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Reforms comes to Malaya via strange sequence of events. [Copy link] 中文

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It does seems that Malaya-Borneo-Singapore reforms are being implemented via the strangest sequence of events.

Now, the word on the political arena is PUBLIC RELATION, how to LOOK GOOD to the voting public.

Let me dissect the Malaya-Borneo-Singapore electorate.

(1) About 40% of the populace are Liberal orientated. This are professionals, self employed, small business owners, higher paid supervisory workers mostly in the SUPER CENTRE of Malaya. Their main political avenue is the PKR, MCA-MIC-Archipelago UMNO people and Borneo parties. Public Relations and relative good is important to them.
(2) The second largest group with 30% are the Nationalist. This is mainly UMNO who are based on Riau-Malay,. some faction of MCA (ex KMT), and Borneo base such as the PBB (Melanau-Melayu based). Leader of the Nationalist are expected to benefit by patronage of their people.
(3) About 20% of the people are conservative, cleric based - PAS. This people are dogmatic about self sacrifize, do not look highly on immoral conduct, or self serving conduct.
(4) Similar to the conservatives, cleric based, are the mostly non-Malay, mostly Chinese, socialist workers. They use clan sentiments in cities as well to gain support. This is the DAP, and some Borneo parties like SUPP, SAPP.

Normally DAP, PAS has the strictest standards for conduct of leaders. However both are on the opposite spectrum, one is secular while the other religious. Their supporters support their leaders unquestionly. PKR is crucial in bridging the gap between both!

and opposing them is the The Conservative party, UMNO, PBB, except the UMNO-Sabah wing has a solid base of supporters too!

Thus the support of the crucial LIBERAL segment of the populace where MCA-MIC-Archipelago UMNO vs PKR, decides who rule Malaysia politically. (the Riau who dominates the bureacracy has benefit of influencing behind the scenes!)

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Suddenly with the implementation of the Hong Kong style, ACA,

Malaya has almost suddenly created a reform.

The new agency, MACC, is the equivalent of Hong KOng's ACA.
Suddenly PAYOFF, SLUSH FUNDs has to be done in a LEGAL MANNER.
With the new scenerio implemented by the LIBERAL minded Pak Lah, (Mr. Badawi), Massive misappropriation becomes a thing of the past.

Now, payoff has to be done only via LEGAL POLITICAL PARTY DONATIONs, and Legal Business ventures!

THIS SINGLE REFORM is so CRUCIAL, in one stroke, some of the bad history of Malaya-Borneo-Singapore suddenly dissapeared, now politicians can only get payoff in non EXCESSIVE legal manner. (politics is very stressful business, with it luggage of manipulation by interested groups from clan, guilds, schools of thought, bureacracy security etc.)

Both PKR and UMNO now faced the brunt of investigation by the MACC.

Public Relation excercise has already begun, with SELANGOR state government EXCO declaring their income and assets. As expected, we should see DAP, PAS members are mostly middle or working class, with lower asset base, and we can expect that of PKR, UMNO, MCA-MIC, PBB is in the wealthier class.

We can now say goodbye to  EXCESSIVE REMUNERATION in politics.


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Suddenly we can soon expect FUND RAISING industry to emerge!

As the political parties have to do PUBLIC RELATION excercises on how their parties gets funds!

Expect MANY FUNCTIONs....yes winds of change!
and Mr. Anwar, Mr. Najib both have to improve the PUBLIC RELATION SENSE of their members, so that less will be caught!

and Mr. Mahathir style of mass wealth, would be shunted henceforth.....

I always find Mr. Badawi, with his son's business worth around M$150 million to be reasonable, not that worth BILLIONs! One do not need Bilions to have a good life......and with enough funds to protect oneself should politics get ugly.

Hopefully Gentleman conduct, in the MOSTLY Liberal atmosphere in the SUPER CENTRE, CENTRAL region and BORNEO would not see some of the ugliness seen in other nations, where political rivals murder each others. (seen mostly in communist, nationalist bend states)

Ah! Breath of fresh air!

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Pak Lah, or Mr. Badawi has put Malaya-Borneo-Singapore on the right path.

With these reform, PUBLIC RELATION and legal non excessive payoff is possible.

that means, goodbye excessive - billion dollar political payoff history.
It wouldn't play well with the LIBERAL PUBLIC.

but the LIBERAL public do understand that being a POLITICIAN is a difficult business, should qualify for satisfactory compensation.

more GENTLEMANly conduct is possible and that would see less ugliness in politics as seen in other states around the world!


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