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Strange isn't it - 1830-1860 opium problem... [Copy link] 中文

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1830 - 1900, 30,000 cases of opium a year...

....or 20,000 tonnes x 70 years x  5 taels = 7,000 million taels?
(got that from studying some of the written data on internet)

what's that in today's dollars?

10% of the population then, (was it around 200 million people?), or 20 million people addicted.
1kg per person.....5 taels annually to maintain the hobby.

budget for the Chinese government was 40 million taels....


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gold price was US$21 per ounce.... around in 1850, so 3,000 tonnes of gold (just guessing) = US$2.2 billion

aiyah, terribly inaccurate....
but just get a very rough picture....

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1 tael of silver = 1.2 ounce of gold....

and about 0% to 70% of the opium imported were from British India...


balance picture.

maybe the Chinese miners did not dig out the gold.

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now i get to figure out how much gold, tin is dug out in Malaya...

....Australia, New Zealand, California...

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per capita income in 1850 is 7 taels....

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okay population is 450 milion in 1850, not 200 million....

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I don't think the British government had any type of plan other than businesses (and the government) wanting to enrich themselves. Of course this is usually done at the expense of others. Since most governments will either directly or indirectly benefit when this happens that is how corruption begins and the average person is the one that suffers.

The Chinese businessmen and some government officials stepped in when the opportunity to make money arose. Just like the British and then the Americans.

It is the same with the US government. The excess dollars that  countries like China , Japan, Saudi Arabia, etc  made available provided easy money or the US version of opium addiction. Many elected officials directly or indirectly benefited or owed their elections to special interests. It is this reason why action was not taken sooner and the problem finally exploded. As long as the public was fat and happy  (And more likely to elect someone who promised easy money) few wanted to address the more difficult long term issues.
How else can you explain inaction of obvious long-term problems with reduced oil supplies or too much debt?

In the US I think many have finally woken up to the fact that the government's encouragement of large amounts of debt in the public and private sector was not in the long-term interests of everyone.

It is pure and simple greed and it s a universal affliction that has no borders.

The danger in the US is that certain elected officials will find it more appealing to blame others like China. That is like blaming a gun shop owner for legally selling a gun to a person who uses it to shot himself. If the economy crashes for an extended period of time and things become more desperate the danger of trade restrictions will increase.

It will take a little time to stabilize to a more reasonable level of debt and the economy improves. I just hope it does not take too long because as history shows us all to often we do not learn from the mistakes of the past.

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