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Strange isn't it - 1830-1860 opium problem... [Copy link] 中文

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...and 1870-1900 great gold, tin mining rush to Malaya, Australia, New Zealand and California.

and by 1900, opium production in China, mainly in Sichuan/Yunnan greatly exceed imports from India.

I know this is sad history, but i do find it strange?????
How you guys see it?

Want to study this strange history, just for fun, (no politics! okay)

it's hard to get data, maybe with the forum, it become easier.....
how this trend, first OPIUM used that help to create trade imbalance of China with the rest of the world,
and the rise of Opium trade, the role of Shanghai, Guangzhou prosperity in that trade.

and what about the strange accumulation of wealth in gold and tin mining by Guangdong people!
strange that the revolution started from Guangzhou, Shanghai where the wealth in gold/tin production, opium sales were highest.

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History is fun to study.

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Nowadays, the same Guangzhou and Shanghai.... the base of manufactured commodities, and has revived NEW CHINA.

It points to foreign trade....
strange, the British brought in opium to solve their "trade defisit", got "imperial"
then, allow Cantonese to mine gold, tin in their territories,
giving them the capital to build up the manufactured commodity and thus a modern NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM.

rather strange history.....

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History is strange too!

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Was there really a BRITISH IMPERIAL plan....

...or just an "Invisible hand of the market" in all this activities.

Was the Imperial Commissioner Lin Xin Xu really worried about addiction, or was he just worried about the balance of trade. (Imperial budget in 1830 was 40 milliion silver taels, while opium consumption was 100 million taels)

It's sickening, was money a higher priority than the effects of Opium Addiction?
or was life so CORRUPTED and boring that it took problems to the treasury position, before action was taken?

The Qing imperial rule was so corrupted?
It didn't really care for the people?


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I have very raw data.....

...but between 1870 - 1900, possibly 2,000 to 3,000 tonnes of gold was extracted by "Chinese miners"????  ( around 300 to 500 metric tonne of gold was mined annually during that period), not small change...

let's see anybody interested to talk about this.

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My Malaysian friend.

This thread will go nowhere unless you categorically state that all westerners are b@stards and that all Chinese are victims of those b@stards.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Other question: was opium addiction really such a big problem in China?  If it was, why was opium addiction a bigger problem in China than in other parts of the world?

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Reply #5 emucentral's post


Australians are bastards!

ha ha ha

seriously?, why not study a little bit of history, so to really find out what would happen to us at present....

Can you tell me how much gold was extracted by the Chinese gold miners on Australian territories.
Was it enough to pay reparations for the problems of the Opium addiction.
Why was Opium not suppressed until later.

What I am really worried, we have parallel problem of the Amerikan Regimes, they have severe defisit equalling to 5% of the GNP annually. This is not caused by China but by Amerikan Strategic inaction to their CRUDE OIL and ENGINEERING imports. (I doubt USA would want to manufacture products products that China makes now. )
Would the Amerikan Regime also collapse, with reformers in California or New Mexico agitating for changes, ie. green renewable energy, new motor vehicles types and fuel consumption standards and more infrastructure changes.

or would they call China, Japan, Korea, Germany bastards for the defisits.....

This my Australian friend is rather important.


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Peace for our world

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