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The New World - Can we make it? [Copy link] 中文

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I am not an Englishman!

I am a Chinese person from the Cantonese dialect group.

wake up!

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Note: If you hate Anglo so much, go buy a gun and kill some of them. It's your choice! I want no part in that!

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2009-4-2 14:09

North China, India, parts of Africa is in time for trouble.

Unseasonal rain, drought......
What would that do?

How about several years of monsoon delays!
Can South East Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh deal with million of refugees.
(Remember India navy and armed forces is the 3rd largest in the world)

Somwhere, not so long ago, I read that the beneficiaries of a plus 2 degrees Cent. climate will be the nations of the North. Mainly, of course, Russia and Canada. The most suffering will be in the tropics. Monsoon rains will gradually shift from southern countries to arid and/or cold areas of the globe. Under such conditions China has some blessings (Northern China) and some huge problems (Southern China). I doubt that SE Asia etc. would have to absorb many refugees. The migration of people will be from the South to the North. Let's hope that it will not come that far.

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Reply #9 satsu_jin's post

Still not very sure of the actual effects of global warming, if one is to read from the available scientific data.

it ranges from heavier rains in the tropics, warmer dryer in hinterland of continents (that means northern China) and tougher drought conditions in monsoon regions. It means melting of snow in Russia and Canada.....more grasslands, maybe longer summer period allowing some grain - wheat planting.

than there is the so called "Ice age" effects in North Atlantic region.

so, you might be wrong.
Harsher droughts in Deccan, Africa and North China means "no water" in period of water scarcity. (more efficient dry-outs)
and wetter Southern China, Tropical Africa, Tropical Latin America.

(presenlty we have 1.5 million illegal workers in Japan, I understand Taiwan has 500,000, Malaysia we have 2.2 million of which about 1/4 are illegals probably - so it's a serious matter, Singapore has 1.0 million foreigners, Guangdong has 20 million migrant workers.) (it can be a deluge when conditon become harsh - Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Central China, Coastal China, Russia, Korea, Japan could be in for a crisis. )

It's the 600 million in India, 200 million in Northern China and 100 million or so in the marginal regions in Africa (like Sudan).
That's what the +2 deg. C temperature increase has affected thus far.
(feeding the masses is not a problem, what we fear is harsh drought; with water running out before the replenishment from rains or metling glaciers)

We need NEW VILLAGE, and COMPANY TOWNs in those region to reorganized PUBLIC AMENITIES, making water storage, electric, sewage/water recycling, protein/vegetable-fruits possible in drought conditions. Reorganization in North China, Africa, India would benefit them and make them more resistant against  dramatic migration of huge number of people.

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The Rural regions in Africa, China and India!

They must be at least 700 million out of 1,000 million rural people in Africa.

In India, there is about 700 million of our 1,000 people while China has around 600 million out of 1,300 million. HUGE NUMBERs.
Water running out in drought before the rainy season is fearful!
Not sure how well Africa, India and Northern China is well prepared with water storage.

The Bigger issue, how do they increase income of the rural people.
Could they use Utilities services, Farm cooperatives (thus increasing size of farms, mechanization, freeing labour for other activities), processing of farm produce,  introduction of Retail, Services, reorganized housing, Governmental services (education/health/civil defense/police) to increase incomes in those regions. and maybe introduction of greenhouses, fishponds to grow fruits, vegetables and proteins?

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Originally posted by buddy35 at 2009-4-2 13:58

NOT while there are ANGLOS in it!

Everyone knows that Anglos only know how to exploit, steal, cheat, fight, lie, kill, destroy, subdue, ...

They are just not civilized to be part of th ...

Old bone and Poor buddy35:

Why you still alive in CD?

I am reminded I have not abused your ancestors for long times.

Right? See  you every day.
Live in the movie!!!!

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Reply #12 loststar's post

Formation of the MARKET PLACE is the key to diversifying the agrarian community.

Encouraging people to form a market place, a NEW VILLAGE, or COMPANY TOWN is probably basic.
At least BEEF, chicken, Fish, vegetable, fruit can be sold as trade.
The efficient food stall is next.....

While the farm lands are manned by less people, wages will be higher due to higher better equipment business (including servicing it) becomes possible.

The initial investment in electric power (PV, wind turbine, hydro turbine and maybe a diesel generator or electric grid), water supply, (water storage to ride out the drought periods), sewage treatment/water recycling, provision of cooking gas (methane) should be the start. Then roads links will mean resupply from "surplus grain region" would improve.

Village elders than could try to subcontract assembly work back to their village, or cooperative town?

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note: We must avoid the damaging HUMAN MIGRATION surge wave caused by water shortage, poor logistics.

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For India, local water storage to ride out drought periods...

....allowing vegetable, meat production-fish, chicken and milk must be very important.

and most of India lives in rural region or the majority of urbanites lives in slums.

Why spend US$22 billion on the military?
There is still time!
and I hope the GLOBAL WARMING is a hoax!

so, there is no need for reforms!

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