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Strange isn't it - 1830-1860 opium problem... [Copy link] 中文

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If the asset bubble burst of the Amerikan Regime could not...

....destroy enough of the debts, we can expect Amerikan Regime to mint but it should control it's defisit level,

taking advantage of the deflationary trend now.
ie. that's why it's pushing for crude oil to go's battle with the Russian Energy Bloc.

this time, the primary economic regions, EUROPEAN UNION, BRITISH CLUB, TRADE ROUTE and CHINA appears very stable.....
DESTABALIZATION and CAPITAL FLIGHT does not seem to materialized.....

well, hard to say, i am still looking at possible troubles in Korea, maybe Indonesia.....possibly Persia, Arab states......(danger abounds)....

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Now, the problem with JAPAN.

Japan's debt moutain is HUGE......

ALMOST 250% to GNP......
too much debt....

Japan needs BIGGER HOMES, so it can increase it per capita gnp,
paring down the debt of the state by more consumer consumption.
It will increase imports and exports with ASEAN and coastal assembly region of China, probably Guangxi, Fujien, Shangdong, Jiangxi, Anhui, Dongbei etc. while exporting luxury cars, large sedan, trucks to the same region.

It needs to diversify it CRUDE OIL needs, by REDUCTION of it's used by 4 strategies.
This are using BIOFUEL, ELECTRIC (FUEL CELLS of various types), SYNTHETIC FUEL, energy source gas, crude oil from Russia, Venezeula-Brazil, Persia and reduce quantity from Saudi Arabia-GCC.

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Amerikan Regime debt market goes to 5 star areas.... Treasury's US$8 trilion issue (about US$3 trillion held by  foreigners), Mortgage bond market. (Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae has US$6 trillion worth, US$3 trillion held by foreigners), with the remaining US$ 2 trillion of the net Amerikan debt used in International trade worth US$10 trillion annually...

and the now USA bourse is worth around US$12 trillion? NYSE, and smaller Nasdaq, and real estate market worth US$24 trillion (not mortgaged)  how much foreign capital? quite substantial....


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Originally posted by thepeop at 2009-2-13 11:55 AM
"14: It wasn't the British government that introduced opium to China; have you read no history book in the matter? It was the East India Company that ran factories in Hong Kong from which it s ...


Something is not right here.  The Chinese must be lying again.  Must be those corrupt Manchu rulers doing it again to China.  They might just have launched a London Massacre of sort in England.  Or, at least the opium traffic must had gone the other direction, from China to Britain.

How else could so many lately British knightly politicians felt so rightly about their occupation of Hongkong?  From the fat-mouth Churchill to the prostutiting Thatcher, and now the stinker Patten and his loyal Chinese cronies, they all still insisted that Hongkongees are better off as third-class non-subjects to the British Crown than a democracy-less district of China. They want China to learn something about honesty and repay for the holocaust damages they caused Britain in full, not just this miserly 100-years lease of Hongkong.

From the messy Nanking Massacre to Hitler's sanitary gas chambers, then the self-incinerating abombs and napalms, and now the cinematically remote smart bombs, killings are done ever more cleaner.  But hardly anything could rival the opium.  The people themselves did not even have to die.  It's only their souls and their civilization.

There would be no need to count casualties. It's too numerous to count anyway.  And what convenience when the corruptions and other related crimes are done underground, out of sight and out of mind, like they've never happened.  In short, this is a perfect holocaust.

Unnoticed by the rest of the world and even many of the Chinese, China had to continue fight the opium war long after she had lost the war.  The Boxer Rebellion might just be a bunch of opium-pumped kungfu masters charging into machine gun's mowing.  But the reputation of the "sickmen of Asia" was a tough rap to beat.

The Chinese national self-esteem has ebbed to its lowest level.  Many such opium-addicted nations were known to never recover.  And many Chinese to this day still feel China was so down and out that this holocaust was a uplifting gift from the magnanimous British.

China is now coming into the greatest struggle of her life.  The cure for her present ills seems to be modernity.  But China is her traditional culture.  Yes, it would be sad for China to still leech onto her traditional culture, thus forsaking the beckon of modernity.  But nothing would be sadder if China ever turns into the likes of Britain.

Some background information of the above post is given below:

In the 1820s, illegal opium trade averaged 900 tons per year from Bengal to China.  In 1838, the death penalty was imposed for native drug traffickers; by this time the British were selling 1,400 tons annually to China.

Chinese Emperor ordered to dispos the opium, by dissolving it with water, salt and lime and flushing it out into the ocean. The Chinese then apologised to the spirit of the Southern Sea in a special prayer. But they failed to realise the implications involved in this action; The British government and merchants regarded the action as a destruction of their private property, roughly 3 million pounds of opium, as well as a notable revenue source. The British responded by sending warships and soldiers, along with a large army from British India, which arrived in June of 1840.  The British took Canton and then sailed up the Yangtze and took the tax barges, slashing the revenue of the imperial court in Beijing to just a small fraction.  In 1842, the Qing authorities sued for peace, which concluded with the Treaty of Nanjing negotiated in August of that year and accepted in 1843.

As a continuation of the First Opium War (1839-1842), British started the Second Opium War by insisting that the Qing soldiers had insulted the  British flag on an opium smuggler ship, Arrow, which had been flying a British ensign.  Faced with fighting China's first Christian crusade, Taiping Rebellion, (the second being that of Sun Yat Sen) the Qing government was in no position to resist the West militarily (just as China also was, the 2nd time in resisting the Japanese, thanks to the still-not-put-down crusading of the Christian Sun/Chiang gang).

In an effort to expand their privileges in China, Britain demanded the Qing authorities renegotiate the Treaty of Nanjing in 1854 citing their most favored nation status. The British demands included opening all of China for British merchants, legalizing the opium trade, exempting foreign imports from internal transit duties, suppression of piracy, regulation of the coolie trade.

British-French troops took Beijing and set the Summer Palace and the Old Summer Palace on fire following several days of looting. The Old Summer Palace was totally destroyed.  The motives for the destruction of the Summer Palace was a cover-up by the troops for their widespread looting.

After the Xianfeng emperor and his entourage fled Peking, the June 1858 Treaty of Tientsin was finally ratified by the emperor's brother Prince Gong in the Convention of Peking on October 18, 1860, bringing The Second Opium War to an end.  The opium trade was legalized and Christians were granted full civil rights, including the right to own property, and the right to evangelize.  As the West saw it, the backward Chinese finally had their freedom of religion.

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2009-2-15 06:52 PM
Lack of progress, unemployment, misery was the reason for the addiction.

why under communism, however bad, there were no opium.

afgan has no opium under taliban. but not so under democracy.

qing dynasty went to war to stop opium; the sun/chiang gang used opium to usher chaos into china, and even help japs to finance their war in china.

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2009-2-15 06:58 PM caught the trend that started in Europe during the FAMINE YEARs of using potatoes for food.

which in China meant TAPIOCA, etc.
This allowed for population increase, making available labou ...

even the tapin crusaders got rid of opium.

who pay u to defend the jews and the british monkeys.  any hongkongers talking like this is inviting a bloodbath from us chinese.

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2009-2-15 07:04 PM
....well CHINA had paper money.

ie. it also had proto FRACTIONAL BANKING SYSTEM.

In China, MONEY STORE work with SECURITY COURIER to transport expensive materials with ARMED GUARDS.
This inc ...

People who outsmart others always end up outsmart themselves.  These are our Jews.  They drugged China with opium and used the profits to hire the British navy to suppress China from resisting.  When China did resist, she was punished by being forced to turn over Hong Kong to Britain.  With this award-winning demonstration of Jewish smarts and British stiff-upper-lip brutality, the powerful Dragon of China was put into an anemic and defenseless state.  It paved the way for the greatest feast on Earth that lasted an entire century.

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