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There are a few categories of people in Malaya nowadays! [Copy link] 中文

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more like Amerikan Hollywood doggie Mr. CaringUSA.

......that guy loves gold.....

remember that show, MR. GOLDMEMBER....yes, even his member is painted gold..

ha ha ha

Green Dragon

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Slowdown in the economy, lower prices for....

....Crude Oil and thus Palm Oil is taking a toll of people in Malaya, and in Borneo when there are many hectares of newly planted palms.

and now MR. ANWAR is anxious to take power in December 2009. In time for Christmas.
Let's see how he does it.
I am anticipating his action by "putting on a Anwar shoe", and mapping his mind.....

Yes, yes.....i see it, he is doing i

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now has a ghost follower
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Reply #24 caringhk's post

Mr. UncaringUSA, i know you are being paid by the Amerikan Regime to sabotage Malaya, Borneo and Singapore.

Your Boss, Mr. Sultan Bar-rack "Hussy-in" O-Bar-ma now want to intoxicate moslems.
So behave accordingly!
I think they must have promised you a BANK in Chinatown, USA to own, so you can transfer you and your organized "Buddhist triad" to USA.

Anway, as expected, BRITISH CLUB heavily influenced Sarawak, and Sabah is target of Mr. Anwar.
I think he already have 3 parties in the bag in the peninsular,
UMNO rebels, Gerakan, MIC -now having patronage giving problems.

and UMNO has a lot of enemies especially among the KADAZANs of moslem and non moslem.
as well as DAYAKs of both religions as well....

so, Mr. Anwar, with age fast catching up is desperately wanting to become Prime Minister.
(Mr. Najib is still young, but it really depends on whether Mr. Anwar can pull this off!)

ha ha ha

Green DRagon

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Yesterday a MPOB officer had a nice talk....

..while attending a Hap Seng, Biofuel seminar.

ho ho ho

Apparently, Malayan political leadership didn't pay close attention to our talk about most productive bio fuel being ethanol...
and use the most efficient fats, the palm oleic for bio diesel use.

Apparently Petronas build a 1 M Tonnes Methanol plant in Sabah.  Meaning we can produce 7-8 m T of methy esters or enough to make 35 to 40 MT of B-5 biodisel. Golden Hope, Guthrie (now Sime Darby) build 700,000 tonnes capacity, while other built another 600,000 tonnes.
(other companies did not go ahead with their plans)............just as European Union "sabotage Malayan and Indonesian plans" to favour Rapeseed Bio fuel!
Now, Malaya is stuck with overcapacity in methanol, methy esters (like Singapore's Wilmar biodiesel plant with 500,000 tonnes capacity).

B-5 diesel will be in the market in INdonesia by January 2009 and in Malaya by March 2009?

As Palm Oleic from fruit bunch has only 4 months useable storage time, excess unsold, aged palm oleic can be used, just like what China is doing with the corn or grain aged cereals into ethanol. NO WASTE.....that's the point.

but, but....probably have to sell at lower price than palm olein to states like Korea, Japan and China now!

ha ha ha

Green Dragon
New Middle Kingdom

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