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India priority should be it's food mountain needs! [Copy link] 中文

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Goodness gracious, India is trying to leap frog in it's economic development when it cannot even feed, maintain the health of it's people!

What's going on? India!
You want advise from the Cyberspace, FEED YOUR PEOPLE FIRST.

What's this nonsense about building a "people's car", Tata's Nano.
and what's that ruckus about a strong naval and nuclear missile force......

India's is severely overpopulated!
India's resources is severely insufficient.
India's people are consuming the most productive foods, ie. Milk, Sugar from cane, cereals, nuts, spices with hardly any vegetables except the productive banana tuber fruit.

India's land should only support 250 million people comfortably but it now has 4x as many,
Worse, it is expected to rise to 6x as many.
Does that mean, little scrawny people, 4 feet tall, dying early due to poor nutrition...

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Don't hate India so much! They are trying to build a better country! No one is perfect. Give them a break.

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India must develop strategies that uses least resources.

While providing the most comfortable living possible.

and goodness gracious, India trade performance is in perennial defisit.
It's about US$100 billion defisit (or Rmb680 billion annually), needing FDI, foreign aid and borrowings to maintain.
This explains the drop in value of Rupee from to top value of 39? and now back to 50.

Want to have better advise?

Green Dragon

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In Malaya, we are helping our Indian people too!

We note that our PAKATAN RAKYAT state is now undertaking effort to hire MORE INDIAN people in the local governments especially in more populous India states such as Penang, Perak, Selangor. They are planning to increase intake of Indian people descent to 15% - 20% of the local government work force. I think the Kedah government should do likewise as it has powerful Mamak, Indian lobbies.

MIC, is now almost defunct......hopeless useless party.

Even the Federal government under Barisan Nasional is thinking on how to assist the India constituency people.

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and the Russians aren't stupid.....

...they are just going to give INDIANs enough ROPE to hang themselves in.
weapons with dangerous gas, with joke of overloading, come on! India...
top class AKULA submarines or Aircraft carrier for India navy.....
50% of the Sukhoi's or Mikoyan in the Malayan airforce is not functional due to technical problems...
(China is smarter,  they develop their own capability to improve on the original Russian designs, so are the Singaporean when they use the Amerikan hardware, the update it with help from British Aerospace or Thales - otherwise the Amerikans have source codes that control the weapon systems.  ha ha ha)
to compete in PERSIAN GULF....or even land conquest via Afganistan.

Just like the Amerikan REgime, yes FDI, in industry that they can easily withdraw quickly.
Yes, Yes ICT business.....especially the back office industry.
Worse their FDI into the Indian bourse caused the greatest slump ever faced by the Mumbai stock exchange.

and do you think the NAVIES of JAPAN, KOREA, TAIWAN, even tiny Malaya, Singapore aren't worried about Indian INTENTIONs.

India like Java is overpopulated, crowded and therefore potential danger!

India MUST GIVE CONFIDENCE to the East Asian powers on it's intentions.
It must develop it's own internal economy first before military powers!

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I think the Indian politicians in PKR and DAP are smarter.

...that Mr. UncaringUSA and even that silly Hai San politician Mr. Lim Guan Eng.

They look for solid gains for their poor Indian community.
Jobs in the civil service, the traditional source of jobs for welfare of the poor.

while the Chief Minister of Penang still talk like an OPPOSITION MENTRI BESAR.

ha ha ha

He so scared of losing Penang state, he created a OPPOSITION STATE ASSEMBLY LEADER office with allowance.
Obvious to keep him in comfort street should he lose in the next elections.

Other states are well run, look at Selangor's Mr. Khalid, Mr. Ronnie Liu, Ms. Elizabeth Wong ( until the National Front uses flimsy tricks on them). The Perak leadership already created a new CBD in Ipoh, long a grieviance of the once RICHEST and MOST POPULACE STATE in Malaya. And makes the people migrate away from Perak, making it population stagnant. It's has the largest parliamentary consittuencies in Malaya, 24;  that tells us of it's heydays in the past.

Kedah PAS Mentri Besar should also take note on the needs of the mamaks and Indians too!
Kelantan Mentri Besar created a "Non Moslem friends of PAS" to pacify those constituencies, but it's not enough, some patronage for them as well is needed. JOBs for the poor Indian people!

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Now the British Media, apparently Daily Telegraph say..... warming is a hoax?

Goodness gracious, Mr. Al Gore was "tricked" by his chief scientific advisor with fake data on Russian Temperature datas!

ha ha ha

Well, whether it's true or not,
We are ACTUALLY FACING a lot of unseasonal changes in our weather patterns.
and YES, the temperature in Kuala Lumpur has actually risen from 28-31 deg. C in the past to more like 29 = 34 deg. C.
Maybe it's just URBAN heat engine.....
and Singapore managed to reverse temperature rise by Uncle Lee's Garden city, planting milions of trees!

ha ha ha

clue to INIDA's high temperatures, as the Indian rural population literally cut down all the trees to cook their meals.

But, data indicates climate change is apparent, higher global temperatures meaning more evaporation, and more mighty storms.
and in INDIA is worse, now 4x more than ideal population going to 6x.....

FAMINE is the biggest problem in India.....

and India is spending time with the military?

goodness gracious!

Green Dragon
New Middle Kingdom

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