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Walmart is a good indicator of what pain USA can tolerate. [Copy link] 中文

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that makes me SOOO jealous...

Originally posted by diaboloist at 3/3/09 04:24 AM
Walmart is very popular in China.  It creates for the Chinese 'middle class' an illusion that they can afford a western lifestyle in terms of shopping for western style goods.  The audio/visual sec ...

i hadrly been to one of those walmart thing in america...and i live in america for SOOO long  

BTW...did you say FREE NIPPIN inside of walmart  

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Reply #7 tradervic's post

THE POOR TRADE ROUTE states of the Asian Rim needs Amerikan Regime's orders!
(Don't cause trouble, Don't financially attack us to hit the growth of your rivals)

ha ha ha

WALMART is very important for survival of the Amerikan Regime's underclass. It's also provide employment, next to the burger flippers. So, it's the hypermarket, the Mac Donalds that's vital for Amerikan National Security. I would reckon, the hypermarket, burger flippers represents about 5% of the Amerikan working populace. Then there is the 4-5% temporarily out of employment (or in between prison time), and the current extra 2.5% extra unemployed due to the credit squeeze. That's the 12.5% clay feet of the Amerikan Regime.

If the Hispanics and Blacks has no income, who'd buy all the ALMOST NEW car, mpv that the Amerikan Middle Class sells when opting for a new model.

and the subprime...heaping credit card balances..

so, Mr. TraderVic, don't worry Mr. Obama will do the right thing!


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Unemployment insurance, Burger and Walmarts....

....and maybe some drug dealing, other dark side activities too!


Time to invest in TEXAS, those huge PV, wind turbine electricity production.
Yes, Electric cars, maybe Fuel Cell cars....and fuel efficient automobiles.
that will solve Amerikan Regime's trade defisit problems.
But we might have to undertake CREEPING INFLATION to settle the oversized forex debt issue.
(careful spending and lifestyle change would solve that for the Amerikan Regime)

chill out!

We are coooool!
Yeah man!

We coooool!

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Walmart dependent economies in Asia should see more orders soon.

Let's prepare for gradual rise in order.


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