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Western media bias against China - cases and examples   [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by wchao37 at 2007-11-9 16:21
No sweat, I believe you've hit a nerve here.  Look at this guy's hysterical reaction.

For anyone to believe that Beijing will stop anyone from distributing bibles at the Olympics is preposterous

Even if force needs to be used in the Spring because of the Taidus, the Beijing Olympics will still be a success.  I guarantee it.  ...

You are very optimist about Beijing Olympic, I'm also optimist in cross strait issue. I have commentary and argument of why Chinese reunification will happen not too far in the future, but a lot of scholars here not as optimist as me.

I plan to send my article to any center-right newspaper or magazine in Hongkong, probably Ming Pao or Oriental... or do you have any suggestion?

Back to the topic, I've talked to several US-policy experts here, they've been warned by their US counterparts that christian right will send armies of missionaries during Beijing Olympics, to convert locals. Ta Kung pao already reported this too. This will be a direct challenge to central government religious policy. What will happen then will be a nerve stretching incident.

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Skull trepination needed?

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Inking and Getting Paid Are Quite Different

Don't see why China should treat these cheats and liars so kindly.

Merkel's premiership is rather fragile.  It rests on a coalition government that requires the goodwill of quite a few disparate parties.  Now that it is established that the obasan came with absolute ill-will, there is no reason not to give her a push here and there, and speed up her demise.

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Originally posted by tripitaka at 2007-11-9 16:49
To understand why China gets criticised you need to understand that human rights is big business in western countries. If a “refugee” gets into the country, they need to be assessed, and given a  ...

Your reference link reminded me of one news: one Chinese man claimed to had been tortured for being a christian in China and ask for political refugee status in the US.

Then US immigration officials then asked him, how Jesus died.

He answered: the communist shot him!

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China Should Go On The Offensive

Acting gentlemanly all these years did not help any.  The negative propaganda becomes more shrill as China ascends.  

It is time to go on the offensive.  

Last year the TV series "Rise of the Great Powers" ("Da Guo Ju Qi") was rather popular.  The producers should follow up with more series that shows the true nature of the West, and designed to be distributed in many languages, both through TV broadcast and from DVD sales.  Some instantly popular series could be:

1.  Economic Hitman/Game As Old As Empire

2.  How America Was Won

3.  The Anglo Empire - How the Viceroys Enforced the Queen's Will

Use your imagination.  These can be docudramas supported by historical records.  Would be very powerful and poignant, especially in a world where Westerners are pretending to be morally qualified to point fingers at others.

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Originally posted by interesting at 2007-11-9 21:21

Actually, it's quite true that China's pollution has had global impact; there's nothing false here.

I'm not talking what is false, I'm talking about fairness.

It's also true that tiny nation like Samoa also pollute the earth, same as Laos. But why they emphasize China's? simply because only China has the potential to neutralize US influence in this region. Totally ignoring the fact that the world's biggest polluters is still the west.

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