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STRESS and how different culture handles it. [Copy link] 中文

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This is only a rather simple hyphothesis on my part, but what the heck, let me talk about it.
(don't laugh, it's a simple attempt)

What happens when different cultures are faced with the few forces of stress on the human person.

What are those stress.
(1) Stress due to Longetivity - Availability of Food, Diseases, Natural Disaster (flood, earthquake, volcano, tsunamis, unseasonal cold, unseasonal heat).

(2) Stress due to Happiness - Family bond, Children laughter, friends, brotherhood, comfort food, comfort drink, comfort sex, material needs, ego needs.

(3) Stress due to Wealth - Credit squeeze, Unreasonable tax, Lack of resources, Lack of Market, Lack of Work, cannot afford to purchase the materials needed for well being or keeping the relationship needed for our happiness.

What happen with too much stress.
On the extreme case, we have what we call MADNESS.
Mad leaders cause WARs,

and Other leaders uses it to
gain power by creating a followers (could be for good and bad, double edged sword) via the use HATE to create Instability, use GREED to think of new ways to improve life, use FEAR to create new needs,
(ancient Middle East, Mediterranean uses this a lot, conquest is a major occupation. It happened in China too, in certain periods of her history)

and More Enlightened leaders uses OPPORTUNITY of those stresses to lead.
(this are the entity of ancient CHINESE KINGs, SAGEs, and GODs - China has a RIVER CULTURE, very benign enviroment relatively speakihg compared to Middle East/India - big religion creating regions, Northern Germanic Europe - resource shortage region)
where IDEAs are provided to give more option, INVENTIONs to make life easier, STRUCTUREs to make administration easier, INNOVATION to create more money making ideas,


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Suicide, the Ultimate Solution

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Hi Greendradon,

Talking about when people become unable to reach the three wise man?

I am all about the new ideas path. COINCIDETNLY I've just applied for a job opening at innovation design company in Shangai. I have the profile but I dont speak lets see.

Time to find/start new career. Maybe overseas.

Mr. Syncman

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i just met three young chinese ladies studying at our local university in economics.
it was fun to learn their mental condition and mental map.

It's good exposure if those ladies are smart and can benefit from what they see in Malaya besides the theories they learn at the university.
Only 1 of the three could speak excellent english, with the third has a terrible command of the language. They could easily minggle, with the two Beijing girls looking like locals and a Nanjing gal who looks pretty but stood out as she had very fair skin.

It won't be easy if you cannot speak Putonghua in Shanghai.(there is a local lingo as well! ha ha ha)

(In Today's world, English is vital in 40% of the world Gnp versus 10% with Putonghua. In addition approximately 20% of trade with other countries is handled in English!)

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I am not worried about m English skills. But I don't have any idea how hard and how long it takes for a western to manage some Mandarin.

They only ask for Mandarin, did not talk about any Putonghua...dont make things harder

For me one of the worst things about stress is the accumulated tension on my neck/back region.


MR. Syncman

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It's Mandarin to the outside world.

In China, it's called PUTONGHUA, a liberal connotation.

ha ha ha

don't know, learning new languages is dependent on your "voicebox" and memory ability, your ability to adapt to different forms of speech.

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All right, already start the learning process...

I am a very fluid to watch, mimic and learn really fast.

I don't know about the chances but I figure it would be easier to get a working permit in China than US or EU.

But over the last few years all my attempts to change received a red flag from the FORCE. So, lets see.

Take care Master Yoda.

The Syncman

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