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Hi Greendragon

I have been close observing how my 35 year old friends are dealing with stress related situations...corporate pressure, new family, leading family's company, be good provider...

Most of them with Alpha-male profile push to the limits and end up with panic attacks or lack of energy to deal with too many compromises at once, like hydroplaning with a car and need to slowdown to get life control back. Help if hey choose family over work.

You know I have been there too....Just recovering now.

How about you? Did you have problems with your uniform business?

I guess my last business project didn't went through...looking for new paths as well.

mr. Syncman

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I am suffering, stressed out but still calm.

Firstly, i didn't know that the Singapore government takes blog comments anonymously so seriously.
I was stress, just lost Rm1.0 to 1.5 million in 1997, recovered with loans from friends, only to be hit by the downturn in the market by the IT crash of 2001 which hurt the retail business i invested heavily, i predicted textile industry consolidation, so i needed a appropriate alternative business, the retail garment business before linking up with old friends to get into making uniforms for BRITISH PETROLEUM (my contact in the petroleum industry - i used to work with DUPONT, who owns CONOCO) to improve profitably.

So, i decided to go spa, and blog to reduce pressure.

well, now i know the three break-in in my office was done by a government.
they just took my computer harddisc each time, i was thinking it must be a rival commodity trader.

Over time, with so many problems created by so many  parties.
and GRANDMA's intervention, (after the attempt of the many parties to mimic the "FORCE")

I have yet to be compensated by the Boustead/Hai O incident for destruction of my uniform business.
While the rest have adjusted, but the effects of whisper by the community has cause me untold pain, my family is affected as well.

It's better now, since i have the FORCE to help me.

Green DRagon
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Up until this last setback I never thought I could fail on anything.

But now that I am slowly recovering I am becoming able to see things from a new angle. The "failing" experience makes me aware of my own limitations and the importance of the middle way path. Plus, is making me more humble and comprehensive towards another human beings unsuccessful experiences.

Is that the way GRANDMOTHER normally teaches us?

I can relate to your stress. And I am strangely calm about my situation too. I don't know if its a good sign or not.

Yes, I don't think an competitor would just still the HDs, either. So, now you don't have your garment business anymore?

Have you already figure out your next move? LEts brainstorm toghether..

Hope all things get well soon.

Mr. Syncman

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Actually i have been doing brainstorming with myself.

I litterally, split myself into "many me" and try to get the best solutions.
There are many options, with it's own difficulties and benefits or losses.

The FORCE says WAIT now.
Watch what happen next before deciding what to do.
and GRANDMA has helped me to send signals to a particular cult to stop their oppression and intimidation techniques on me.

I have been invited to the ELITE HAP SENG political party for seminars, so i will see what happens next.

I have thought of migrating to Australia but it's a no go, according to the FORCE

The best route now is to help the economy get back on it's growth path in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM, as it would help many weak states in Latin America, Asean, and Africa.

Green DRagon
Game Master.

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Apparently the FORCE wants us to wait and be patient.

So be it.

Mr. Syncman

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What kind of world do you  want,  Mr. Syncman?

Maybe you can "paint a picture".

Green DRagon
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Wouldn't wanna an EMP nuke popped over the UK then huh?

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