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Soft Cold War expands. UK joins in! [Copy link] 中文

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Well, nobody like HOT WAR.

But WARs are condition of the HUMAN COMPETITIVE SPIRIT.
It's a spirit that generates all kinds of changes, innovation and speeds up the inventive spirits.
(the trick is to AVOID HOT WAR that's destructive)

The Guardian in UK today announce the British Club joining the war waged on the GREEN ENERGY/ENGINEERING front against the United States.
The Government of the UK today announced Bpd5,000 subsidy for purchase of electric cars used in the UK. It's a Bpd250 million initiative. (That's equivalent to subsidized around 25,000 electric vehicles into English streets.

Basically, the articles indicates

"60% of the time, the car is used for short distant travel, under 25 miles. The electric car could be the ideal 2nd car vehicles. Most of the models on offer has range of 60km to 100km and cost only Bpd10,000 to Bpd20,000"

The range of cars on offer
(1) Aixim, (2) China's own BYD, (3) G-wiz L-ion, (4) Mitshubishi i-MiEV, (5) Mycar, (6) Thinkcity, (7) Tesla, (8) Mini E BMW, (9) Smart ED, (10) Chevrolet WLT.


New World - well, it could possible reduce emmission of internal combustion pollution by 60%.

hmmmmm - What do you think of the BRITISH CLUB initiative.
(If it reaches Malaya-Borneo-Singapore federation, i would be the first to deal with the vehicle, i need a retail business anyway, recover my financial independence)

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Singapore newspaper concentrate on STRESS issues.

While in Singapore, the ST online seems to be concentrating on STRESS issue. (Indicates the ancient BUDDHIST KONGFU, using stress to bring out competitive spirit, also create suicides, unhappiness, stressed of unchanging human situation is fated, HAPPY to WIN small victories)

This Indian based religion, must have grown out of the ENVIROMENT in INDIA. You know 4 month of heavy rains, and 8 month of drought!!!!
You tend to be happy with simple pleasures, and TOLERATE a lot of pain.

(Hey! Singapore, we live in a tropical state, it's not so bad! Ha ha ha)

They mention happily, finally UNCLE LEE idea of MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA seems to have been accepted by the NAJIB ADMINISTRATION (with his ONE MALAYSIA policy statement). - and quick to note that MALAY NEWSPAPER has indicated MALAY RIGHTS are being eroded.

HA! That's only the UMNO method to put "competitive fire" into the "bellies of Riau UMNO members".

We will talk more about STRESS in the thread on 32 million male chinese under 20 without hope of marrying!

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Uncle Lee must be a bit paranoid.

His rise in politics has been "tempered" by old Chinese style of politics, using whispering and soft pressure.

This has created a paranoid UNCLE LEE, (his son is probably immune, being immersed in such since young)
Like Me, being thus manipulated by the GANG can make one a bit PARANOID, and ANGRY, STRESSED OUT.
(I am always cheerful, but the effort to make me angry include making me save GRACE THONG from vice, instead of GRATEFULNESS,  i get to be humiliated by her, made to overspend.......and of course Hai O and Boustead company destruction of my UNIFORM making company.....etc.)

It explains why Uncle Lee is so fearful of competition to his position, and his frequent use of the same treatment used on him by his aides, society on potential competitors. One tend to be fearful of losing POWER in such a DREADFUL CONDITION for fear of worse FATE. (and it can reinforced in Chinese popular folklore, even modern history, look at how Uncle Mao had all his children killed, Uncle Deng has his son paralysed. - terrible fate for a chinese to be a political leader)

Most Chinese avoid politics and concentrate on business, money making.

I forgive you, Uncle Lee, I understand your stress......
I put one on one together when reading your mental map.....

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South Korea get taste of SOFT COLD WAR.

South Korea has been trying hard to gain ENERGY AND FOOD security.

It probably has one of the world's best self developed BATTLE CRUISER in it's navy. (apparently, if the British Press is to be believed)
A battle cruiser is for long distant naval operation. (unlke shorter distance frigates or destroyers)

It was FOILED doubly hard.
First RUSSIAN FEDERATION stop it's joint gas field developments. (wonder what's the story behind that?)
Now probably Mr. OBAMA says, ha ha ha, like my Portugese Water Dogs, say goodbye to your attempt at FOOD SECURITY with Madagascar.

South Koreans doesn't want to be a DOGGIE NATION,
like what we have seen with the HARA KIRI handling of their financial affairs on ORDERs from probably the AMERIKAN STATE DEPARTMENT.

This is my best guess!


poor South Koreans.
first tortured by the unhappy, but made crazy Japanese occupation.
now, made as the trigger nation for a war in northeast asia.

China, Japan must pay more attention to the Korean problem.
Koreans need reassurance.

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I wanted LOVE, but they want an INTERMEDIARY and analyst.

Those Hollywood Jokers.

among others!

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i doubt it's only them.....'s so many other people including the British, KMT, heck even Japanese....

etc. etc. even the Indians.
(but they didn't quite like honest truth - but they just cancel the purchase of the French Rafale to save foreign exchange. It was a EURO26 billion purchase - increadible expensive)


Everybody happy now! I

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Chrsitianity, Wars and Suicide

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