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I just did a test recently, and amazingly... [Copy link] 中文

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I guess the market for control of....

...M$13 billion discretionary spending at local level, and M$50 billion at federal level is great  "impectus" for politics.

and no doubt, many "financiers" willing to "pay politicians" to win in elections.
that's the business of politics.
Professional Bureacrats, Religious Conservatives find such games "ugly"
While the Liberal, Socialist, Nationalist wants more share for their respective constituencies.

aiyah, Modern Malaya, Singapore and Borneo is complicated, diversified and sophisticated.
Maybe in Singapore, where almost everybody in nationalist, it's easier...
but Malaya has the diversity that mind boggling!

ha ha ha

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..and UMNO, beware, Mr. Anwar going to take advantage...

...of Mr. Najib's baggage. Look, they are VERY QUIET now and allow Mr. Najib to take power....

I can just imagine, this "baggage" being used against UMNO later on!

Hey, I am saying the obvious.
Mr. Badawi, yes money politics is dangerous to UMNO, yes old Royal Elite, School teacher Union has been UMNO strength in the past, but alas, with command of large Business groups, mean UMNO has changed to be party of Patronage.

and Progress of Malaya means people with different lifestyle needs.

USA solving this problem by moving some of the lifestyles offshore.....
yet, still have a lot of problems....
it's not easy when people become more rich and sophisticated.....


that's the burden!

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..alas crude oil price falls, means palm oil prices falls...

...and US$ shortage crisis, cause trouble in Trade Financing, Mortgage, Liquidation of Assets in stock, property, commodities....

meaning even Timber, rubber price will fall.
Given that Crude oll, Gas, Palm Oil and Timber is the US$30 billion surplus in 2008...
We are in for some squeezeing as well....

Let's hope the Energy bloc coming in to the rescue, but the Amerikan Regime is countering with this fake "Auto crisis" to create more Dollar Shortage crisis...

Let's see what happen next,
do we take Amerikan Regime offer of SOLAR CELLs export base, in return to tolerance to help define US$ for trade.
(I see California going to make Californians use more SOLAR CELLs)
and the BRITISH CLUB has good offer for us to do RARE earths, keeping us in the STERLING/British Club currency for trade.
and now CHINA has been helping us in HYDROELECTRICITY, keeping us in the RENMIMBI currency for trade in NON-FERROUS processing trade.


WE NEED THOSE TRADE, if prices are falling for crude oil, gas, timber and palm oil!

hey, and i need more biz, my cashflow is low!

ha ha ha

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Looks like Riau institutions are worried.

They are issuing new units in PNB, almost M$1 billion just to improve liquidity in that trust fund institution.


no doubt, the government is seriously worried about the impending "Whammy of low commodity prices"...and the impact on their constituents.

Green DRagon

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Politics hots up in Malaya.

The pressure on the Opposition Pakatan Rakyat to take over in December increases.

Recently, a Terengganu mp, collapsed and died of a heart attack.
A by-election is likely in January to March to gauge support of the pro UMNO Patani people in a general elections.
In addition the internal UMNO election is scheduled to be completed in March, it might see more defections of rebel UMNO leaders to PKR.

After the party election, UMNO will be able to face a SNAP General Election easier, should Pakatan Rakyat uses their links with out of favour Barisan component parties, disgruntled Borneo Mps, and rebel UMNO mps from Central and Patani regions and forces a "no confidence vote".
If the Pakatan Rakyat does the "no confidence" vote in December, then Barisan Nasional will be worried to face a "snap general election" what with poor commodity prices, and other worries.

After March, the chances for Pakatan Rakyat is lower as Barisan Nasional have the option of calling a "snap election", with business confidence back, lower inflation, the chances becomes better for retaining incumbency.

ha ha ha

Gosh! it's a "cliff hanger" situation now!

Green DRagon

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Hmmmm Amerikan Regime intention to prolong the credit squeeze.....

.....could throw a "wrench" into BARISAN NASIONAL plans.


it get's exciting even more....
What would the by-election in the crucial state of Patani region Terengganu would show.....
or it might not even matter if Pakatan Rakyat does the "no confidence" before the by-election...

ha ha ha

Green Dragon
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What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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