!


We are having a naval and airforce build up in China, Trade Route, British club, Russia and USA.
and now with more confidence, the Latin American states are breaking away from the MONROE DOCTRINE.

The Amerikan Regime is meanwhile implemented a shrinkage of minting, estimated in region of 12% of their GNP.
what with credit destruction with the HOME, AUTO and BANK activities.

Hang on people in the British Club, it's going to be a rough ride. Let's watch how China counter this squeeze.

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We don't even see the world third war occur....
Another day , another dollars!

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Nipah virus


what's next from the WEST Pandemic????

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It was over when the IRON CURTAIN was torn open and the SOVIET UNION disintergrated.

It was a HOT WAR fought in frontlines in Afganistan, in Korea, in Vietnam, in Africa, in Central and South America.
Millions died or were unborn in Soviet Union.
Russian population now at 150 million instead of the peak at 250 million people.

Russian women sold in WHITE SLAVE markets in Europe.

It's was a terrible finish from a cold war in 1950's, to proxy battles in Korea, Vietnam, Afganistan etc.

Did you missed it?

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it's good to be prepared but not to be OVER REACT.

I suppose you are from Singapore.
We have solved quite a lot of issues in Singapore.
Now it's time to look at the market in the new consumption regions.
The English speaking world market share is now falling....

Just visited a Thai Government seminar just now, it mentions only 11% export to USA, 12% to Europe but 23% with ASEAN, 11% with Japan. Look at those figures. Time for a rethink in Singapore and concentrate a little bit more towards Japan, ASEAN, China, Korea, Australia, Middle East, Latin America and South Africa.

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I am a bit surprised at the poor presentation from the Thai government. that seminar. It was pretty badly organized. Their speakers were not fluent in English, and they didn't use local media agents to get that coverage.

but THAILAND now has gnp of US$270 billion, meaning almost US$5,000 per capita.
a growing important market for branding now.....
it should start growing now.

With Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sdyney, Melbourne, i guess we can start to have our own high end brands as well.
Maybe see very soon our own SOUTH EAST ASIA, or South New Middle Kingdom LVMH or such companies.

it would mean booming business for Public Relation companies, Advertising Agencies, Promotion and Events companys.

Glad to see Thailand Mr. Abisit, now inline with our aspirations!

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I think the Guangdong Provincial government seminars....

...were excellent and amazing well organized.

it's a major media eye catcher, and generates a lot of interest in their province!
in comparison, those i see from Zhejiang were pretty lame, obviously did not have good advice on such matters!
Remember, Malayasia, Singapore, Bangkok is where US$650 billion gnp and trade worth just as much is generated!!!!

GENERATING INTEREST, is key to some major business, among them TOURISM, in most countries in South East Asia, it's between 5% to 10%.
Don't just think of it as just an investment seminar, it's a FEEL GOOD item.


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